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We’re Dyin’ Here June 1, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in Big Lug, random stuff.

Well, I guess it’s truly Spring in Rochester!

We had an absolutely stunning Memorial Day weekend – if you like 80’s and humid, anyway. Which, to be honest, I don’t mind too much anymore – I walk the dog early enough in the morning that it’s not usually too bad, and, well, when we get back, we’re air conditioned.

Plus we did get a beach trip in, so that’s good!

And then, in the space of days, the temperature has dropped to the low 70s.

Also fine.


However, what is NOT fine is that it would appear that SOMEONE seems to have ingested something that he maybe shouldn’t have.

Or maybe the heat got to him.

Possibly he’s picked up a bug or something – though he was just fine when he had his physical a couple of weeks ago.

In any event, Peeps and I have been up and down several times during the past couple of nights to “let the dog out.”    I finally ended up on the sofa last night – it’s closer to the door.

There have even been a couple of accidents during the day.

We’re walking around like zombies here.

And as for the poor puppy – well, he’s fasting for a day, then we’ll start him on a bland diet.  Rice and boiled chicken, most likely.  Maybe a bit of yogurt and pumpkin.

Hopefully we’ll get a full night’s sleep soon.  That, or it’s back to the vet for us.


1. mazco34 - June 1, 2012

Poor baby. When Bear needs a little fix, we do the chicken and rice thing too. But we’re lazy, and we get the rice from a nearby Chinese restaurant. First time is nice, but then we have to break pieces off and microwave them a bit. Fixes him in a few days.

Toy Lady - June 1, 2012

We typically keep small containers of rice in the freezer for just in case – when he has his Saturday Afternoon Bone, I give him Saturday Dinner Rice. Otherwise we end up with Middle of the Night Trip Outside. 😕

2. judy - June 1, 2012

Oh I hope Jar is appreciably better by tonight! Hope every one gets some sleep!

Toy Lady - June 3, 2012

He does seem to be feeling quite a bit better, Jude, but he’s still not, well, performing quite up to snuff. The rice does seem to be helping, but . . . I’ll give it another day, and we’ll go from there.

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