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Monday Musings: 05.07.2012 May 7, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.


Why, yes, this was a market weekend, why do you ask?

I guess you can see that our Rochester Public Market is really starting to get into full swing now, can’t you?

I was so happy to come home with so much great stuff – including two 2-pound bags of cleaned and chopped romaine lettuce, ramps, a giant hand of ginger – plus leeks, scallions, ramps, shallots and red onions.  And let’s not forget the cabbage family – cabbage, red cabbage, kale, and broccoli!  I even picked up a couple of parsley plants because I just couldn’t stand not having fresh parsley anymore.

What can I say – it’s not like I’m going to let the veggies go to waste!



And you’ll have to excuse me now, but from here on out for a while, it’s going to be all garden all the time.

Hey, we’re finally enjoying a beautiful weekend – up until now, it’s been beautiful work week and cold, rainy weekends.  This weekend, all you can hear outside is the sound of lawnmowers!

And, I guess, in our case, weeding.  Gosh, I’ve neglected my herb garden!  I did get my baby parsleys in.  And I also see that the chives are going to blossom any minute, as is, believe it or not, the sage.

And the oregano – well, that’s just being oregano.  Plotting to take over the garden, like usual.


And I have itty bitty baby lettuce plants!

Do you know, I glanced out the window this morning, and I saw a strange CAT doing its nasty CAT BUSINESS in my garden!

So I did what any reasonably person would do – I rapped on the window and I shouted “hey, you, cat, get out of there!”

Didn’t work.

So I did the next best thing – I said “hey, JAR, there’s a CAT in my GARDEN!” and I opened the door for him to go tearing outside.

Where he promptly stopped and just stood on the deck, watching the strange cat wiggle its tail at us.

I gave Jar a glare and said “Are you KIDDING ME??? It’s a CAT!” at which point he evidently decided that it may be a good thing to get the cat out of HIS yard, and he dashed down the stairs, into the garden and chased that cat right back to wherever it came from.

Idiot dog.   I’d better not catch him chasing OUR cat any time soon!

PhotobucketSo, even though they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, I think that’s only true if there’s a composter over there.

The grass, at least, is truly green right around ours!

So I thought that would be the best place to plant the lone rhubarb plant I picked up last summer.

Unfortunately, it did take quite a beating last fall when the two dogs were out there playing “zoomies.”

Here’s hoping it’ll come back and I can have my own rhubarb in smoothies one day!


I love this – several years ago, I planted these little johnny-jump-ups  – I planted them on the far side of the driveway, next to the garage, where they really didn’t do too well.

I suspect they were hassled by other neighborhood cats.

But then, the following year, they popped up in a completely different spot!  (Or should I say they “jumped up”?)

Although they’re supposed to be an annual flower, they’ve been jumping up every year since, and every year, they’re in a different location – this year, they’re just at the very edge of the driveway, under the fence.  Pretty cute, huh?



My irises are starting – the snow white ones are always first.

Unfortunately, they’ve never really been happy where I planted them – along the south side of the house, between the house and the walkway.  Either that, or they just don’t like me.

Peeps suggested that I consider moving them this fall – they might be just perfect (and perfectly happy) along the fence, next to the garden.

We shall see.



I can always tell when Jar is extra tired – he stretches out on the floor (next to his mama, of course!), and crosses his front legs.  I don’t know why, but he only does it when he’s really tired.

Which, I guess, he should have been – we had an extra long walk Saturday morning, followed by an after-market Saturday bone, then another nice walk Saturday afternoon, plus a little doorbell training thrown in (and BOY is THAT fun!).

Poor tired puppy!

What garden update would be complete without a shot of last fall’s garlic?

I guess you can plant garlic in the spring too, but really, I think there’s no harm in giving it that much of a head start, especially in this climate!

We still haven’t seen any sign of the scapes (the hard necks that spring up from this particular variety), but this year, we’ll know to cut those buggers off as soon as we do!  I fully expect to harvest big, juicy bulbs of garlic this year.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Although we’ve had a beautiful weekend, the forecast is calling for rain every day until Friday.  Which, as we know, is pizza night.  However, we’ve got a couple of old favorites this week, as well as something new and (hopefully!) exciting.

Monday –  Time for something new and exciting – we’ve got some sweet potatoes that should be used sooner rather than later, and about a quarter pound of Peeps’s homemade chorizo in the fridge, so what better than to combine the two?  A while back, I stumbled upon a recipe for “mostly meatless” sweet potato and chorizo mole – perfect, no?  (Added bonus – oh, dear, we only needed an ounce of chocolate for the sauce and bought a 3.5 ounce bar – whatever shall I do with the rest?)

Tuesday – Every now and then, we  love  Cook’s Illustrated’s  fried rice – only I like to add a little  Chinese BBQ pork (in this case, instead of the bean sprouts, since I forgot to pick them up at the market) and make it a whole, light meal.

Wednesday – Wednesday is the Boy‘s day off, and, assuming he’s home for dinner, I think he’ll enjoy the broccoli I picked up at the market this weekend in the form of broccoli and chicken burritos.  Even if he doesn’t make it home, Peeps and I will enjoy it for him.

Thursday – This is the silliest thing.  I just this year discovered fingerling potatoes – and how wondrous they are with roasted . . . anything.  And there is one lady at the public market who always has fingerlings, and I just keep . . .coming back.  She recognizes me now.  And so, this week, our fingerlings will accompany a strip roast – and maybe, if I can manage to get out of work early enough, some Yorkshire puddings.  Oh yeah.

Friday – And it’s pizza night – I may just put some roast beef and caramelized onions on a pizza and call it a day – or maybe something more inspired will occur to me between now and then.  Either way, pizza night is “eat dinner in front of the TV while the dog enjoys his kong” night, so it’s gonna be good, you know?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Tara V - May 7, 2012

We have those jumping pansies! I love seeing them come up in different spots. Some even made it to my sisters house somehow! How crazy is that!
You menu looks great and so does all the lovely produce you got.

And I was impressed that mine crossed the driveway! 😆

2. judy - May 7, 2012

I will look for the jumping pansies in DD’s yard next year! I bought some grown up one’s for a couple of my pots as I love them too. Loved your blog today, I sensed a “lilt” in your words. Of course the veggies always gets me going. I am blessed with fresh spinach for my supper tonight. Jar will just keep you guessing I guess won’t he. I could see him debating in my mind’s eye.

New gardens coming up are always so full of promise and it really is a crap shoot every year. I think that is part of the addiction. Thanks for all the GREAT pictures.

Eat well and work less and have a good week. Let me know if the Boy does not fill his seat on Wednesday so I can slide right in.

Aw, Jude, you know you’re always welcome! I’m hoping to start the rest of the garden in the next couple of weeks – call it an addiction if you want, but you know there’s nothing quite like a fresh, homegrown tomato. 😉

judy - May 8, 2012

The DD’s plants have wonderful flowers already.. in spite of high, high winds. Her back yard is protected to some extent and the plants are protected also by us wishing them WELL.

3. sjbraun - May 8, 2012

Our neighbor has the jumping pansies. I wish they would jump over the property line to our place!

My MIL planted her rhubarb by the compost pile — it is like a small tree now!

That is so sweet with Jar crossing his legs. Awwww!

My husband insists on tomato sauces ONLY with his food, but I’m going to try your method with my personal pierogies this week 🙂 I love that you and your sis have back-to-back b’days too!

Keep an eye on the pansies – they’ll probably make it over there one of these days! Funny thing is that I planted several different ones, and these are the only ones that keep coming back.

You give me hope with the rhubarb – it’s kind of sad right now – there’s like one lone tiny stalk. 😥 But when we soaked the composter, I noticed all kinds of icky, compost-y water leeching into the ground around the rhubarb plant, so. . . fingers crossed, huh?

I hope you enjoy the pierogies – we haven’t had them in AGES, and now I want some! 😀

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