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The weekend approaches June 8, 2012

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

It’s been a mighty long week.

Work isn’t much fun for either of us.  My wife is getting busy again, and while my job is starting to slow down some, I seem to be staying later than I normally would at this time of year.

The dog still isn’t quite right, and is not afraid to wake us up in the middle of the night to be let outside.  Which wouldn’t be too bad, except for when he decides it’s nice out and lies down in the back yard and gets comfortable.

I have not read a single news article in days that could even possibly be considered fun.  Nothing but nut job killers and cops shooting dogs and Europe and the Middle East and the fact that they’re remaking “The Munsters“.

I’m tired and cranky and much less fun than I normally can be.  But fortunately, the weekend is almost upon us.

Even though I still work on Saturdays, I am very much looking forward to spending as much down time as I can manage with my wife.  What the both of us needs is a day or so of not doing much at all.  Simple, lazy meals.  Catching up on some of the stuff piling up on the DVR.  A few laughs.  Uninterrupted sleep.

And so with that, I give you a song to help get you through your Friday and maybe help your weekend be a little better and just that much closer.

Please try to do something fun and enjoy yourself.



1. judy - June 9, 2012

Oh Peeps. I so hope you and your lovely bride are relaxing all this weekend and only doing what you two want to do. Take care.

2. kayatthekeyboard - June 10, 2012

Been there, done it. This, too, shall pass. Hold on.

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