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Leap Day February 29, 2012

Posted by Jarlaxle the Wonder Dog in Big Lug, random stuff.

I am Jarlaxle and I am Excellent.

You know how I know that?

Because people love me.


Strangers even send me presents!  They do!  See that box right there?  It’s addressed to me – Jarly!  And do you know who it’s from?

That’s right.  The Kong Company.  

THE Kong Company.

The coolest toy company EVER!


Here’s what happened.

Remember that time it was winter?  And my mom made that video?

Well,  she went and sent it to my new besties at Kong:

Dear Kong Company:

When we adopted our Jarly from the local shelter about 4 years ago, he suffered from severe hip dysplasia.  He wasn’t very playful then – I think he just hurt too much.  Over time, we’ve gotten him moving more comfortably – but we still have to be careful not to let him over-do.  After a walk, I throw a ball for him to chase, and that lets me see how he’s feeling that day – if he runs and jumps and dashes around, it’s a good day, but if he limps and doesn’t much want to play, I know he’s sore.

Now, you should know that we’re in upstate New York, and invariably, with the first good snowfall, we lose his squeaky tennis ball – it gets buried under the snow, and it’s just gone, usually until spring!

My husband came up with the idea of trying a Water Wubba – the flaps (arms?) stick out of the the deepest snow like flags, making Wubba easy to find, and it stands up not only to the wet, but to freezing and thawing – it’s the perfect solution!  Our Jarly is so thrilled when we bring it out – his tail just doesn’t stop wagging!

I want to thank you for such a super line of products – he’s got his “inside” Wubba (Snugga), a couple of Classic Kongs that we keep filled and in the freezer for special occasions (like pizza night – we have pizza and Jarly gets Kong), and, of course, the ball and ball-flinger for trips to the beach.

But the Water Wubba holds a special place in our hearts – it’s so great to see our boy running and jumping and having such fun!  


And then, and this is the best part, GINA at Kong – she wrote back!

She liked me – she really really liked me!

Thank you so much for choosing KONG, and we appreciate you writing to us. We here at KONG love to hear when dogs (and their owners) love their toys! I am so glad to hear that Jarly has been able to enjoy his KONG toys. That video was great.

Wondering if I may have your home mailing address so send Jarly another toy? Have a fantastic weekend and I hope he is feeling well!!

And Mom – she didn’t say a word to me – she just let the package be a surprise!


And Oh Boy! were we surprised when the UPS truck dropped off a box addressed to little old me!   I’m almost sorry I barked at him!  (Almost – but it’s so fun to watch him RUN back to his truck!)


What?  Big stong puppies need a Wubba Buddy too, don’t they?


You just wish you had a squeaky rabbit Wubba.  But he’s mine.  All mine.  And I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him . . . and name him George.


Or maybe I’ll rip his brains out.  But that’s okay – he still squeaks!

And I know my Mama loves me. . .



1. Judy - February 29, 2012

Jarly, young man, I sincerely hope you have a huge appreciation for how lucky you are to live with really GREAT people. You should be appreciative as you are a little past SPOILED ROTTEN. 🙂

Fun today and such pictures of that JAR. Wonderful.

I don’t know, Aunt Judy – they won’t even let me play with the kitty! If you ask me, I think SHE’s the one who’s spoiled! 😛

2. anne - February 29, 2012

Awwwww, that picture of you with your arms around your Wubba. I know you’re too manly to be called precious, but that’s a pretty darned cute picture. Enjoy your new pile of fuzz.

Thanks – hugs and slobbers to you! 😆

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