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Monday Musings: 01.16.2012 Edition January 14, 2012

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Whoa, I think this was one of the coldest weekends we’ve had so far this season! Winter has finally arrived, and it happened on a market weekend.  We didn’t really need a lot of stuff this week – we’re really trying very hard to use the stuff we have on hand.  I did pick up some fresh cheese curds (I do love me some cheese!),  black beans (from one of the vendors that I make it a point to try to buy something from whenever I’m there) and some nice local buckwheat honey.   I couldn’t resist either a few minneolas or the 3 for a buck artichokes.



Snow notwithstanding, it’s become part of our weekend routine for me to give The Big Lug a bone and let him take it outside in the back yard.

That accomplishes a couple of things – first, he’s not underfoot while I’m trying to get stuff in the house done, and second, it gives him a chance to be outside – by himself – without his having to be in my armpit.

Funny, he doesn’t seem to mind a few inches of snow when he’s working on a bone, does he?





And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Again, we’re eating mostly from the freezer.

We have a set budget for groceries, you see.  I keep it in cash, in an envelope.  When, at the end of two weeks, we have “leftover money,” that gets stashed away.  Periodically, we divide up the grocery money stash into “dog,” “meat,” and “wine” envelopes.  It kind of makes buying those 44-pound bags of dog food a little less painful.

Monday – About a zillion years ago, I cut this recipe out of our local paper for Mark Bittman’s Seared Halibut with Anchovies, Capers and Garlic.  We’ve got some wild Alaskan whitefish in the freezer, and, while I know it’s now quite the same, well, a fish is a fish is a fish, unless it’s salmon, as far as I’m concerned.   We’ve got a butternut squash left from earlier in the season that Peeps is going to roast, and we’ll steam some rice.

Tuesday – Around the holidays, we had roasted a small prime rib, and, with the leftover beef, Peeps made these lovely roast beef hash patties – he actually ground the meat together with some potatoes and formed them in to rounds.  And they were delightful – and there were a few left over.  Those went into the freezer, and they’re coming out to be sandwiches – a hash patty on a nice onion roll, I think, with a fried egg on top.  And a salad.

Wednesday –  Wednesday – it’s soup night!  We had a bunch of the homely vegetable mash left from last week, and, rather than use it again as a side, we decided to use it in soup.  We had a bit of good ham that I sauteed, then your basic onions-carrots-celery-garlic, then I added a quart of chicken stock, a bit of water, and a couple of peeled and diced russet potatoes.  Once those potatoes were done, we stirred in the pureed veggies and called it soup. It’s going to be fantastic with some fresh, warm bread. . .

Thursday – I have a section on the written meal plan for “next week” – for either meals that we didn’t have enough days to make this week, or, say, if we think of something that we want to do and don’t want to forget it when we plan next week’s menu.  The Boy had added “Tex-Mex shepherd’s pie.”  After knocking our heads against the wall for a couple of days, I asked him what the HECK he meant.  Turns out he meant our taco cornbread bake.  We’re happy to accommodate him!

Friday – If it’s Friday, it must be pizza night! Last week’s pizza with roasted pork and caramelized onions was absolutely fantastic!  I don’t know what I’ll use this week, but I know I’ll have trouble topping that.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.

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1. judy - January 15, 2012

I was very happy to see this pop up in my e-mail today, early, full of zip and pictures and fun. I will take this any time I get it. As always the meals sound GREAT. Hope you all have an enjoyable week over there under that snow. bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah, it’s been mighty frosty around here. Supposed to warm up again, though, this week. Then get cold again. SIGH I never know which coat to wear!

2. vintagemarigold - January 16, 2012

Love that you are trying to use stuff up! I am trying to be better about that as well!

You know, I so hate wasting, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that I’ve got stuff to use up when I see something that’s just easier or more exciting or, well, mostly easier. 😕

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