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And the winner is… March 2, 2012

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The votes are all in from Monday’s poll, and we have a winner.  Balsamic-glazed short ribs.


My wife has mentioned a couple times a fabulous recipe she found for pork ragu. While it hasn’t actually gotten an entire entry on its own, we love it a bunch. With a little luck, I can talk her into making it again before the end of Winter, just so we can document it properly.


Regardless, she happened to notice that the recipe’s author had another dish that sounded mighty good. We figured that we would have to try the Balsamic-glazed short ribs from someone who obviously knows what she’s doing, right?


The recipe can be found here, so I’ll spare you much in the way of blather.

We happened to have everything we needed on hand for this. Including the short ribs that we got on sale last year that were sitting in the freezer.


Except for the amount of meat called for, we followed the recipe almost exactly. Not that that was hard to do. I mean, anyone could brown some ribs and throw them into a crockpot, right?


We weren’t sure if we would have enough time during the week to get this done by dinner time, so we let it cook most of the day Sunday. When it was done, we stored the meat and the sauce separately. It’s much easier to skim the fat off the sauce that way.

Wednesday came around and when I got home from work I put everything back into the crockpot set very low and waited for my wife to come home. The one thing I didn’t do was reduce the sauce. Toys had been at work until very late, and I didn’t want to screw around dealing with sauce when I knew she’d be hungry. And the sauce really didn’t suffer from not having reduced, in my opinion.


We served the ribs with mashed potatoes and a simple spinach salad. And it was as good a Winter meal as you’ll find anywhere. The ribs were tender and full of flavor. Add the lack of effort for the meal, and you have a serious winner on you hands, indeed.



1. Judy - March 3, 2012

These pictures were great and I am so sure that the dinner was every bit as good as it looks! Who does not like mashed potatoes too?

Thanks for all the inspirations and ideas. Have a good one!

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