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Poached Seafood January 11, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Eating Down the Fridge, random stuff.

Can we believe it’s really 2012?

PhotobucketGosh, it seems like just yesterday, Peeps and I were partying like it was 1999.  No, seriously – we stayed at a Marriott, and when we checked in on New Years Eve, they handed us little gift bags for “just in case” the dreaded Y2K struck – a flashlight, a couple of bottles of water, and a wee bottle of bubbles.

We’re still doing the weekly soup night, and those soups are full of lovely, healthy things.

Beans.  Lentils.  Veggies.  Seafood.

I’ve mentioned, haven’t I, that I’ve never been a big seafood fan, right?

PhotobucketMaybe it had something to do with growing up in the Midwest in the 1970s.  There really wasn’t “fresh” seafood, at least not in my memory.  It always seemed to smell. . . fishy.


Bit by bit, though, I’ve been coming around – a filet of salmon here, a bit of tilapia there, and even some shark not too long ago!

And you know, it’s really not bad at all – and I feel so virtuous eating it, too!


But one thing I still haven’t re-tried is lobster.

I had a, well, a  lobster incident when I was a kid, and, honestly, the thought of it just kind of skeeves me out.

So when I saw the recipe on the Marx Foods blog for Sweet Potato Soup with Lobster and Corn Cream,  I said to myself:

Self, that sweet potato soup sure sounds good – too bad they spoiled it by adding the lobster, though.

Then I remembered – just because the good people at Marx Foods are using lobster, that doesn’t mean I have to!


Then I remembered Michael Ruhlman‘s butter-poached shrimp and grits.

And how I happened to have some shrimp knocking around in the freezer, and, in light of my commitment to finally empty and defrost the freezer MAYBE THIS YEAR, I should probably use some of it.

Knowing what I know about Ruhlman’s food  philosophy, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if I snatched the shrimp right off his grits and tossed them in my soup!

Huh.  Sweet potato soup with SHRIMP and corn cream.  Good one!

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the soup – it’s good, I loved the corn cream, and the directions are clear.  Do make it if you find yourself with a couple of leftover roasted sweet potatoes!

And I just need to say one thing about this shrimp-poaching technique.

PhotobucketOh. My. Goodness.

I started with a buerre monte – a butter sauce that is, essentially, butter and water that has emulsified, and I used the smallest saute pan I have – just big enough to arrange 1/2 pound of shrimp in a single layer.

Then I added the shrimp and, basically, kept the sauce at a bare simmer and poached the shrimp.   In butter.


PhotobucketOf course we had to sample the shrimp when it was done.

Then we had to try it again, just to make sure.

We did save a few to garnish the soup – and darned if that didn’t work, too!

Peeps is already campaigning to do this again, this time with grits.

I guess that’ll be okay, one of these days.

I mean, it is poached fish, right?  How could we go wrong?



1. judy - January 11, 2012

Good to see you cooking again. A little this and a little that and there you go, BINGO. I admit I have not had any soup with fish except clam chowder but I think I could do the shrimp. Interesting mix of tastes but interesting. Hope things are lightening up for you.

Thanks, Jude. It’s not so much lightening up around here as. . . sucking it up and trying to do a better job juggling. 😀 And the shrimp was surprisingly good with the soup – I liked the soup just fine on its own, yeah, but the addition was nice. 🙂

2. judy - January 11, 2012

also…. different camera? pictures really standing out. nice.

nope, same camera, just maybe different light?

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