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Monday Musings: 06.04.2012 Edition June 4, 2012

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As you can tell, this was a market weekend, and, well, lots of stuff is coming into season.

I do love in-season stuff, don’t you?

I mean, how can I choose among green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, or Boston bibb?

And how can a girl pass up fresh spring onions – or spinach?  Or Swiss chard?  Or the beautiful escarole? What may be the last of the season’s asparagus?

Now do you see why I only go to the public market every OTHER weekend?



Say, has anyone been watching the BBC series Sherlock on PBS?  This season’s THREE episodes are available to watch online at PBS, and I’m told the first season (all three episodes) are on Netflix.  Also, if you’re at all familiar with the lore, I don’t think Season 1 is really necessary to enjoy Season 2, just so you know.

While we’re generally not huge fans of “adaptations” – Sherlock Holmes lived in the 19th century, and that’s where he belongs, darn it! – even Peeps has to admit that this program is extraordinarily well done.

Watson, wounded in “the war” is now a blogger, Mrs. Hudson is still fussing over the men, and Sherlock, well, he’s delightfully brilliant and snarky, just as he should be.



While the Jar is feeling much better now, he’s still now quite 100 percent, but not to worry.

The Kitty was on the job, supervising all the lettuce- and other greens-washing I spent a couple of hours over when I got home Saturday.

I even offered her a piece of lettuce while she was there, but, not surprisingly, she wasn’t terribly interested.

Darn cat just doesn’t know what’s good for her, that’s all.



Right on schedule, just as the ramps wrapped up for the season, I started seeing scapes on the garlic – last year we let them go too long, and they were sort of tough AND the garlic was stunted.  This year, we cut those suckers off the minute we saw them – they’ll be tender and garlicky in some mashed potatoes, and, hopefully, our bulbs under the ground will continue to grow!



Thanks to the mild spring, the daily watering (and recent rains) and the beautiful warm weather we’ve been enjoying, the garden is quite happy – there is kale up in the background, and the two rows of green beans, which, honestly, you can almost hear growing!

I’ve left an empty row – once the beans are established, I’ll put in one later row, for my later summer picking enjoyment.

What’s not in the photo are the wee little beet sprouts, the new lettuce plants I put in to replace the seeds that some nasty cat dug up, or the blossoming tomato plants.

I do love my garden!


So, remember all the greens I picked up?

Yeah, you know, it’s funny how, once you get them washed and cut up and stuffed into bags, they all look remarkably similar, don’t they?

Yes, I know it’s better not to wash them until I’m ready to use them, but I also know that, if they’re not washed and ready, I’m less inclined to want to use them at all.

Anyway, I solved the problem of “which one is the Swiss chard and which is the spinach” by simply labeling the bags.  I wrote on a piece of blue painter’s tape and stuck each label on its respective tape – the tape will stay put in the cold, damp refrigerator, and it’ll peel right off when I’m done with it, so I don’t end up with a mis-named zip-top bag.


And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  June notwithstanding, we’re looking forward to a cool, rainy week.

But hey, at least I don’t have to remember to water the garden, right?

Monday – Our supermarket has whole chickens on sale this week, and, honestly, I am just a sucker for roasted chicken.  I mean, how can we go wrong?  On top of that, the potato lady at the market gave me the ABSOLUTE LAST of her fingerling potatoes – I’m talking, these were a handful of random potatoes that were mixed in with the regular spuds – since I’m a “regular” and all, she kindly said to just take them.  Which means, of COURSE we’ve got to roast our chicken along with the fingerlings – for the potato lady!  Plus, we’ll be enjoying some sort of green thing – probably asparagus, since the clock is ticking the fastest on that.

Tuesday – We were going through a folder full of recipes, when Peeps stumbled upon this Halibut with Mustard-Nut Crust – another supermarket has shark steaks on sale, which we’ll use instead of halibut.  Again with a selection of greens, and this time probably rice.  Maybe even brown rice.

Wednesday – A while ago, I was in Niblack Foods and picked up a bag of buckwheat groats.  I had no idea what to actually DO with them, but I like to pick up various grains when I see them – this is the only place in town I can find a lot of that sort of stuff.  ANYWAY, I did a little research and found that buckwheat groats are used in Kasha Varnishkes – which neither of us has ever had but are both more than willing to try.   Plus, I’ll bet it’ll make an excellent breakfast the next day!

Thursday – We don’t expect the Boy to be back from his vacation until late Thursday night, so we wanted something that he would enjoy if he’s hungry and wouldn’t mind reheating (or not) – so how about meat loaf?  Not just any meat loaf, though – Sicilian meat roll has been a favorite since my mother made it when I was a little girl – right out of the original BH&G!   Along with it, we’ll have a version of these slow-cooker mashed potatoes and, most likely, a nice salad.  Or collards.  Or, well, something green anyway.

Friday – Not sure what I’ll do with my pizza for pizza night – last week, Peeps spread some leftover barbecued pork on my pie, along with a goodly amount of cheese, and that was definitely tasty.  Maybe this week I’ll simply raid the herb garden and be done with it (yay, fresh herbs!).  Or we should have some leftover chicken that’ll be good.  I guess we’ll see Friday, huh?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Cristina - June 4, 2012

If you tend to like PBS series, I would highly recommend Downton Abbey. The snarkiness abounds, as it should on a British show. 😉

How long do you get out of washed greens before they go bad? I try really hard to get a week out of my greens, but that’s pushing it sometimes.

I hope the Jar is back to his old self in no time.

Toy Lady - June 4, 2012

I’ve heard about Downtown Abbey – and as soon as things settle down here, I plan to go find and watch it. 🙂

I usually get a good week, week and a half, from my greens – I’ve been stuffing them into a zip-top bag and SQUEEZING all the air out of them – that seems to help. Oh, and I usually take them for a ride in the salad spinner first. 😉

Jar is feeling better, though he’s still not completely up to par – soon I hope – thanks!

2. sjbraun - June 4, 2012

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one yet to see Downton Abbey! Sherlock does sound interesting. Holmes as a blogger? Now that I’ve gotta see … I’m glad Jar is feeling better. Poor puppy. Your garden is beautiful! I hope we finally get some rain in this area. Watering gets pretty old!

Toy Lady - June 4, 2012

Oh, gosh, I just corrected it – it’s WATSON who is the blogger. 🙄 (Gotta proof better. . . SIGH) Which, all things considered, makes sense – wasn’t it Watson who wrote the original Holmes stories?

We set up the sprinkler for the garden every summer – our schedule makes it easy to turn the water on first thing, walk the dog for an hour or so, and shut the water off, all before the sun comes up. About the middle of the summer, I usually end up with this ring of green grass around the garden while the rest of the yard turns to straw. 😕

3. judy - June 5, 2012

love the green veggies! And my Kitty is certainly full of herself up in the window. Supervising? What cooking school did she attend? But she is my girl… I have her back. I hope Jar continues to feel better and better AND I love the pics of the GARDEN. I so miss those days. Oh, has Peeps decided he is not going to post on Fridays anymore? I miss his input.. Happy June.

Toy Lady - June 5, 2012

Oh, that garden window is definitely the Kitty’s special place! She can hide among the plants and watch everything that goes on both in the kitchen and in the yard. . . though I think she was mostly making sure she didn’t end up on the wrong end of the sprayer when I was cleaning the lettuce! 😉

We’re still trying to get Jar up to speed here – he’s still not feeling quite himself, though he does seem to be on the mend. 😕

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