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An Ear Thingy September 29, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

I’m planning to drive to New Jersey this weekend to help motivate Peeps’s mom.

These little weekend jaunts involve my taking a couple of vacation days, which means I’m working a little early and a little late for the week or so before and after the trip.  Playing catch-up.

I swear, if she doesn’t start motivating herself, one of these times, I’m gonna bring the dogs, a bottle of sleeping pills, and some duct tape.   If that doesn’t motivate her, I don’t know what will!

So part of my motivational plan this summer has been to call Mom a couple (or three or four) times a week, just to see how she’s doing.  Maybe let her know how. . . nice it can be to have a loving, caring daughter-in-law.

Basically, I’m the good cop to Peeps’s bad cop.  Quite a nice change for me, if I do say so.

So my best time for phone calls is in the car on my way home from work.  It’s quiet, everyone’s awake, and, well, it’s about a 20-minute drive, then I’m home – gotta go.

It works well for everyone.

So the other day, I was, literally, mid-sentence when suddenly, I couldn’t hear anything.  My cell phone said I was still connected, but I couldn’t hear a darned thing.

Now far be it from me to actually disconnect the ear thingy and make a hand-held phone call while driving – that’s a big no-no here.  This is New York – if it moves, they tax it, and if it doesn’t, they legislate it or prohibit it.

Well, I did get hold of her (at a light) and let her know that, no, I hadn’t run my car off the road while talking to her, or been hit by a drunk driver, or been pulled over and arrested, or any of the number of crazy things she was thinking must have happened to me.

Well, obviously, the cheesy freebie ear-thingy that came with my cell phone had bitten the dust.

Well, I’d been using it pretty consistently for a couple of years, and fortunately, I had a spare (I got the same cheesy freebie ear-thingy when I bought the Boy a phone when he was still in Vermont), so I hooked it up – excuse me – paired it up and we were good to go.

For about a week and a half, until the same thing happened again.

Well, obviously they don’t make cheesy freebies like they used to, do they?

Now remember, I’m going to be spending a total of 11-12 hour on the road this weekend.  I’m going to need the ear thingy working by the weekend.

Went to the cell phone store, explained my sad plight, and came home the owner of yet another new, not-cheesy ear thingy that just needed to be charged, and it should pair right up.

Except, you guessed it, it didn’t.

Well, it kind of did, it tried, but. . . not quite.  I guess it’s not going to be three ear thingies, is it?

So this afternoon found me dashing back the cell phone store and trying to explain to a 12-year-old that, no, I don’t want a “smart phone;” I don’t need to carry the Internet in my pocket, all the while with one eye on the crowd of old people sitting in folding chairs participating in a “how to work your new phone” class.

No, really, I’ll pass.  Just give me something that I can use with my ear thingy, that’s all.  So that’s what he did, and I’m pretty sure I detected a . . . look.

You know, the “wow, you’re old” look.

And you know, I didn’t even really much care.  I know how to work a rotary phone.  Let’s see Skippy try that.



1. karen - September 29, 2011

Good luck with mom. My husband and I were talking last night about rotary phones and party lines! How funny.

Why yes, Karen, party lines did enter the conversation here too! 😆

2. judy - September 29, 2011

Technology. Bah humbug. Liked the way you ‘splained it all today.
Hope you have a trouble free ear thingy all weekend and into the foreseeable future.

I have been visited by the cable/phone guy x 3 now and I am SICK OF IT. JUST SICK OF IT. Hopefully every that I didn’t even want but is included so now I want it is working now.

Will be thinking very hard about you this weekend! I do not envy you at all. Keep in touch and eat fun stuff.

Good heavens, Judy – 3 times? I’d be spitting nails by now!

3. The Innkeeper's Daughter - September 29, 2011

yup, with you here, keep getting laughed at for my bberry that is barely 2 years old. “lady you know they are 10 versions beyond that right?” And yes, she was 12.

My son keeps telling me “Mom, you should get a smart phone” – he can’t understand that, no, really, I don’t WANT it. 🙄

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