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Monday Musings on Tuesday: Memorial Day Edition May 29, 2012

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I trust our American friends have enjoyed a nice Memorial Day weekend – the weather here in upstate New York was exactly what the first official weekend of summer should be – hot and sunny.

Rain had been forecast for off and on over the weekend, but it just never really materialized.  That’s all good, though – it gave Peeps a chance to pull out the little smoker – I picked up a nice pork belly last weekend that’s been curing all week – it’s bacon now.

And, of course, since the smoker was going anyway, why not use the same heat to cook a nicely brined pork loin?

It’s all pig all the time around here!



Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to make up a batch of barbecue sauce – and honestly, that’ll probably last us the summer.

Besides the fact that it makes a BOATLOAD (about 2 and a half quarts), we’re really not big condiment people.  Though that may change – a little slather of the sauce on last night’s smoked pork loin. . . well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t turn it down.

Seriously, though, this is a decent sauce (it should be – the recipe is from the Dinosaur rib joint!), and, while the ingredient list looks a little intimidating, it’s mostly all stuff that’s lying around anyway, and it’s a matter of cooking the onions and peppers, then adding the rest of the ingredients and letting it simmer.  Done.

And it’ll keep in the back of the fridge all summer, too.



I’ve never been much into planting flowers – especially annuals.  I mean, you go out, you buy the plants, you fiddle around planting them, and then they die and you have to go through that all over again the next year.

But you know, I’ve been walking the dog every morning, far and wide, and we’re seeing so many really pretty flowers at different people’s houses, and I decided that I wanted my house to look pretty too.

So I went out, picked up some window boxes, nagged the Boy into installing them, and I filled them up with flowers (gerber daisies, I think) and vine-y things (squash . . . something) that I picked up during Flower City Days at the market last Friday, after I skipped out of work early.  (Sssshhhh.)

Pretty, no?


My comfort zone is much more in the vegetable garden, to be honest.

Like . . . green beans.  I planted them last weekend – 8 days ago – and they’re all up already!  Is that not awesome?

Little baby kale plants are starting, too, and I saw, um, something like 2 wee little beets.

I could tell they were beets by their little red stems.


The herb garden is doing what it does – going crazy.

I’m about to have lavender blossoms any minute, the oregano needs to be cut AGAIN, I’ve got chives blossoming like crazy, and even the sage and thyme are getting in on it.

You know, I should have put the herbs in the front yard – all those blossoms and foliage – it really is kind of striking.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve been working at clearing stuff out of the freezer – some of it’s just been there a bit too long, and, well, I guess that’s mostly it.  We’ve got a new season of grilling and barbecuing coming up, so we’re certainly not going to want to be pulling a container of soup or a roast out of the freezer, now are we?

Monday – It’s Memorial Day, and, while we didn’t have any formal “thing” or anything, we still held true to the spirit of the day, and we grilled some white hots, baked some beans, and made some cole slaw.

Tuesday – We’ve still got a couple of packages of last fall’s pulled pork in the freezer – which is awesome, because I picked up a package of whole wheat “slider rolls” – we’ll enjoy wee little barbecue sandwiches (I just made sauce, you know!), and leftover beans and slaw.  Maybe even some chips.

Wednesday – The Boy starts his vacation Wednesday – I’ll (maybe) be taking him to the airport first thing in the morning, and he’ll be gone a week.  Sadly, I guess he’ll miss out on Wednesday’s lentil dish – we were initially going to go with the lentil loaf that we like so much, but I think a quick pasta with lentil dish instead.

Thursday – We hit a nice sale at the butcher shop this weekend (wonder why we keep “trying” to empty the freezer?) and we got a strip loin for, basically, what ground chuck would cost.  And strip loin makes some fine burgers!  So. . . when he’s hacking up the loin to grind for summer burgers, he’s going to hold out a couple of nice NY Strip steaks.  And we’ll probably enjoy those with a nice baked potato  if it’s not a thousand degrees that evening.  A fresh salad, and we should be set.

Friday – It looks like we’re going to have an extra crust for pizza night, what with Vacation Boy and all.  So, unless Judy shows up for dinner (always welcome!), we’ll probably do a breakfast pizza over the weekend.  It’s either that, or we both have to re-calculate our part – I feed the started in the morning (150 grams of flour and 250 grams of water is just right) and Peeps makes the crust in the afternoon.  Easier to just have an extra, I think.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. The Innkeeper's Daughter - May 29, 2012

Seriously guys…in suspense here. How was try three of bacon????
ps. flowers pretty…yes.

Toy Lady - May 29, 2012

Peeps’s bacon is always fantastic! 🙂 I actually cooked the last of last fall’s bacon this weekend, so we were right on time for a new batch. He’s going to do an updated post on the bacon process soon – you might want to get a pork belly source lined up. 😀

2. judy - May 29, 2012

Nice to see everyone back today and that sauce looks wonderful. Have not found a great BBQ place here but we are looking now! Yes, your house does look pretty. I really like those boxes and the color will draw humming birds!

I am thrilled that you have your beets up already! Loved to grow those in Colorado. I could eat beets every day if I had to.

Please hold my plate for another time as I have plans that night to eat out with my DD. I will keep the rain check handy though.

Toy Lady - May 30, 2012

I’m telling you, Judy, you ever find yourself on this end of the country, I’m expecting you!

3. sjbraun - May 30, 2012

I hope “the boy” has a great vacation! The flower boxes are so pretty. I am envious of how great your garden looks! We are really suffering with no rain for almost a month now. I’m going to check out your lentil recipes. I really like lentils, but fear my increasingly-picky teens would not …

Toy Lady - May 30, 2012

They’ve been forecasting rain for the past several days here, and we just haven’t really gotten it. I do water every morning, though – we’re fortunate to be close enough to Lake Ontario where water isn’t really an issue like it may be other places.

And good luck with the lentils – The Boy’s not super-excited about them either, which is why we waited to have them until after he left. 😀

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