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This Doesn’t Look Like Salsa September 14, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

I had every intention of telling you about our success (finally!) with homemade, cooked salsa.  About how, ultimately, after several years of trying to find a recipe that was close enough to the Hot Pace Picante that Peeps loves so much, we finally got both the flavor and the texture close enough that we went ahead and made a big batch and canned it.

And I’ll definitely tell you all about it – really.

But see, it’s like this.

I got out of work, and although the forecast said it was going to be rainy and cool this afternoon, it definitely wasn’t.

It was still hot and steamy.

Salsa weather, to be sure.

But also beach weather.  Maybe the very last of it, too.

So we packed the beasties in the back of the Dog Mobile and headed north – about 5 miles, that is, to the lake.

I thought about bringing my camera – after all, it was the Pretty Girl‘s first trip to the beach, and the Big Lug always has a ball, too.  But I suspected we may have our hands full with TWO dogs and sand and surf.  And boy did we!  I’ll just say – Jar does love his swimming and fetching his ball.

And Princess Gretchen – she is FAST!  And STRONG!

So we came home – late – with one very tired (and still wet) dog.


And one somewhat less tired dog.


What, I ask you, is it going to take to wear her out?  She’s killing us!



1. judy - September 14, 2011

but, but, but double the fun. you knew this was a distinct possibility! They both look happy though. Good stuff. oh, are you not putting your blog on fb any more?

Oh, I know, Jude, and it’s all good. They’re both good – we were just surprised by JUST HOW FAST and HOW STRONG Gretch was, that’s all. 😀 Double the fun, to be sure!

And yeah, the blog went up this morning – maybe it went up late? Stupid WordPress + Facebook. . . I don’t know. 🙄

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