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I just can’t stand it October 12, 2011

Posted by Peeps in Big Lug, Home.

When I was growing up, I never had pets.  Mom is allergic to just about everything, and what she’s not allergic to, she didn’t want in the house.

And then three and a half years ago we got Jarlaxle.  I’d never lived with a dog before.  He was fun.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been times he drove us nuts.  But so do several people in the neighborhood.  Whatever.  But after a while, I started to notice something.

Jarly always gets excited when his mama comes home.  He hears her pull into the driveway, and leaps up and starts barking right by the front door to greet her.  Usually, when I get home he opens one eye to make sure that it’s only me and goes back to sleep again.

That gets a little old after a while.  Not that I liked him any less.  So my wife and I talked about it and decided to get another dog.  One that could be my dog.  And so we got Gretchen.

On her first day living with us, she walked over to where I was sitting and put her enormous face on my chest and looked at me.  It looked as though I’d found my dog.

Being greeted at the door every day was wonderful.  Even though she mostly just wanted to be let out to pee.  Which is why it almost killed me on Monday when we had to give her back.

The last week or so has been rough.  Almost every day the dogs would fight.  And when two 100 plus pound dogs decide to mix it up in your house, stuff is going to get damaged.  Quite possibly you.  But we noticed a patern.

Gretchen always seemed to start it.  And only when Toys was home.

It all came to a head Sunday afternoon, after a couple days of keeping both dogs leashed in the house and in separate rooms.  Gretchen suddenly got up and went after Jarly.  My wife was right there and tried to intervene.  And wound up getting bitten for the second time in a couple days.  We got the dogs apart and cleaned up the blood.  Again.

Then my wife started making calls.  The trainer/behaviorist we’ve been going to says there are cases when a rescued dog finally gets a good home they will protect what they have.  At all costs.  From anything.  Including other members of the household.  She apparently liked living here so much that she couldn’t deal with the thought that Jarly might get some of the attention that she should be getting.

And then we called the rescue people we got her from.  Because no matter how adorable she is, we couldn’t have her hurting our other dog.  Or us.  Because even though the sight of Jarly bleeding is bad enough, seeing my wife bleeding can’t be tolerated.

And so Monday afternoon, we packed up her bed and some dog toys and put her in the car.  And drove her off to live somewhere else.  With strangers.

I’m still numb, and mostly the crying has stopped.  Mostly.  My blood alcohol content is nowhere near where I would like it to be.  And my wife may be even more upset than I am.  Even though we both know it’s what’s best for everyone, including Gretchen.

So, say good-bye to Gretchen.  I’ll miss you, pretty girl.



1. Mazco34 - October 12, 2011

I feel for you, brother. Just remember all the good times and the fun of having two dogs. We tried it but our first dog was too possesive of us; the adoptee was too timid.

It takes a long time to get a dog out of your system.

I still miss Frisco.

Peeps - October 12, 2011

I’ll get there. And we’ll probably try again sometime soon.

2. judy - October 12, 2011

This slice of your lives is so moving and sad. Everyone seems to have lost something but people and dogs must be safe. You wrote with love and compassion and the words rang very true. Maybe YOUR dog is still out there. I felt Gretch was obtained for Jarly; now maybe for Peeps.

Just thinking out loud. Thank you for sharing as I can feel your pain.


Peeps - October 12, 2011

I don’t know. It hasn’t been a fun week. But we’ll get through it.

3. sjbraun - October 14, 2011

Oh, my. This makes me so sad … for Jarly, for Gretchen, and for you guys too! There’s no sadness like pet-related sadness, and I’m thinking of and praying for you today 😦

Thank you so much. I know there’s the right home out there for Princess Gretchen, and we’ll eventually find the right little sister (or brother – who knows!) for Jar.

4. kayatthekeyboard - October 14, 2011

Ah, hell. I’m sorry. Sucks, doesn’t it? That’s why ever time I lose a dog, it takes me years to get another one; it’s just too hard.

Yes, it is. And it does take time to remember that it’s worth it. Even if they do call Great Danes the “heartbreak breed.”

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