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I’m off. No, really. July 6, 2012

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I have not been to work this week. Boss always closes during the week of July 4th. It’s pretty much the only time off I get during the year. But if you’re a regular reader, you already know that.

So far, it’s been a much better vacation than last year. Instead of my wife being away, she took some time off and we’ve gotten to spend it together.

And so far, we only have one major household project that has to be dealt with. Granted, staining the deck and the new fence is going to take some time, but it shouldn’t be too awful.

And one of the smokers is in business.


Last week, I picked up a whole beef brisket. About twelve pounds before trimming. While I would have been very happy to turn the entire thing into Texas style barbecue, my wife wanted some more pastrami. As did her mother. So, I cut it roughly in half and cured the fatty end to make pastrami. The flat end got rubbed and turned into barbecue.


Since I wasn’t using gigantic hunks of meat, I could afford to use the smaller smoker and save some fuel. I also pulled a rack of beef back ribs out of the freezer from last year and rubbed those as well. Once smoked, the meat was cut off and turned into seriously yummy burritos.

I also threw some beef short ribs on late in the day for Sunday dinner. Since I haven’t played with them on the smoker before, we’ve decided that I need to work a little harder next time. And I’m just fine with that.

That was all last Sunday. We ended up with a boatload of really good smoked stuff in the space of a day for several meals at very little cost. Yay us!


And while we’ve been busy doing other stuff all week, the small smoker has not been forgotten.

Last weekend my wife picked up two very nice pork bellies at the Public Market that I started curing right away, and are going to end up on the smoker this weekend to become bacon.

And since I hate waste, I don’t want to just let the smoker run for the two hours or so that the bacon takes. So we picked up a couple pork shoulders to turn into pulled pork. And who knows? Maybe, since the pork shoulders will take most of the day, I can talk my wife into throwing a chicken on for dinner while everything else finished. That wouldn’t be too bad.

Regardless, even though the weather is a little on the warm side, it’s been a mighty good week. I know, I have a freezer full of stuff to prove it.



1. judy norton - July 9, 2012

Kept thinking of all that great looking meat all weekend. It was a great project and I am sure you enjoyed doing it very much. Eat well!

Toy Lady - July 9, 2012

Oh, Jude, he used apple wood to smoke the bacon this weekend – WOW what a completely different thing! I will go ahead and say it – it’s the best so far. 🙂

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