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Keep your fingers crossed April 13, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in Work.

I think the worst is over.

Today (Thursday) I sent out five (FIVE!) sets of documents for signatures.

That’s five “Large” FedEx boxes, each stuffed with closing transcripts, bonds, agreements, contracts, and each going to a different part of the state.

To put it in lay terms, that’s a TON of work.

Okay, not really a ton.  About 75 pounds, though, all told.

And about $40 million, but that’s neither here nor there – it’s the same amount of work whether it’s $20 million or just $2 million.

So anyway, I’m thinking the worst of it is over – I went from averaging 10 bond sales a week to . . . let’s see, just three this week, and four next.

I may get my life back soon. . .



1. Judy - April 13, 2012

The sooner the better. You have been missed!

Thanks, Jude. So have you! 🙂

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