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Monday Musings: 07.16.2012 Edition July 16, 2012

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.


Another weekend, another market trip!

Since I’ve been feeling like  crud for the past few days, and since we had a supplemental trip to the public market last weekend when Peeps was home, I decided that there really wasn’t much we needed this week.

Or at least there wasn’t until I saw the fresh, local cherries, the home-grown cucumbers, and the Pennsylvania Amish-grown melons that the farmer was offering samples of.

I could NOT resist a melon – not when they’re perfectly ripe like that!



Speaking of perfectly ripe . . . my green (and purple) beans are, well, I’ve got beans!

I’ve been out twice (in one week!) and ended up with an overflowing colander of beans – enough for at least two meals, plus snacking.

Oh yes.  The Boy will grab a handful of beans and just wander around the house munching on them.

I finally went and spent the two bucks on an actual bucket for picking beans!



One of the other things I picked up this weekend was a bag of Jarly bones – a bag of about 12 “knuckle” bones – the bigger, heavier ones that he can’t bit through as easily – are $5.  You really can’t beat that!

Plus, it’s awful fun to watch him trying so hard to sit and stay when he’s positively wriggling in excitement!



Why, do you know what else I’ve been picking out of my garden besides green beans?  Hmmmmm???

That’s right – I’m starting to score a couple of grape tomatoes here and there – not tons (yet) but certainly enough to slice thin and decorate a pizza with – yay!



Oh, and I almost forgot!

Do you remember back when we were teenagers, when Dallas was on?  And you know how they’ve brought it back – not as a re-make, but as a continuation of the original story?

Well, we happened to have the TV on, and an ad came on for the new show, and they talked about “John Ross Ewing and his Daddy.”  It took me a while to figure out that they were saying Larry Hagman’s character was supposed to be the FATHER of that CHILD!

With all due respect, the term “geezer” comes to mind – he’s almost too old to be that boy’s GRANDfather, let alone his “Daddy!”



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  I’ve still been feeling under the weather, so we’re going to try to keep things as simple as we can.


Monday – We had a mess of cooked chicken breast in the freezer that I wanted to use up, plus some leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge.  Put those two together, and we end up with chicken hash – we’ll pair the patties with either some baby kale or some green beans – both from the garden.

Tuesday – We’ve got some bulk leek sausage in the freezer – it’s not stuffed into casings, and we thought it might be interesting to see how it works up into risotto – just your basic sausage risotto, maybe with some garlic and, of course, plenty of cheese.  And I think we’ve got some peas in the freezer.

Wednesday – Our supermarket has wild Alaskan salmon on sale again this week – I know the season’s close to over for this fish, so it just makes sense to take advantage of it while we can, because when it’s gone it’s gone.  Again with the green beans, plus maybe rice.  Or some kind of grain, anyway.

Thursday –  We’ve got a bit of the white barbecue sauce left from the last time we made it, so we’re planning to grill some chicken to go with it, plus maybe some pan-roasted potatoes and a bit of tossed salad.

Friday – And it’s pizza night again, and we all know that, for me anyway, that means fresh tomato slices, herbs, and some good olive oil.  I’m so predictable!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. The Innkeeper's Daughter - July 16, 2012

you do relish teasing that “puppy” Politely sit still and wait for bone??? I just see another “she’s killing me” post from Jarly

Toy Lady - July 16, 2012

Aw, come on! It builds character, don’t you know! 😀 Plus, it’s good training for getting him to drop the “squirrel jerky” we frequently encounter on our morning walks. . . 😯

2. Pary Moppins - July 16, 2012

That leek sausage risotto sounds delicious! Have a great week!

Toy Lady - July 16, 2012

I’m hoping – we’re going to wing it on that, I think! You have a great week, too – enjoy your canning!

3. sjbraun - July 16, 2012

Aww, still feeling icky? Get better soon! I love your beans. Did you plant a special purple variety? Those look so cool. I love that your son munches on them raw! Your weather looks decent — we’ll be flirting with 100 for the rest of the week, which is not good paired with our drought.
too cute to see Jarly and his bone 😉

Toy Lady - July 16, 2012

Thanks – I’m mighty tired of coughing and blowing my nose, let me tell you! I did plant a row of purple beans, just for fun – I’d never had them and thought they were cool! Though, if I’m honest, I’m much happier with my Provider beans – they’re bigger and straighter and actually have better flavor. And who knew I’d be such a bean snob? 😉

100 degrees is TOO HOT! Do you have the humidity to contend with too? We haven’t really had any rain to speak of in . . . gosh, I don’t know how long. We had a few drops over the weekend – just enough to make it steamy outside. 😕

4. hsmominmo - July 21, 2012

love those purple beans! I’ve about given up on our green bush beans, praying over our black and green pole beans – the heat and drought are about more than they can stand.
Provider Beans — I’ll be looking at those come next spring. thanks for the recommendation.
Hope you are feeling better – and the menu looks yummy this week!

Toy Lady - July 22, 2012

Thanks – I am starting to feel human again. 🙂

And I hope you get some rain soon – even here, I think we’ve officially crossed from “dry” to “drought” conditions. 😕

I’m trying to keep notes on the various varieties of vegetables I plant, because I can barely remember from year to year WHAT I planted, let alone what I liked better! But I’m very happy with the Providers, and I think I’ll be happy to take a pass on the purple beans in the future, pretty as they are. 😉

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