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Midweek Update December 21, 2011

Posted by Toy Lady in Holidays Countdown, random stuff.

What a week!

Poor Peeps has been pushing – hard! – at work.  It seems that the  Christmas season is the pinnacle of ravioli season here in Rochester – he’s been getting home a little later every day, and a little more tired while he’s at it.

I, on the other hand, have a little more control over my calendar, and I’m not doing anything I don’t absolutely have to do this week – leaving me a bit of time in the afternoons to finish my Christmas shopping.

Of course, next week is going to be pretty awful, but, well, we do what we must, right?

Have I mentioned that I hate shopping?  I hate feeling pressured to buy something, not because I want to, but because the calendar says I must.  It just seems to take something away from a season that should be about more than tinsel and gift wrap, you know?  But we do what we must, I guess.   And over the past several years, I’ve moved more toward minimalist gift-giving.

And, for this year, anyway, I’m done shopping.  I’ll have to wrap up the wrapping (heh!) Saturday, while Peeps is at work.

There has been some progress toward the big holiday meal – the cherry sauce is done – I’m fairly happy with that.    As is the lime curd – there is nothing to not be happy about that!

We’re really trying hard not to kill ourselves with this holiday stuff – Christmas should be about family, not shopping, decorating, cooking, and being cranky, right?

I’m hoping to have The Boy’s socks done before the weekend- I’m currently in the middle of turning the heels.  I must be the world’s slowest knitter – it seems that I’ve been working on these socks for half of forever!  Of course, the fact that his feet are SIZE THIRTEEN might help explain that!  So evenings for the rest of the week are dedicated to knitting – I am working on a deadline here!

We still have the green beans and the potatoes to deal with, as well as several different batches of bread dough for rolls.  Oh, and the cakes – an angel food and a gingerbread.  Those are the biggest things, but I think we’ve got them well in hand.

So tell me, what are your holiday plans, and what do you have yet to do?  Do you have everything under control, or are you on the edge?



1. mazco34 - December 21, 2011

Complain not over the size of the feet. He could have my size 15 monsters.

Oh no he could not! And if he did, well, he’d have to learn to like ankle socks. . . or mittens. 😀

2. judy - December 21, 2011

and the busy just goes on and on but I am delighted you see an end in sight. And I am sure IT will all be a success! Almost there myself. Have a very Merry.

Jude – yay for you! I’ll bet you’re baking cookies and doing all sorts of lovely grandmotherly things, aren’t you? 😉

3. judy - December 21, 2011

Not really but I like that you think like that. It is going to be a white one I think.

Well, I guess a little snow is okay. It IS December after all. We still haven’t gotten any at all to speak of – one morning with little more than a dusting, and that’s long gone now. It’s very . . . odd. 😕

4. anne - December 21, 2011

We’re just chillin’. I need to do a little baking, but the four gifts I needed to purchase are done and can be wrapped in 15 minutes. I did NO decorating this year. We’re taking advantage of the vacation week(s) to do some home renovation, so there is stuff torn up all over. Scraping popcorn ceilings, painting a couple of rooms, and some new hardwoods. Good thing I’m off work until Spring, I’ll need the rest!

Say, Anne, if you get bored while you’re off work, I would be happy to help find something for you to do. . . you know, so you don’t lose your touch. 😀

Seriously, though, that sounds good – I did a bunch of painting last Thanksgiving. Well, The Jar helped. . . 😉

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