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Like a Good Neighbor March 29, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Do you have glass coverage on your car?

You know, you break a window, crack your windshield, and you can call up your insurance company, and they’ll pay for the replacement.

What a cool deal!

A long, long time ago, my insurance agent (some guy who worked out of a storefront on Main Street in the town I lived in at the time) added it to my policy – back then, it was something like an extra $2, and he convinced me it would be a good idea.

Now, this was a while ago –  the Boy was still a little, surly toddler, and I was still  cooking in the restaurant (on that same Main Street, in fact) (it was a very small town).  It was the dead of winter, and we were having a serious cold spell – the temperatures were hovering somewhere around the negative-too-cold-to-care-anymore mark.

And I came out of work, after closing on a Friday night, got in my car, shut the door, and heard a shattering sound.

The back window of my Cavalier wagon had, essentially, fallen apart.

It was really cold that night.

So I called my insurance agent, who arranged with the nearest glass company (about 35 miles away) to replace that back window.

How cool is that?

Over the years, I’ve  availed myself of my class coverage several times – like the time the pre-teen surly someone SLAMMED the car door, and, again, that distinctive shattering sound inside the door.


Yeah, good times, those.

So a couple of weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I happened to be driving to work when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a crack in the windshield on the passenger side.

That was not there the previous day.  I’d have noticed.

So I determined to call State Farm when I got to work.

Only . . . I got to work a couple of hours before the agent’s office opened, and I had work to jump right into.

So I headed home that afternoon, having forgotten to call.

And, of course, the office was closed by the time I got home.

This went on for, I kid you not, nearly two weeks, as I watched the little bitty crack get bigger, then turn a corner and continue to grow. . . every day, getting too caught up in my workload until it was too late to make the call.

Finally, I sent an email and asked my co-worker to remind me to call State Farm when she came into work the next morning.

That did the trick.

I called State Farm and talked to Natalie.

Natalie  asked me what glass company I wanted to use (the same guys I’d used before, don’t remember their name, but I could tell her right where they were located), she found them (on the internet!) then arranged with State Farm’s central office (or whatever they call it) for a claim.

And we called the glass company, and Natalie got them to come to ME.

They came to my office, in fact.

Of course, I’d forgotten they were coming, so they had to call me and have me come out and unlock  my car and move it so they could get to it without climbing over other cars.

I went home with THE CLEANEST windshield I think I’ve ever seen.

Then  a bird pooped on it the next day.



1. Cristina - March 29, 2012

You’ve GOT to be kidding me! What are the odds that you post this today, and TWO hours later (yes at 5:30 AM) I get a windshield chip? And yes, I also have State Farm insurance. Too bad my deductible is more than it will cost to repair the chip, assuming it can be repaired. Fingers crossed it’s not in an unfixable area. That’s great that you got such great service. 🙂

Toy Lady - March 29, 2012

You have a deductible? My policy doesn’t have one at all for glass. Though I think it probably varies from state to state, doesn’t it?


Also, we have local glass shops that fix chips “free” – though I don’t know how permanent that is.

Cristina - March 29, 2012

They directed me to Lynx, which apparently handles their glass repair claims, and it showed my $100 comprehensive deductible. It’s $49.50 plus tax to fix it at a local glass shop that my mechanic recommended.

It’s possible that you have an older policy that covers this with no deductible, but I think they stopped doing that in recent years. There are also four states that are deductible-free as I recall.

Still, what a coincidence with your post. 🙂

Yes, it is! But just . . . when you get it fixed, stay away from the birds. 🙄

2. Judy - March 29, 2012

,,,,, and they came to you! My insurance company (to remain unnamed) covers glass too! It is a good incentive when insurance shopping. My previous insurance in Texas was almost two times more here than there so I had to shop but I got a good one and the older I get the better. Deduction for driving less, deduction for insurance at the apartment also, deduction for more years without an accident report. It is good when you don’t have to give your insurance much thought and just pay up!

You’re right, Judy. 🙂 Several years ago, I got a call from one of those “we’ll insure anyone and do it cheaper than anyone else ” insurance companies. . . between my good record, the number of years I’d been with State Farm, and my multi-line discount, they couldn’t beat it. 😀

Probably helps that I’m getting . . . middle-aged, too. 😉

3. Judy - March 29, 2012

I hate that word “middle-aged.” We won’t have a middle age determined until it is over and then divide by 2. That will be our “own” middle age. I can work with that! Pizza night is getting sooner now! 🙂

Well, I figure, at my age, if this is “middle age” I’ll do OK. 🙂
My mother mentioned the other day that my grandmother’s 90th birthday is
this year – and my Grandpa made 92.

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