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Monday Musings: 10.24.2011 Edition October 24, 2011

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Another market week, another car full of produce!

You see, THIS is why I only go every other weekend.

Funny story.  I was quite happy to see the lady with the poblano peppers was still there, and fully stocked (4 peppers for $1 – in another month, I won’t be able to find a poblano to save my life!).  Last time, I also picked bought a bunch of poblanos, but before I got a chance to do anything with them, the Boy had eaten most of them.  I mentioned that it was a real problem – I keep buying fresh veggies, and my kid keeps eating them on me.

Hey, I’ll take my parental victories where I can find them, you know?



Kitty has had a change in diet – she’s getting older, and I’d noticed that she was not finishing her dry kibble in the mornings – I think her teeth are starting to bother her.  So we started mixing a can of Fancy Feast with one serving of kibble – and giving it to her half in the morning and half in the afternoon.  Does that sound right?  There really don’t seem to be any feeding guidelines – is a can on meal, or one day’s food?

Regardless, Kitty seems very content lately, so I hope it’s not because we’re over feeding her.



Don’t you love it when things just line up perfectly?

I picked up a bag of red beans at the market this weekend.

And I found blade roasts on sale really, really cheap (though I had to call the butcher first and confirm that the “rolled and tied chuck roast” was, in fact, blade).

Plus, we had beer in the fridge.

Sounds to me like a big old pot of chili, doesn’t it?



This is the last week of the Big Lug‘s obedience class, and he’s been doing fairly well, though I’m not sure he’s quite ready for the next, off-leash class.

He has, um, some issues with one of the dogs.   Though to be fair, it’s a puggle or something, and she started it.  Still, a dog Jar’s size has to be better behaved – they always blame the big,  black scary dog when there’s a problem.

So. . . we’re deciding what we’re going to do next.  We may repeat the basic class, with more of a concentration on PAY ATTENTION TO ME, since he already knows sit, down, stay, and come.  Heel can use some more work, too, to be sure.

So that’s where that is.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.

Can you believe that it’s already the last full week of October?

And we haven’t even had a frost yet?  Of course, that may change by the end of the week. . .


Monday – As mentioned above, I made a big old pot of chili this weekend – some has already gone into the freezer, and the rest will be dinner Monday (and, hopefully, some lunches).

Tuesday – Our local supermarket had wild-caught Alaskan whitefish on sale this week – and this month’s Cooking Light had a recipe for Pan Roasted Fish with Mediterranean Tomato Sauce – coincidence?  With some rice and maybe snow peas, it’ll be delightful, I’m sure.

Wednesday – I’ve also got two (yes two!) huge butternut squashes, so we thought it might be a good idea to use at least one this week.  Last month’s Cooking Light featured Butternut Squash Risotto – some of the reviews mention that the dish is a little bland, so we’ll be making a few tweeks, I think, to try to jazz it up.

Thursday – We found a package of short ribs in the freezer that, well, it had seen better days.  Last month’s Cook’s Country talked about braising short ribs, so . . . by Thursday evening, we’re tired, and there’s very little better than heating up something delightfully comforting, spooning it over some polenta or mashed potatoes, and calling it a day.

Friday – Friday is, as always, Kong and pizza night – even though Peeps is heading for Jersey Saturday and will, no doubt, enjoy yet more pizza Saturday evening.  That’s okay, Honey Badger don’t care.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - October 24, 2011

I am late, late, late. Nice read and always like the pictures! prrrrrr. Ms. Kitty looks a little hefty to me or may it is the long hair and/or the the pose. Has your vet recommended a feeding schedule? I use a can of Friskies over two days for two cats and leave dry food out at all times. My Mr. Sweets may have some teeth issues too. Mine don’t get much exercise since I moved as a smaller place to chase each other around. Hugs and pats all around and hope you are feeling better and things JUST SLOW DOWN.

Hey, Jude! Kitty is still a little on the porky side, yes, though a lot of that is her winter coat coming in, I think. She’s -fluffier- lately. 😀 And as far as the vet – she says to “keep doing what we’ve been doing” and, with regard to the teeth, they’re “recommending” surgery. Really expensive surgery. (I’ve been becoming more and more un-thrilled with that particular vet’s office, unfortunately.)

I’m thinking we’ll go with the soft food, first, before we start pulling teeth, though. 😕

2. anne - October 24, 2011

Re: cat feeding: ask your vet what her daily calorie intake should be. As you might know, I’m experimenting with my dog’s diet. I had to email Purina, but they gave me the calorie count on a can of food, so I can do the math (the math says canned food for a 50lb dog is expensive!) I combine it with dry, and try to make it work. The really annoying part is, pet food is not required to have such frivolous info on the label. :grrrr:

About a year ago, when Jar was having his tummy issues, I was making his food – he loved it, yeah, but WOW it was a lot! Based on his weight, it was something like a pound of food, twice a day – I can’t even imagine trying to feed that much canned – or even half that (for a 50-lb dog!).

So it looks like recommended caloric intake for a cat is 20 calories per pound (she’s about 12 lbs, but could still lose a couple of pounds, though we’re not going to sweat it too much), and the canned stuff is about 100 calories, and the dry is about 100, so we could actually maybe up the dry a bit for her.

Why is it that when we were kids, we could just throw some food at the pets, and it was all good? 🙄

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