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Potato, potahto November 3, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, random stuff, Sides.

Well, maybe not call the whole thing off.

I never learned to type.


I mean, I can type now, of course, but back in high school, when girls took shorthand and typing classes, and boys took, I don’t know, woodshop? – back then, I didn’t take those girl classes.

Nope, not me.  I was in the band, and majored in math and science (my father insisted) and agriculture (my way of getting back at him for making me do the math science thing).

All my friends were in typing and shorthand.

Remember, too, that this was before there was a computer in every home.    One did not learn to “keyboard.”

PhotobucketReally, it may have even been before electric typewriters were popular, though I couldn’t say for sure, since, you know, I didn’t take the class.  But I seem to remember seeing the old-school acoustic typewriters in the “offices services” classroom.

And so, many years later, I contemplated going back to school.  Obviously, the math-science thing didn’t didn’t work out for me.  (Nor did the agriculture thing.)

And one thing I wanted to learn – before I started my first class – was how to type.

PhotobucketSo, I borrowed a word processor and went to work.

Remember word processors?  Like an oversized electric typewriter, only with a fancy “diskette” so you could save and edit your work.  It even had a carrying handle.  Plus, you could play Tetris on the little screen.  Really!

So, me being the thrifty kind of person I am, I wanted to be typing something useful, and not just repeats of “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”

So I went through my recipe clippings (oh yes, I had recipe archives even then!) and started typing up recipes.

PhotobucketIn hindsight, does it strike anyone as a particularly good idea to learn how to type by typing recipes?

And then throwing the originals away?

Yeah, fortunately, most of the recipes were not all that complicated, and I’d made them often enough that I was able to write in corrections where I needed to.

So about the potatoes.

PhotobucketDo you ever find yourself at a loss for side dishes?  I mean, yeah, we’ll have meat.  And maybe a salad.  Or, lately, whatever vegetable is closest to the edge.  And that leaves, what?  Potatoes or rice.  Yeah, but what do you do with the potatoes?

So I came across an old favorite – I have absolutely no idea where “Crispy Potato Wedges” came from, though a Google search places a version on the Taste of Home website, but, I’m guessing my “typing tutorial” version predates that website.  Regardless, this has been an old favorite for a long time.

Here’s the recipe, as typed, lo these many years ago.


It’s still just as good as it was back then.  Truly.

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