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Monday Musings: 10.31.2011 Edition October 31, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.


So.  I had picked up a bunch of beets at the market, I de-topped them, cleaned them up a little, and shoved them in the bottom drawer of the fridge, where I forgot all about them until just the other day, when Peeps had the oven on, so he roasted my poor forgotten beets for me.  And I also had a leftover bit of some really good French feta cheese, also from the public market, that I thought may be a little past its prime.

And you know what?  Sliced beets, feta, a bit of fresh rosemary and some good olive oil are not bad at all as a pizza.



You know, Peeps had finally managed to convince his mom that she just can not stay in Jersey alone for another winter.  She’s officially changed her address with the post office and made a list of “can’t live without” stuff.  The plan was for him to drive down there Saturday afternoon, order pizza, shut off her water and pack the “can’t live without” stuff into the car and head back for Rochester Sunday morning.

THEN they get this freaky snow storm, and Mom won’t HEAR of Peeps’s driving down this weekend.

Next weekend – no more excuses.



I realized that I was out of celery, and I wanted to make vegetable soup this weekend.

I guess I’d forgotten that I’d used most of a bunch of celery in soup.  So I ran up to the farmer’s market to see if I could pick up some.  (Our local farmer’s market is only there during the summer – and they’re not as big as the public market – but it’s right around the corner, and I’m not inclined to spend as much there!)  So anyway, what I did see was some nice, ugly celeriac, with stalks still intact.

We used the stalks in the soup, and I’ve got a head start on another batch of homely vegetable puree.



Have I mentioned that our dog is a bit of a freaky-freak?

I mean, yeah, I can see his hanging around in the kitchen just in case anything good hits the floor.

I can even see trying something if I give it to him.

But to keep coming back for more bits of cooked parsley?  Really?




Now it just so happens that one of our local butcher shops also has a nice little deli section – their cold cuts are very good, and their prices are among the best around.

And this week, they were running corned beef on sale.

Then the bagel shop had six-packs of day-old pumpernickel bagels when I stopped in for my Weekly Friday Morning Bagel.

I guess it’s time to whip up some Reuben Bake for lunches.  Just do me a favor – don’t mention to the Boy that I made two pans of it, OK?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Fortunately, we’re expecting what’s basically decent early November weather – a bit chilly, yeah, but no snow yet.  At this point, in upstate New York, I will take it!  Besides, it’s about time we had our first frost so we can start trotting out some of our cold-weather favorites, isn’t it?


Monday – Since we were expecting Peeps’s mom this week, we planned nice and healthy vegetable soup for Trick-or-Treat night – we did stash some in the freezer, though, so she won’t totally miss out.

Tuesday – I’ve been wanting a big old bowl of polenta with some kind of ragout – so that’s what we’re going to do.  Peeps is going to start a recipe of Chunky Pork Shoulder Ragu going in the slow cooker while he’s going about his business Monday.  We’ll let it rest overnight and reheat it, along with some fresh polenta, for dinner Tuesday.

Wednesday – We picked up lots of fish on sale last week, including a species new to us – swai.  From what I understand, it’s similar to catfish – we’ll see.  Anyway, we’re going to go to an old standby for mild white fish – we pan-fry it and make a chili-lime sauce similar to this one.  A little rice, and maybe some snow peas.

Thursday – By this point in the week, we like easy, tasty and hearty.  We’re tired and don’t want to fuss.  What’s more fuss-free than a nice bowl of white chili?

Friday – Another week, another pizza night – Peeps has been bringing home some leftover ravioli fillings – they make an excellent pizza topping.  This week, I think I may try some roasted red pepper filling.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. sjbraun - October 31, 2011

That Reuben Bake looks fab!!! Yummy!!! I’ll admit I really do not “get” the whole thing w/Peeps’ mom! She needs to close her house and get over to your place, stat (of course, I’ve made many similar proclamations to my own mom and met with similar results, so maybe I do get it a little). Have a good week!

I know – her life would be so much easier if she just got it over with. But I guess she’s having a tough time with leaving her life-long home. That, and I suspect she feels like she’s giving up a good bit of her independence. 😦 We’ll get her here, though, and she’ll love it. 😉

2. judy - October 31, 2011

Your food ALWAYS makes my mouth perk up! I love what you do with beets cause I love beets myself. I shopped today for the week and will be “building” soup and crock pot mysteries. I feel for you trying to getting ‘mom’ closer and yes, she will be relieved but it is a huge wrench for her. Will be hoping all will be together by Thanksgiving!

Thanks, Jude! We’re planning to have Mom here next weekend – I’ve stashed some single-size portions of soups and sauces in the freezer for her to help as she gets settled in. I know it’s going to be difficult, but . . . well, keeping our fingers crossed. 🙂

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