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Maybe it’s the name October 28, 2011

Posted by Peeps in just general griping, random stuff.

Do you remember Fabio?
Now you do, don’t you?
How much did this guy annoy you back when he was everywhere? And he was, in fact, everywhere.
Now, sadly, we have this guy:
Another Fabio.  Just what the world needs.

This one got his big start on Top Chef.  After he didn’t win, they kept having him come back, because he was voted fan favorite.  And back.  And back some more.

Then he started doing ads for magazines.  Then more ads.

And then, the other day, I found this.  Go ahead, watch it.  I’ll wait.

Okay, have you finished grinding your teeth yet?  It’s apparently a weekly thing he’s doing for Yahoo.  I’ve only managed to get through the pasta video and part of the one about tomato sauce.

I can’t help but notice that his accent has gotten a lot worse over the last couple years.  He’s much harder to understand than he used to be.  I can’t help wondering if  that’s because he has been taking the advice of his client, that legendary thespian, William Shatner.

And, I’m sorry, but just how precise a measurement is an “Italian spoon”?  Really?

The sad part is that I will probably watch these videos every week when they come out.  Just to see how bad they are.

Let’s just hope that another Fabio doesn’t come along any time soon.  I’m not sure I could take it.



1. Cristina - October 28, 2011

His accent may be a little exaggerated, but he’s entertaining. He’s certainly better than Guy Fieri in my opinion. Now that guy is as grating as nails on a chalkboard.

Peeps - October 28, 2011

Very true. Guy Fierri needs to be hit repeatedly in the face with a cast iron skillet. But both of these guys and even Paula Dean are better than Marcel.

2. judy - October 28, 2011

Hosea beat him out I believe and since Hosea cooks in my hometown I have followed him. This guy doesn’t do it for me now and didn’t then. You don’t have to watch him you know! You could just cook better for your darlin with Jar helping keep the floor clean and say ha ha.! 🙂 TV can burn one’s brain.

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