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Monday Musings: 11.21.2011 Edition November 21, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.


Boy, was this a weekend for the Public Market or what?

Everything is so wonderfully in season – squash and greens and parsnips and onions and celery root and beans – even the ginger was plentiful, which means I was able to get enough to make a double batch (and then some) of ginger ale.

My parents even met Peeps’s mom and me there, so we made kind of an old-lady field trip out of it!



Our neighbors were away for the better part of the weekend, between hunting and working overtime, so they asked us to keep an eye on their Thunder for them.  He and Jar had a nice walk, then they wandered around the back yard for a while.  You know, pretty much a doggy play date, only they have to check out where each other pees.

Must be a guy-dog thing, I guess.



So I mentioned that I went to the market, and I bought loads and loads of vegetables, including a romanesco something or other.  Is that not the most beautiful vegetable you’ve ever seen, though?  I don’t care whether it’s a cauliflower or a broccoli – it’s just cool.



Oh, and the sweet potato guy was at the market this week – obviously!  I do love buying my vegetables off the back of a truck, don’t you?

The sweet potato guy had a huge bag of sweet potatoes (I weighed them when I got home, and it was just over 20 pounds), so I figured what the heck.  I’ll make a sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving.  Or two.  And maybe a pie.

I like sweet potatoes.



A quickie Shopping With Peeps.

We went to the supermarket, and one of the first things we saw was the Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole Dish.  With the RECIPE PRINTED ON THE DISH.


But it did not include the can of fried onions, the can of mushroom soup, or the can of green beans,

But still . . . it included coupons.



Speaking of Thanksgiving.

My food assignment for the holiday dinner is, obviously, sweet potatoes.  And more sweet potatoes.

But you know, I’m thinking, since I’m going to be chained to the kitchen anyway, of making the Grape & Apple pie in this month’s Bon Appetit magazine.  Only . . . I don’t have the fancy leaf cookie cutters.  Do you suppose dog bone cutters would be okay?



So here’s something you don’t see every day – an actual working pay phone.  I checked, and there was, in fact, a dial tone.

I know, right?

But do you KNOW how much a local call costs these days?

Go ahead.  Guess.


When I was a kid, it was a dime.

This phone was near the dog class facility, where Jar was scheduled to start his new “advanced” class this weekend.

Only that didn’t go so well.  One dog gave him a hard time, and he had trouble dealing with every other dog that walked into the session.  It got kind of ugly.

So we’re going to go ahead and repeat the “basic” class, then we’re revisit the advanced class.

Safety first, right?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  What with vacation time (my boss is out this week, and my co-worker is out Monday, and I’m taking Wednesday for cooking) and general holiday stress, we’re just looking for low-maintenance  meals this week, regardless of the weather.


Monday – I expect to be late Monday, and if not, I’m pretty sure I’ll be pretty beat.  I expect to have have a hideously busy day, and nothing says “here relax after your lousy day” like soup and fresh bread – in this case, a butternut squash and Italian sausage soup.

Tuesday – Peeps stashed a bunch of barbecued pork in the freezer this summer, so this just seems like the perfect time to break out this no fuss dinner.  We’ll probably mash some potatoes to go with it, and some sort of vegetable.  Maybe I’ll suggest sweet potatoes.

Wednesday –  We have been trying to like that fish we bought a couple of weeks ago – swai.  The first time we tried it, we were less than thrilled with it.  Rather than just throw it out (perish the thought!) we want to try it again.  Only we don’t – it’s been on the menu for the past couple of weeks, and we keep finding reasons not to eat it.  We’re going to try it again this week, I guess.  Yippee.

Thursday – Thanksgiving will be spent at my parents’ house – Peeps’s mom has been invited, as well, and we’ll be bringing the Jar – it’s going to be quite a houseful!

Friday – Then, it’s pizza night – and the relative sanity after the Family Gathering!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - November 22, 2011

LOVING the veggies today. Amazing this time of the year. Interesting your holiday destination with your contributions. Should be interesting conversation over the turkey table. Your “bringings” sound DELICIOUS. Hope the week goes well for all of you and yours.

Thanks, Jude – you too! 🙂 Do you have special holiday plans?

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