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Monday Musings: 10.10.2011 Edition October 10, 2011

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This was a market weekend again – I have a love-hate relationship with the market at this time of year, you know?  I mean, everything is in season and gorgeous – and cheap – and I want it all.

But there are only three of us – we can’t eat it all!

This week, I feel that I showed remarkable restraint.  I got lettuce, so we’ve got salad on hand, some fresh pears, leeks, a pumpkin and a squash, some fresh pinto beans, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, and, well, maybe not so much restraint after all.



It’s been getting cool here in the evenings, and one thing I’ve noticed is that our Gretchen does like her creature comforts.

She loves being tucked in at night, in her bed with a fleece blankie.

Well, she doesn’t have all that much hair, so I guess she gets cold.  I’m not sure what we’ll do when it really starts getting cold.  Put a sweatshirt on her, I guess.



And hey, it did get sort of unseasonably warm here this weekend – not that I’m complaining or anything.  Neither is the Jar – who got a special field trip to the beach this weekend.

We thought about taking the Gretch, too, but, well, we don’t trust her off-leash yet, even for a minute, and honestly?  She is strong, and she could pull a car, and it’s almost impossible to get her to settle down.

Next summer, though, we’ll beach both babies.



OK, so off the subject of the DOGS for a moment.  Have you heard about Caracas’s new method of traffic control?  They’ve got (are you sitting down?) mimes out on the streets, directing traffic.

I don’t know, I think it might actually be a cool idea.

Hey, maybe they should try it in Manhattan.  Then maybe I’d drive there.


PhotobucketOkay, back to the dogs.

One of Jarly’s favorite games it catching the tennis ball.

Gretchen can’t catch a tennis ball to save her life.  It would actually be sad, if it wasn’t so funny to watch.

So, because I want Gretch to have fun playing sports, I got her a soccer ball – I figured, with her big feet and long legs, she’s better suited to kicking the ball than catching it.

PhotobucketIt turns out that yes, she is good at kicking the ball.  And, since I got the “under 8 years old” ball (who knew there were different sizes?), she can also pick it up and carry it around.

And she looks like a gigantic goof doing that, too.

But she doesn’t seem to mind – she’s having fun.



Jar spent a while watching the Gretch chasing that ball around, and, truly, he wanted no part of it.  It was warm out, and she just wore him out, I think.

That, and he’s a little clumsy.  He’s not interested in kicking a ball around.  He’s rather chew on them.



It got mighty quiet outside while I was cleaning my market veggies.  I went to check on the puppies, and this is just a gratuitous shot of the two of them soaking up some sun.   Separately, of course, but at the same time.  Gosh, it’s nice to have an 80-degree day in October, isn’t it?


I mentioned the other day that we were having behavioral issues – I suspect the two dogs are still trying to figure out where they fit in the pecking order.

Unfortunately, the problems between the two of them may end up being more than we can handle.  We don’t know Gretchen’s background, but she seems to be having issues with other dogs – including Jarly.  We’re working with a local behaviorist, but we’ll have to see.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve got a couple of nicely warm days (it was just a few weeks ago when 78 would have been “cool” wasn’t it?), then rain for the rest of the week.


Or at least that’s what we think we’re looking forward to.

Monday – We’ve got dog class Monday, which means we feed the dogs early, feed ourselves early, and dash out of the house by no later than 5:30.  (Kinda reminds me of the Cub Scout years, actually.)  We dug a roasted turkey breast out of the freezer (a whole turkey yields a LOT of meat!) that we’ll slice, reheat, and enjoy with some random vegetables – whatever needs to be eaten first, I guess.

Tuesday – Tuesday looks to be, possibly, our last nice day for a good long while, and we plan to fire up the grill.  We defrosted a flank steak, which will cook quickly, and will go nicely with some sweet potatoes and greens – I picked up something at the market that the vendor called “shiny spinach” – he said to treat it like a somewhat mustard-y spinach.  I’m thinking saute it.

Wednesday – I mentioned the fresh beans I got at the market – I’ve never cooked with fresh (not-dried) beans before, so I’m going to try something different – stewed beans, maybe over rice.

Thursday – Last week, Peeps picked up an extra dozen eggs (on sale!), so we currently have a surplus.  I’m going to try Cooking Light‘s  mozzarella omelet with sage from last month – as long as we’ve got sage and all!

Friday – And again, it’s pizza night.  I’ve pulled up most of the garden, including the tomatoes, so it’s going to be back to the winter model – maybe some ricotta filling, cheese, and, of course, fresh herbs as long as I can get them.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. sjbraun - October 10, 2011

Yummy, yummy … and I love watching your dogs. There are “behaviorists” for dogs? I never knew it. I hope things work out! I’m loving this weather as well. I hope it sticks around for the rest of the month!

Thanks – and yes, there are indeed behavior specialists for dogs! Thank goodness for us, too!

2. The Innkeeper's Daughter - October 10, 2011

I hope Gretchen settles in. She is a beauty and Jar needs a little something to liven things up, the cat is just not going to do it. Besides which, I love the puppy stories!

Thanks! We’re trying very hard to do what’s best for all the children – the kitty included. 😀

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