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Monday Musings: 08.20.2012 Edition August 20, 2012

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Wow, it’s been a week, hasn’t it?

It seems like every time I go to the garden, I end up picking a bucket full of tomatoes.  Or a bucket full of beans.  Or a bucket full of beans and tomatoes.

Obviously, we’re going to have to do something with these beans.  And the tomatoes.  Right now, I’m freezing the beans we’re not eating right away, and the tomatoes?  Well, I’m having a little trouble keeping up with them, but there aren’t quite enough to do anything serious with them.

I think, though, next week I’m going to think about making salsa.  We can always use some more salsa.


Our neighbors, the Harley Family, got married this weekend and invited us to their wedding.

Heidi was gorgeous in her gown and Scott had apparently had some input – rather than tuxedos, the groom and all the ushers were in shorts and polo shirts.

Which was, actually, just perfect for an August wedding in a park next to Lake Ontario.


What with tomato season and all, we’ve been going through an awful lot of bacon!

I’ve been baking my bacon in the oven lately – I bake up a sheet pan’s worth and stash it in the fridge for future sandwiches.  Or breakfasts.  Or sandwiches for breakfast.

Peeps’s apple wood-smoked bacon is really good!  We’re going to have to make good and sure we have enough in the freezer before fall gets here, because we are SO not going back to store-bought bacon!


I do hope you’ve been following the puppy-cam – the pups are really growing up!

The only problem I can see (besides spending ridiculous amounts of time watching those cute little puppies frolicking and playing) is that now I want a puppy. . .

These little girls (and one guy) are being raised to become service dogs for disabled vets – what an extraordinary gift, not just for the vets, but for all the people watching them grow!

Plus . . . Puppy breath!

Remember how last week I planted another row of beans and a row of greens?

Yeah, well, by WEDNESDAY, they were up – this is the greens that I planted Sunday.

That’s, let’s see, THREE DAYS later.

Dude.  Planting seeds and seeing them sprout in three days – that is crazy!

And, for what it’s worth, I’m waiting for the beans to take a break, so I can pull up a row and plant some kale, but the beans have apparently gotten a second wind – they’re going nuts too!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s truly the “dog days” of summer – not only is it warm but, honestly, though I hesitate to say it, we’re starting to run out of summer ideas.  I mean, we spend all winter waiting for summer, then, when it gets here, we’re not really sure what to do with it.  But we do try!

Monday – We were so happy with our meatball subs a couple of weeks ago that we’re going to try it again, only this time, Peeps found a package of Italian sausage in the freezer, so we’re going to try making meatballs out of sausage instead of beef – where is the bad?  We’ll probably serve it with some garden-fresh green beans because, well, garden-fresh green beans seem to be the order of the day around here!

Tuesday – Although we didn’t get around to grilling that chicken last week, we did cook it over the weekend, and a whole chicken feeds two people for a couple of meals – we’re going to take some of the leftover chicken, add it to a sauce made from roasted garden tomatoes (wonder where THOSE came from?) and toss the whole mess with some cheese and pasta – it’ll be fantastic!

Wednesday – We’ve been trying to find meatless meals that we enjoy – the results have been a little spotty but we keep trying1  This week, we’re going to try black bean cakes, though I think we’ll do them as “patties” – as in burgers.  Though the idea of serving them alongside fried eggs is not bad all. . .

Thursday – Peeps found a corned beef in the freezer that, well, let’s just say it should get cooked sooner rather than later.  We have a corned beef recipe that is fantastic, so there you go.  It’ll be great with some new potatoes and baby carrots.  I know it’s not corned beef season, but what it IS is clear out the freezer season.

Friday – And again with pizza night – I’m so boring, aren’t I?  All I do is take advantage of my fresh tomatoes, my fresh herbs, and add cheese.  But let me tell you, there is very little better than a fresh tomato, herb and  cheese pizza. . . this is what I spend a good part of  the year waiting for!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Judy Norton - August 21, 2012

why am I so late again? Great read! tomatoes and beans and then beans and tomatoes. All good to me! Weddings and puppy breath is good too. And of course there is bacon and bacon and more bacon! And the cooking and planting and he animals and all of that too! Yes it was a busy week and you did it all well and of course Peeps too. Where is his writing contribution these days. Still mad at the world? I hope not. Have a great rest of the week and thanks for all the photos too. hugs and pats and ear scratches – take your pick. judy

Toy Lady - August 21, 2012

Hi, Judy, I hope you’re well! 🙂

Boy it’s a busy time of year, isn’t it? I just realized that I’ve got to start thinking about canning tomatoes! 😯

Peeps is around – just, well, tired and busy, I guess. You know. 🙂

Jar sends happy slobbers your way – and Minerva Kitty, well, she’s just being her. 😉

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