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I can hardly believe it myself! April 25, 2012

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Well hello there.

It is I.

Things seem to be starting to settle down around here, at least for the moment – which, honestly?  It’s just a good thing!  Those moments that I haven’t been too exhausted to think a coherent thought?  I’ve been Mrs. Cranky Pants.

When I get busy,  I don’t have time for a lot of fiddle-faddle, yet some days that seems to be all I get – a lot of fiddle-faddle.

Sometimes I just want to smack someone.  Who that someone may be varies from day to day, but there’s always someone around who needs a good SMACK lately.


There are those evenings when I’m too tired to care about anything like eating.

Or the days when I’ve had to explain for the eleventy-thousandth time that, yes, it really is okay to have your board president pre-sign this purchase agreement, and that my office, acting as  YOUR COUNSEL, will HOLD IT IN ESCROW and NOT RELEASE it to ANYONE until everyone has agreed to all of the terms of the sale AND the agreement has been finalized AND the figures have been independently verified by an outside accounting firm.  Either that, or the board president can sit around and wait for all that to happen (and no, there’s no way to know exactly when that may be), and if the agreement’s not signed by the end of the day, the deal’s off and we try again the next day.  And let’s hope the rates don’t go up.

Fortunately, I’ve got Peeps here to help hold down the fort.


And so, while the rest of the world was enjoying 70- and 80-degree afternoons, I was cooped up in my office, juggling multiple bond sales, holding dozens of nervous clients’ hands, tracking down documents that should have been here yesterday, or getting seals on bonds that need to close in a couple of days, packaging random documents to go to random people, missing out on all that gorgeous weather.

And now, when it starts to settle down a bit, and I can consider less than a 10-hour day, well, you know what I get?


Let me say that again.

It’s been SNOWING.  IN APRIL.  Oh, not a lot of accumulation or anything, and it’s not even really that cold (except in the sense that it’s not 80 degrees anymore).  But still.


So I kind of thought it might be nice to share one more soup before soup season ends and salad season starts.

That, and I’d fully intended to post this a couple of weeks ago, but I only got as far as uploading the photos before Duty called.

I’m managed to put a gag on Duty for the time being, and here I am, with one of the most surprisingly tasty soups we’ve had in a long time.

I still get the Cuisine at Home e-newsletter, and about a month ago, there was this Chinese Chicken & Corn Soup.


Although I did kind of wonder if “Chinese” was politically correct – shouldn’t it be be “Asian” Chicken & Corn Soup?

Well, I don’t know.  But I do know that we had some leftover roasted chicken, and I picked up some nice snow peas at the market, and we still have most of a quart of Peeps’s sriracha in the fridge. . .

And it’s cold and vile out.  Perfect soup weather, if you ask me.

And I’m busy and tired.  Perfect opportunity for a quick, hearty soup, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s a printable version, just in case you’re interested.  Which of course you are.



1. judy - April 25, 2012

I am now going to have to have some soup. It has been so warm, breaking records and now we are going to have a huge change. I feel some soup will be in my very near future! Yours looks just yummy! Hope things do lighten up a bit. It is ok to be cranky once in awhile.

thanks, Jude, it’s getting better. 🙂 And definitely, I think you should make soup – especially if it’s going to get chilly again. It’s warming up a bit here, but they’re saying “don’t get used to it.” SIGH

2. The Innkeeper's Daughter - April 26, 2012

I get you, I get you, I get you…SMACK someone you say??? AND regarding the soup. As I am unexpectedly no longer working, and my exit may not have been as graceful as I would have liked…. I am gathering the team for what was supposed to be a lovely little cocktail party and now turning into a souper supper because. Why the hell am I turning on the heat on April 24th????

Nope, no ranting here. I get you!!!

So . . . what time shall I show up? 😉

The Innkeeper's Daughter - April 26, 2012

6:30 works. It is supposed to freeze here tomorrow. Traditional french onion…mine is damn good.
provencale fishermans soup…did i mention i still have 6 qts of fish stock in the freezer?
And a new creation, red lentil and turkey italian sausage…i will let you know.

sounds wonderful!

I used to make French onion every week using leftover au jus – oh, that was good!

3. kayatthekeyboard - April 27, 2012

DAMN, that sounds good! It will not be soup season for, oh, probably six months, here, but this one will be high on the list when we get to fall.

And, re: Cranky? I highly recommend Scotch.

I’m a fan of Scotch. 🙂 I find that the unpronounceable ones are the ones I like best.

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