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Go Ahead and Fence Me In September 22, 2011

Posted by Jarlaxle the Wonder Dog in Big Lug, Home.

I am Jarlaxle, and I am Excellent.


We’ve sure been busy around here lately!

Mama and Papa thought I was lonely or something, so they thought I should have a little sister.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but should it really count as a “little” sister if she’s bigger than you are?

But you know what?  They won’t even let us play in the house!  Every time we start playing, Mama claps her hands and shouts, and Papa shouts, and they make us stop.

They keep saying we’re going to “break the house.”  And we only dumped over the water dishes that one time, too!

I think they’re just getting old and grumpy.


Then, a couple of weeks ago, they started having some strangers visit, but they wouldn’t let us go out and see who they were, and the strangers didn’t come in the house, either.  They just poked around MY back yard (Hey!  Strangers in the yard!), then they left.

And THEN, a couple of guys came the other morning when Mama and Papa were both gone and just helped themselves to our back yard!  Stranger Danger!  They even rang the Crazy Dog Bell!

Bing Bong!  All Dogs Bark!

PhotobucketThat’s okay though – the Boy was there to keep an eye on them.   Good thing, too!   I think they might have been digging for treasure or something in the back yard – they dug holes all OVER the place!  Who knows what they might have found!

They finally left – but they came back the very next morning, and this time the Boy was still sleeping.  Heh, me and the Gretch made sure he woke up, though.    They poked around in the back yard again for a while, then they all left – all the stranger-danger guys packed up their stuff and left.

Do you suppose it was something we said?


Finally, Mama and Papa were both home, and they opened the see-through door to the back yard.  I waited for a leash, but they shooed us both out without one.

Was this a trick?  I know I’m not allowed off-leash, except sometimes.  (Like when I’m playing with Thunder.  Or at the beach.  Or playing ball with Mama after our morning walk.)  And the Girl is NEVER allowed outside without her leash.

But there they were, calling us both out into the yard – even throwing tennis balls for us!

PhotobucketAnd the chatty neighbor guy was just right there, talking to Mama, and he didn’t even blink when we ran up to him full speed ahead!  (We were just playing, though – we’re not allowed to scare strangers on purpose.  But even playing, me and the Gretch can knock a grown up man down on his, well, where his tail should be!)

Wait a minute!

There’s a WALL there!  And it goes all the way around the yard!  And it smells like. . . a closet?

PhotobucketBut now we can go outside any time we want, and Papa doesn’t have to come with us to pee, and we can wrestle and frolic and run and jump – now THAT is excellent!

Note from Mama:

About 5 minutes after Gretchen came home, we realized that the two dogs were going to need somewhere to safely play and, well, do doggy things.  We phoned several local fence contractors, ultimately going with Ellie at Regency Fence, which, as it happens, is about as local as we could get – their office is about a mile from our house!  Ellie hooked us up with a gorgeous 4-foot cedar fence with two gates, and we are beyond thrilled!  The crew was fast (about a day and a half) and friendly (one of the guys has a 187-pound Neopolitan mastiff – and I thought our babies were big!), and (this was the clincher) – it was 2 weeks to the day from the time we signed the contract until we could open the door and shove the dogs out!    I want to thank Ellie and the crew at Regency for the beautiful fence,  the great service, competitive price, and, above all, their timeliness!



1. bear - September 22, 2011

my people just open the door and let me out. i know that i’m not supposed to leave the yard, but sometimes when the neighbors are out, i’ll run across to their yard and sit outside with them. i get cheese and biscuits from them i like them; they like me. it’s nice.

Nice neighbors, Bear! Sometimes Thunder comes over too. He says it’s to play with Jar, but I think he wants a cookie, too. 😀

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3. judy - September 24, 2011

Absolutely loved this account of fun and frolic! And the pictures are delightful. I would think that beautiful fence will change a lot of things like less walk time. You can develop a plan for snow control and garden safety with all your spare time.! Seriously, it is a wonderful solution and I sure enjoyed hearing from the Jar. He expresses himself very well. 🙂

Well, Jude, I don’t know that we’ll be cutting down the walk time – the babies do love their walks! But the fence is definitely well worth the trouble – they can FROLIC and ROUGHHOUSE and PLAY like dogs! We’re definitely going to have to figure out garden safety, though – the beds are raised, and the last thing we want is for one of our babies to trip on a buried-under-snow wooden beam.

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