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Monday Musings: 07.09.2012 Edition July 9, 2012

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Oh wow, I can’t believe we’ve passed the fourth of July!  It’s well and truly summer, isn’t it?

I took the latter half of the week off to, ideally, relax and get some stuff done around the house and yard.  It was just so warm all week, though, that mostly I just tried to “keep cool” – we took the dog to the beach a couple of times (always fun if done early in the morning), and we did a bit of shopping – the mall is always air conditioned.  Too bad I hate the mall.

By Sunday, the heat had broken, and we were finally able to get outside and stain the deck and fence.  The transformation is amazing!


Oh, oh, and looky looky!

I picked some grape tomatoes!  Three to be precise, but it’s just the beginning!  I’ve got more of those, and I’ve got other tomatoes on other plants all starting to turn color. . . early morning watering sessions and long, sunny days are the best thing in the world for the garden!

And I’m not above putting grape tomatoes on my pizza, either.



I guess I’ve answered last week’s question about how long it takes the actual beans to mature from itty-bitty bean to actual, pickable, edible green bean, huh?

It’s about one week.  Give me a couple of days, and I’m going to be swimming in green beans!

And not just green beans beans, either – some of my beans are PURPLE!


Oh, this is funny – we went to see a movie, and as we were leaving, we saw a Mini Cooper in the parking lot with this sticker on the back.

I made Peeps drive AROUND the lot and come back so I could get a picture of the “actual size” Cooper!


So, as I’ve mentioned, we’ve had some mighty warm weather this past week – temperatures in the 90’s most of the week.

Poor Jar – he spent a good deal of time stretched out as much as he could, just trying to catch as much breeze as he could.

That is a LOT of dog to step over, too.


I finally thinned my kale and actually got enough baby kale for a meal.  Thinning vegetables is hard for me – I hate to do it too soon because it feels like such a waste of potential plants, but I can’t leave it too long, because then there’s just no point.

I think, though, that I got it right this time.  I do love kale!

Photobucket We baked some rolls one morning for burgers, and the rolls had an egg wash.

Egg wash is all well and good – but you never use the WHOLE egg – either you separate it and just use the white (what, and throw out the yolk?), or you use the whole egg and have half of it left over.

In this case, we had half an egg left over, so, rather than just toss it, we shared it with the kitty – she’s been doing so well about hanging around, even if the dog is potentially nearby – that we wanted to make it worth her while.

She did seem to enjoy it!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It looks like the weather is going to be absolutely stellar most of the week, so at this point, it’s a matter of planning around our schedule and what’s on hand, I guess.


Monday – We’ve got a bit of leftover taco meat from last week that we’d like to use up before we forget it – I’m SO TIRED of stashing stuff in the freezer (or worse, the refrigerator!) and forgetting about it!  So what I’m going to do is make some refried beans (using about half a pound of red beans I picked up at the public market), mix that with the taco meat and maybe some shredded cheddar, then top the whole mess with some sort of cornbread topping – maybe somewhat along the lines of our earlier taco bake but, you know, sort of different.

Tuesday – I picked up this absolutely fantastic cranberry balsamic vinegar this weekend – that’s so unlike me!  They were offering samples, and it was CRAZY GOOD, so I had to get some.  ANYWAY, I asked the guy what, other than drinking it from the bottle (it really was that good) he would suggest, and one of his recommendations was to drizzle it over grilled fish.  So. . . we’re going to grill some Alaskan whitefish and drizzle the cranberry vinegar on it.  We’ll also enjoy some broccoli (maybe pan-roasted, maybe steamed) and probably something basic like rice.

Wednesday – Since Wednesday is the Boy‘s day off, and since he’s been known to suggest that we save “the good stuff” for when he’s not here (a big fat lie!) we thought he might enjoy some of Peeps’s smoked brisket with some mashed potatoes and beet greens.  Who’s having good stuff now?

Thursday – I like to try to offset the couple of heavier meals this week with something a bit lighter – in this case, some grilled chicken with couscous and my own baby kale. Or maybe green beans.

Friday – This week, for pizza night, I’d like to hope we’ll have some brisket left, but I’m not going to count on it.  However, it’s entirely possible I might be able to pick a tomato or two!  There is just nothing in this world like homemade pizza with fresh tomato slices and chopped herbs!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Kimberly - July 9, 2012

Ohhh I am so envious of your green/purple beans. I have about a dozen purple pole beans that are huge, but no signs of blossoms. 😦

Toy Lady - July 9, 2012

Hi Kimberly! Aren’t pole beans later than bush beans? I’ve never grown them, so I’m not sure. And I don’t really know why I haven’t, since I think they’re supposed to take less space in the garden, aren’t they? 😕

Kimberly - July 9, 2012

I have no idea if pole beans are later than bush beans. This is the first time I have ever grown beans.

I am surprised your purple beans are bush though– thought they only came in the pole variety. I went back and looked today when I got home because I was so frustrated and I am pretty sure I saw some blossoms. Yay!

Yeah, the pole variety seem to take up less space which is why I am really hope they work out. I built a trellis because I have a tiny tiny city yard.

Toy Lady - July 10, 2012

Yay for blossoms! It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

I ordered most of my seeds this year from a seed library – – they have all sorts of neat stuff! The prices are fairly reasonable, and they’re working to preserve these heirloom varieties – and they were very friendly and quick, besides. 🙂

Perhaps next year I’ll explore some pole beans. . .

2. hsmominmo - July 9, 2012

We have green beans, yellow beans, black beans. No purple beans, though. What a colorful meal they will make!

Toy Lady - July 9, 2012

This is my first time with purple beans – they’re actually green on the inside! I mostly ordered them because they were fun – I understand that they turn green when they’re cooked, though. I had wax beans last year and loved mixing them just like my mother used to when I was a kid! 😀

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