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Quiet Rebellion January 5, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in mirth & woe, random stuff.

I live in The People’s Republic of New York.  You all know that already, though.

See, the thing about living in a state like New York is that you have to, as a tax-paying adult, get used to someone  telling you what to do, how to do it, and when.

Basically, Albany assumes I’m incapable of looking after my own affairs.  (I guess they’re kind of like Washington that way, if you really think about it, huh?)

Take, for instance, my car.

I drive a used car  that may, perhaps, occasionally require some repairs.

And Our Great State, in its quest to think for me, forces me to have my car “inspected” every year for “safety” (and “emissions”).

They seem to think that I’m not going to notice if, say, I don’t have a working seat belt.  (Even though wearing a seat belt is ALSO required by State Law.)

Or, oh, if my brakes don’t work, I’m going to drive around anyway.

Maybe if the steering or suspension is crap, I’ll just let it go and, what? not be able to control my car?

Headlights – if the State Troopers, County Sheriffs and local police are doing their job, I’ll get a ticket for having a headlight out long before I have to report it to Albany.  That, and I won’t be able to see the highway while I’m driving to work before the sun comes up.

Don’t even get me started on tires – as has been pointed out before, I live in Rochester. If my tires are bad, I’ll know what to do about it, and I replace them with the first snow flakes.

Have you ever tried driving with bad windshield wipers?  They SMEAR your windshield – I don’t need Albany telling my my wipers need replacing – I already know that.

And speaking of already knowing it – when was the last time you saw a car without mirrors?

Or a horn?

Oh, yes, they check all that stuff – and more.  Every year – or I’m in BIG TROUBLE.

PLUS they make me pay for it.  To check stuff I’m keeping an eye on anyway – because I’m a responsible adult – and my government thinks I’m a child.

But you know what I do?

Don’t tell.

I always try to have my car inspected a day late – so it slops over into the following month.

Think about it.

THEY make me get pay for an inspection that is good for one year.  Twelve months.

If I get my car inspected in December (like I did last year), it’s good until December 31 of the following year.

And if I happen to have my car inspected, say, on January 2, well, then it’s good until January 31 of next year.  Next year, I’ll have it inspected on February 1, to last until the end of that month.  Stretching my government-mandated annual inspection into 13 months.

Just my little way of Stickin’ It To The Man.


1. mazco34 - January 5, 2012

I’m trying to decide if you’re brilliant or just plain nuts.

I’m sure Peeps has told you that in his old state the inspections are every 2 years, and are free.

However, your little bit of insubordination wouldn’t work in NJ. If you’re due for inspection in June and you somehow make it until August, the new sticker will still be for June.

But hey, it’s free,

Yeah, I know – Jane told me about that. BUT if your inspection is due in June, and you go until the FOLLOWING June, they don’t make you do it twice. . .

And it’s not really free – it’s just paid for by tax dollars instead of regular money. That way EVERYONE gets to pay for it, whether they drive or not. I’d kind of rather take my $21 and give it to the guy I want, not the state. 😕

And I am not nuts. (Much.) 😉

2. sjbraun - January 5, 2012

Go you! I can’t believe how many regulations you have there. Why do people put up with it? Just because “it’s always been this way”?? I say it’s time for reasonable New Yorkers to unite against this type of madness. Is most of the state heavily democrat, or is that mainly NYC?

Oh, we’re a blue state through and through. There are pockets of conservatism, mostly here, upstate, though even so most of the local governments are still Democrats.

NY has always led the way in nanny-type legislation – seat belt law – ours. No smoking in public? You got it here first. Cell phones ban? We started that too. Sadly, most of the reasonable New Yorkers are fleeing for friendlier areas – where they’re not taxed into the ground. 🙄

3. anne - January 5, 2012

Well at least that little ploy still works for you. They switched ours many years back, so it didn’t matter whether you added on the extra days, it was still due when it was due. And now, NOW, the great state of NC has made getting your inspection a requirement for renewing your tags. So if your inspection isn’t registered as having been done within the last, I think, 60 days, you CANNOT renew your tags. Can you say ka-ching? $100 fine for not having a valid inspection, and whatever the fine is for having expired tags.

Of course, it’s all for our safety and convenience.

Ka-ching. 🙄

Yes, I think we have to have the inspection, too, to renew the registration. AND I found out that they can even give you a ticket if you have an UNINSPECTED car just parked in your driveway! 😯 PLUS, whatever the ticket, whatever the outcome, now we have the “Mandatory New York State Court Surcharge.”

Ka-ching indeed. 😦

4. judy - January 6, 2012

How depressing this is. Here the inspection is in conjunction too with renewing our license plates, ever year except the first time in NM was for 2 years. Every February I just hold my breath and pray. In Colorado (my son told me) the emissions requirements have increased and two of his older SUV’s will not pass and there is NOTHING that can fix his engines. They are just too old. I think he is having to run illegal right now as no $$ for transportation. That sucks big time. One of my New Years resolutions is to try to be more positive BUT…..

Oh, you guys mean the renewal and the inspection have to be done TOGETHER? Here we just have to HAVE a valid inspection. Huh.

And hey, Jude, about your son’s older cars – aren’t there exceptions for older cars? I know The Boy’s red Honda is older, and there are some of the emissions things he doesn’t have to comply with. Heck, if you’re car’s old enough, you don’t even have to have seat belts!

judy - January 10, 2012

In Colorado (the perfect, beautiful state – ha ha) I don’t believe there are exceptions. I have not talked to him about this lately so do not know the “end of the story.”

Wow, hard to believe, isn’t it? There’s actually a BIGGER nanny state then NY? 😉

5. Karen - January 7, 2012

We do that too! When was in my twenties you used to pull up to the gas station or “inspection station”, drive onto this thing, slam on your brakes and if you stopped you got a new brake tag. (In New Orleans they’re called brake tags. I haven’t lived there for years and STILL can’t call that thing an inspection sticker!)

We used to have a guy who did a BOOMING inspection business – he’d check the lights and the windshield wipers and pass it. They used to call him “lick ’em and stick ’em Lee.”

6. marti8a - January 10, 2012

We have that law in Texas too. I delay it too, not as an act of rebellion, but just because I don’t happen to notice when the inspection sticker has expired, sometimes I even go months past the due date. I guess our police aren’t as vigilant as yours. I always dread the beastmobile inspection and wonder if it will pass the emission test or if I’ll be stuck with a big repair bill first.

Honestly, that’s how I came up with the idea – I realized that I’d missed the inspection date with impunity, and I thought, huh, I wonder how long I can drag this out? 🙂

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