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(Another) One of Those Days October 26, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

This week is already shaping up to be an exercise in frustration.

I could certainly tell you about how Monday’s obedience class went – including not one, but TWO dogs who seem to have a grudge against our Jarly.  And he’s not one to take that lightly.  No (ahem) girl dogs are going to push HIM around!

Yeah, good times.

Though, honestly, he was very good – we were able to “redirect” him without a problem – each of the other dogs had to be taken out, but not our Jar – he just went right back to, well, not quite heeling.

Peeps’s mom is considering closing the New Jersey house for the time being and spending the winter here in Rochester.

Either that or she’s humoring us and is planning to continuing doing exactly what she’s been doing, which is, um, well, I’m not sure, exactly.  But not packing to move, that’s for sure.

And, of course, the economy being what it is (toilets and sewers come to mind), many of our clients are going crazy to refinance their existing debt.  Not that I blame them – we just refinanced our mortgage last week and dropped the interest by over 2 points, and I’ve got peanuts for debt compared to some of our clients.

That all means that I’m bending over backwards to hurry and get this done – quick before the rates go up!

And have I mentioned I’ve been under the weather?  Yeah, not so nice when you’re staring at columns of bond payments and interest rates and yields.  My brain hurts.

But perhaps worst of all?

I just bought a Flip video camera through Woot and FIRST I had to FIGHT to get the Flip software loaded and installed on my STUPID WINDOWS VISTA computer (I am convinced that Windows Vista is an instrument of Satan), and then, when I played back the completely adorable video I got of Jar and Thunder, well, it was not good.

The actual picture quality was fine, don’t get me wrong.

Think Blair Witch Project – only with dogs.  And a lot of leg lifting.  They do need to pee a lot when they’re together.

But the video is terrible – shaky and wobbly and they keep running out of the frame, only to zoom back in, frolic a bit, and zoom back out.

I’d inflict share it with you, but, honestly, I’m afraid it would make you queasy.

I’m going to have to dig that tripod out, I think.



1. mazco34 - October 26, 2011

You’ll get the hang of the Flip camera soon. The trick is only watch your subject through the camera window, and not over or around it. If you do, the subject will move and you’ll have a jumpy vid.

But it is fun and you can get some pretty good streams using the camera.


Thanks – I think that’s exactly what I was doing – watching them over the camera. I guess I’ll need more practice. 😀

2. judy - October 26, 2011

…… and the beat just goes on and on and on! Jar is just telling those girls to give him space…. he just doesn’t want a woman in his life right now AND I will wait with baited breath to see your wonderful videos which I know will be coming soon AND “mom” needs to come into the hood now as the snow will be blowing soon and the worry will continue for all concerned. Eat well, love up the fur babies and each other and keep the wine flowing. This ‘patch’ will get smoother soon we hope..and..you do have a job. Off the soap box. 🙂

Thanks, Jude. 🙂 It does seem, sometimes, that when it rains it pours, huh?

3. anne - October 26, 2011

Trade ya. This weekend is the inlaws’ 50th anniversary party. Could she let us four girls handle it and just step back? NOOOOOOOOOOO! She must orchestrate. And dither. And wring hands. Much fretting must ensue. Oh, did I mention that I volunteered to coordinate Sunday breakfast? Lovely. But I’ve been informed that I won’t know a headcount until sometime Saturday. HUH?? And at what point am I supposed to run out to the store to start preparing for this feed, whilst still participating in the command-performance party on Saturday?

I’m sorry, I’ll stop now. At least my patch will be over Sunday at noon, when I say “buh-bye” to the visiting relatives and high tail it home.

Anne – yikes! For my parents’ 40th anniversary, we all got together and sent them to London. . . The 50th is coming up here in a couple of years (thanks for the reminder!), but I think I’ll let someone else supervise this time.

And I take it cold cereal and OJ is a non-starter for Sunday, huh? 😆

Back when my Grandpa planned a surprise for Grandma’s 75th birthday, Sunday brunch was a buffet at the Hancock Building in Chicago – they have quite a nice restaurant. Extra silver, harp, the works. Quite a riot with the one-year-old, just-starting-to-toddle Boy. 🙄

4. kayatthekeyboard - October 30, 2011

Does my Lucy need to come up there and get Jarly’s back on this obedience class stuff? She THINKS she’s an enforcer, although she’s only an 18-pound pug. And she would LOVE the Jar, because she loves everyone.

I think pugs are so cute! There’s one around the corner from us that’s just adorable – but Jar was a little nervous around him, I think because when he breathed, he sounded kind of like the cat when she huffs and puffs.

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