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Monday Musings: 01.09.2012 Edition January 9, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

I am going to have to admit – I apparently haven’t taken out my camera all week.  I haven’t done anything of note, apparently haven’t cooked anything that’s worth remembering, and I haven’t gone anywhere interesting.

Um, yes, I know, since when has that stopped me?



So anyway, let’s just skip right to the  weekly menu plan, okay?  I, for one, have a very long, busy week ahead of me – my boss is going to be out of the office, so it kind of falls to me to pick up the slack.  You know, it occurs to me that I need to start thinking about a little reciprocity – get out of the office a bit more,  let THEM pick up the slack, that sort of thing.  Huh.

And on top of that, I’ve decided to start freezer-cleaning in earnest.  Though we’re trying not to add anything to the freezer, what frequently happens is one of two things – either we’ll see something on sale for such a good price that we’d be nuts NOT to stock up, at least a little, OR we’ll take something out of the freezer (like, say that chicken I’m going to roast next weekend) and we end up putting it back in the freezer, just in a different form (maybe chopped up leftover chicken for a future casserole or maybe a quart of some kind of chicken soup or stew made from that bird, plus the rack for future stock).  So this week’s menu, plus those for the next several weeks, will ideally be making use of some of the stuff we’ve had hanging around for maybe a bit too long.  Maybe we’ll even save a few bucks on the grocery bill, besides.

Monday – The January issue of Cook’s Illustrated featured New England fish chowder, which appealed to both of us.  We have a couple of pounds of wild-caught Alaskan whitefish in the freezer that we’d bought on sale that will work just fine in place of the called-for cod.  The only thing we didn’t have on hand was a bit of salt pork – that, and oyster crackers.  So I guess that’s a +1 for using the fish from the freezer.

Tuesday – We roasted a pork shoulder a few weeks ago, and Peeps stashed about half of it in the freezer, along with some of the leftover gravy.  That roast, we’ve discovered, goes beautifully with the homely vegetables that we love so much.   I have both  a fennel and a celery root on hand, and, well, let’s just say that we should use them sooner rather than later.  I’m going to give my self a +1 for getting the pork out of the freezer and ANOTHER +1 for using  veggies that are cluttering up the fridge.

Wednesday –  Wednesday is usually soup night.  Our usual way with soup is to make a big pot of it, freeze half of it, and enjoy the other half right away.  Now certainly we could do that – but I decided to clear out the fridge a bit – some  cooked Italian sausage from last week, some leftover pizza sauce, part of a quart of chicken stock – I cooked about a cup of dried red beans in the chicken stock, then sauteed an onion, a rib of minced celery, and a clove of garlic.  Add the beans (with cooking liquid), the sauce, sausage, and a bit more water.  Let those cook for a few minutes, then add some chopped spinach (also hanging around the fridge from last week’s market trip), and bazinga! soup.  We may add a bit of pasta before serving – or maybe not.  I guess it will depend on our moods that day.  Any leftovers will NOT go in the freezer – they’ll be lunches.  Definitely +1 for getting that stuff out of the fridge!

Thursday – Peeps is going to make a batch of Cincinnati chili – I found two pounds of ground beef in the back of the freezer that have been there a little longer than I like to keep ground beef.  Yes, half of the chili will end up back in the freezer, but I can live with that.    So. .  a +1 for using the ground beef, but a -1 for recycling it and putting it back in the freezer.  A wash.

Friday – Friday night pizza night is always about scrounging around and seeing what’s good – last week, we used leftover New Year’s Eve steak for cheesesteak pizza.  This week. . . who knows.  Maybe I’ll get crazy and put roast pork on my pie this time!

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1. Lisa - January 13, 2012

Found you on Menu Plan Monday! Very creative menus. Gotta make do when you gotta make do. And the work thing ALWAYS plays into the meal thing. A little delegation is a sanity saver.

Lisa, hi, and welcome! We try hard to strike a balance between new and different – and familiar and comfortable. I’m fortunate that Peeps is home to pick up the slack those evenings when work makes me nuts!

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