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Monday Musings: 04.02.2012 Edition April 2, 2012

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Last week, we had this lovely warm stretch of weather – suddenly everything burst into bud or bloom!

(It was not so great for the sinuses, but there’s not much I could do about that!)

Anyway, Peeps’s mom has this tree in her back yard that was absolutely covered with white blossoms – and she has no idea what it is.  Of course, neither do I, but it sure was pretty.



You know, I used to tease my mother about taking pills “like old people.”

Then I got the dog, who really does take pills like old people!

A couple of months back, I found this (ahem) old people pill dispenser at the public market and picked it up – it’s perfect!  Jar only takes medications twice a day, so I can set up 2 weeks’ worth of pills for him at a time.

He is on 2 supplements, twice daily, for his joints, plus the Puppy Prozac in the mornings and an anti-inflammatory in the evenings, plus antacids in case the anti-inflammatory makes him nauseous.

Hey, we do what we have to for our pets, right?  Plus, it’s so good to see him NOT in pain all the time!


So we roasted this chicken, and I used some of the leftover meat in a soup.


Kitty knows what that means!

Chicken skin!

Doesn’t she look hungry?



Last week, we tried something new – Greens and Beans using fried kidney beans and escarole.

While we forgot to take any photos of its cooking, (and really, it was a matter of: dump some beans in a pan, brown them, turn them, add the onions and the greens, and cook until everything is yummy.

And yummy it was, too!  I just felt so virtuous eating it too!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.   We’ve got another busy week ahead – or at least another tired week.  I’ll be keeping to pretty much the same work schedule I have been for the past few weeks – late every evening, as early as possible every morning, and one day on the weekend.  Meanwhile, Peeps spent the better part of the weekend in the car, which always takes a few days to recover from!  In addition, I hope to get started in the garden some time this week – it’s all tilled, and I’ve got the seeds.  I just need the time!  So we’re going to mostly try to keep things as simple as we can – and who knows, maybe I’ll get a row of lettuce or spinach in the ground this week.

Monday –  Our last trip to Sam’s Club, Peeps and I decided that we were past due for a pork loin – we buy them whole and butcher them into several boneless chops and a couple of roasts.  Well, we’re going to enjoy one of those roasts this week in the form of maple-glazed pork.  Alongside that, Peeps wants to roast some fingerling potatoes (which I’m not about to turn down!), and maybe some salad, or we’ll figure out something veggie-like to go with it.

Tuesday – At this point, the weather looks good for Tuesday, and Peeps wanted to grill.  (Since he’s doing more of the cooking again his week, far be it from me to object!)  I rummaged around in the freezer and came up with a misplaced package of rib-eye steaks.  Maybe with mashed potatoes and sauteed escarole?

Wednesday – I found this recipe for a Healthy Chicken Stew that  sounded quite good, so I heavily ripped it off!  Mine is similar – I used it as a starting point – but I used dried beans (I scoff at canned beans!) and leftover chicken. . .and the pressure cooker.  Basically, I tossed it together in about half an hour, and it’ll hold, with flavors mingling, until Soup Night.

Thursday – Peeps has been quick to remind me that barbecue season is just around the corner – so I would do well to get any of last year’s barbecue out of the freezer before that happens, huh?  We’ve got the last of a batch of pulled pork (with the vinegar sauce), and we’ll probably do some rice and maybe some of the collards that we canned last fall.  Even though we were less than thrilled with them – waste not, want not.  (That, and I want the quart jars back in rotation.)

Friday – And another long week ends with pizza night!  We’ll probably have some pork roast leftover, and we’ll probably also have steak, so, well, I guess we’ll see what we come up with.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Judy - April 2, 2012

Happy Monday. Nice blog today (as always) as I see my Kitty, looking quite pleased with herself. The tree in “mom” yard is a beauty. Doesn’t take away from the ENJOY if you don’t know the name I wouldn’t think.

The menus sound great and getting to bottom of the freezer must be fun. Jar’s pills look like mine sometimes! Less pain is always a great thing.

Hoping you get some seeds in the ground next weekend so veggie time can really begin. Have a good one with Peeps home and all. 🙂

Hey, Jude. I am SO looking forward to being able to slow down a bit! I hope to get a chance to get out to the garden one or two afternoons this week and get started – I’m going to have to pull weeds before I can plant pretty soon!

And you’re right – less pain is good. 🙂

2. Anne - April 2, 2012

The things we do for our fur kids! At one point, our dog was on 4 meds. One was once daily. Then every other day. Then every third day. Meanwhile we had the two that were twice daily, one with food and one an hour before food. We went through a whole lot of pill pockets!! But they’re worth it. 🙂

Ugh – that one an hour before food – that’s the biggest pain, isn’t it? How is your girl doing now, Anne?

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