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Monday Musings: 06.25.2012 Edition June 25, 2012

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I have got MAD crazy lavender going on in my herb garden and I have GOT to get it cut down!

I’m not even exactly sure why I planted it, other than “because I could” – I have no idea what to do with it all.

Right now, I’m thinking about a grapefruit and lavender sorbet.

Maybe some lavender shortbread, because that’s EXACTLY what I need – cookies made out of butter, flour, and more butter.  Maybe I’ll have to rethink that one. . .



Gosh, we’ve had some hot weather around here!  It’s been near or over 90 degrees most of the week, and, to be honest, nobody likes that.

Granted, the house is air-conditioned, which is good, but it’s still been pretty miserable out there, and, of course, Peeps spends his days cozied up to a bread oven, which CAN’T be pleasant.  And the dog – the poor puppy, with his thick black fur – he’s been just beyond uncomfortable outside, so we’ve been trying to get him to the beach at least once during the week.

Us and, it seems, every other dog-owner, boater, jet-ski rider, and baby-mama in the county.  Seriously, you could not shake a wet dog at the lake without hitting SOMEONE in the afternoons.  (Heh – it’s pretty funny, too, when he shakes on people!)


So we hauled out the wading pool we bought shortly after Jar came home.  We’d gotten it with the intention of bathing him, but he was having no part of that, so it got stored in the shed and, basically, forgotten.

While I’d like to see him actually get into the pool to cool off, right now, he’s treating it as the World’s Second Largest Outside Water Dish – we haven’t managed to break him of drinking out of Lake Ontario!


Apparently the weather is getting to a lot of people around here.  I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the miserable little beasts on the school bus who tormented their bus monitor to tears – and the world-wide outpouring of anger and disgust for the little monsters, as well as sympathy for the woman.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that Greece is the town I live in – and the Greece School District is the one The Boy attended (though not that particular school).


Truly, though, upstate New York, including Greece, is a great place to live, and there are plenty of wonderful people here.

Except maybe this guy.  He apparently hit our neighbor’s car, tried to take off, and got caught.  Drunk.  And with, apparently, “a little weed” in his truck.  So. . . the Greece Police brought the K9 unit out for a little look-see, erm, smell.




Let’s talk about something more pleasant, okay?

Like, oh, how about the garden!  Hey, did you see I’ve got TOMATOES?  Woo hoo!  And not just any old tomatoes, either.  Almost all of the plants are starting to set fruit, including my beloved Jet Stars.  Those truly are the best tomatoes I’ve found so far.


And my beans are doing quite well – I’ve even got some buds there – and we know what that means -in another couple of weeks, I’ll have more beans than I know what to do with!   Right now, I’ve got a row of purple beans (I know, they turn green when they’re cooked, but who says I have to cook them?) and a row of an old standby – Provider.  I just planted another row of Providers – those should come in around mid- July, I think.

Beans all summer – yay!


Oh, and looky at my kale!   It’s about time to thin it, I think – the little plants are starting to get a bit crowded, but they’re big enough so that just maybe I’ll be able to do something with the ones I pull.  The curly little leaves are so tender and nice, I may just make a salad out of them!



Now that the weather has finally cooled off a bit, we’ve been able to open up some windows and get some fresh air in the house!

And, of course, play the “I want to go out no I want to come in no you come out here with me” game with The Jar.

Boy, that’s fun.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  I’ve got a slightly busy week ahead – two kind of late days at work, and Peeps’s uncle will be coming through town Thursday, which means we’ll need something we can mostly do ahead of time, but we still want to feed him and his wife – into the ground, if we can!

Monday – I’ve got a small package of collard greens in the fridge, and this Linguine Frittata with Greens looked good.  It’s a nice, healthy meatless meal, plus we’ve got everything we need on hand, so it’s like bonus points!

Tuesday – We’ve got one last package of brisket in the freezer from last fall, and, since Peeps really shouldn’t smoke any more until we use up what we’ve got, well, we’re using up what we’ve got.  And he’s got a whole fresh brisket sitting in the fridge planning to be cured and/or smoked next week.  Cutting it a little close there, wouldn’t you say?

Wednesday – At this point, Wednesday is promising to be picture-perfect – not too hot, clear skies – wonderful for grilling Orange-Tarragon Chicken. Besides, the tarragon is going to take over if I don’t start cutting that back too!

Thursday – This is the day Peeps’s uncle and aunt will be visiting, so of COURSE we want to make something they’ll love.  Aunt Cathy has some food allergies, so have to be careful.  Fortunately, Peeps’s favorite carnitas doesn’t have anything on the “bad” list, so we’re good.  The best part is that almost all of the work can be done ahead – including cooking it.  Then, at dinnertime, the meat should be reheated in no more time than it’ll take to set the table.  Nice, huh?

Friday – We always look forward to pizza night – and especially when there might be some leftover carnitas to top a pie. . .

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. The Innkeeper's Daughter - June 25, 2012

I am on a Lavender bend these days as well. I haven’t tried Lavender Grapefruit Sorbet but I will add to my list. On the other hand, lavender tuilles (less butter), Lavender Honey Ice cream, it was awesome! Last week Strawberry Lavender jam, not bad. But what to do with all that excess? Lavender sugar for baking…just like vanilla sugar. And Lavender salt for soaking…epsom, very relaxing.
How is the mint coming? That was the one I thought you would be complaining about.

Toy Lady - June 25, 2012

Oh, look at you full of the lavender ideas! 😀

The mint is coming along nicely – not crazy yet! It’ll probably take a season or so before it starts catching up with the oregano and tarragon. . .

2. The Innkeeper's Daughter - June 25, 2012

And this just showed up in my Inn Keeper’s Daughter feed on facebook…looks too damn yummy not to try!

Toy Lady - June 25, 2012

Peaches are going on my list! Thanks!

3. judy - June 26, 2012

Oh that water looks super refreshing for all! The garden looks great and love the tomatoes too. I never thought about all the ways the lavender could be used and those are some interesting ideas. Computer problems so signing off but great read and stay cool.

Toy Lady - June 26, 2012

Judy – hi! Yes, the lake is nice for The Jar – though the water level is a little low, so we have to throw the ball REALLY REALLY far for him to actually be able to swim, and then we run the risk of hitting a boat or a jet-ski or something. 😕

4. kayatthekeyboard - June 30, 2012

Re: heat. It’s been 100-plus (108 yesterday) for five straight days here, forecast more of the same the next 10 days. Don’t speak to me of 90+ heat. I am busy trying to figure what I can cook that doesn’t involve the stove.

Re: lavender. Make you some lavender butter cream icing and put it on some grapefruit cupcakes. One of the shops here does that and sells the living hell out of them.

Re: Carnitas. Made Peeps’ carnitas, sorta-kinda, last week. Had no cocoa (really? what happened to it? Cocoa lasts forever, no?), and cooked them in the crock-pot, as I do not own a pressure cooker. They were most excellent. We used ’em in quesadillas.

Re: tomatos. I bought Cherokee Purples and Mortgage Lifters and some other kind at the Farmers’ Market today.

Stay cool. Tell Jarl I said hey.

Toy Lady - July 2, 2012

Yabbut, Kay, we’re not USED to that much heat all at once! We’re more used to snow! 😉

And so grapefruit + lavender is a “thing” then? Who knew. . . ?

We’ve got a couple of local farmers with greenhouses with tomatoes – every week, I’m SO SO tempted . . .

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