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Spring is in the air March 16, 2012

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Even though Spring is still officially a few more days away, the weather here has been nothing short of amazing.

We’ve been having temperatures in the upper 60s for several days.  Even though this has been the mildest Winter I can remember, it’s been very nice to not have to put on a couple layers just to walk the dog.

And since I just finished tilling my wife’s vegetable garden to get it ready for planting, I realized that unless we get hit with nasty late Winter weather, I can start looking forward to the cooking of food outdoors again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the long roasted and braised foods and soups of wintertime.  They make the house smell like home.

But the barbecue I stashed in the freezer last Fall is running low.  As is our bacon supply.  And I’m really starting to crave something done on the grill.  Just about anything done on the grill.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to have to start stocking up on smoking and grilling supplies.  And looking for the best deals I can on meat that’s going to end up in the smoker or on the grill.  And beer!  We’ll need plenty of that to go with smoky meat.

I need to start making a list.  Enjoy the weather as it gets nicer.  Have a safe amateur night St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m staying home.  I have plans to make.



1. Judy - March 16, 2012

Spring it is which always includes some late snow but tilling the garden is really SPRING. The smell of the dirt and the fresh look was wonderful. Then the little posts and the string to mark the rows or the poles put up like teepees over the beans and the peas. I truly do miss the whole routine. And now about the food! Yes it will soon be time to get totally serious about all of that and I am so glad you did not forget about the BEER.

Enjoy it all over and up there. I will be watching!

Jude, can you put a pot or something on a porch or patio? I’ve seen whole salads in a single pot – lettuces, a cherry tomato, maybe some parsley . . .

2. Kimberly - March 16, 2012

I see you guys got a shout out in the Ravioli Shop newsletter! Hope it brings you new readers! 🙂

Thanks, Kimberly! And it’s good to see you, too. 😀

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