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Monday Musings: 08.27.2012 Edition August 27, 2012

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Well, this was certainly a big week at the market for me!  The end of August means everything, it seems, is in season!

What didn’t make this photo were the bag of peaches, olive oil, more lettuce, and melon.

What ELSE didn’t make this photo were the grapes, apples and butternut squash I couldn’t bring myself to buy – those mean it’s nearly FALL!



So I think I’ve got The Jar pretty well trained!

Most of the summer, on either Saturday or Sunday morning, we usually take a trip to the B-E-A-C-H.  So Saturday morning, I got home from the market, and just in case I forgot, Jar followed me around, wagging his tail and smiling at me, with the occasional bark thrown in.  So I wouldn’t forget, you know!

Sadly, this was not a good beach weekend for us.  We did drive up to our regular beach – or we tried, anyway.  The entire road was closed for a footrace that day.  No swimming there!

So we thought we’d try Ontario Park Beach – and you couldn’t swing a dead cat (so to speak) without seeing a “no pets allowed in park” sign.  Sigh.

Then, Sunday, we headed back to Durand bright and early, only to be confronted by what appeared to be a . . . baptismal service!   And a rather large one at that.  Somehow, we didn’t think Mr. Excitement and his splashing would be quite appropriate for that occasion.

So we turned around and went to the “people” beach – where Jar immediately lost track of his ball the first time Peeps threw it for him.  We threw a stick for him a few times, and he did go get it and bring it back – pretty much – but I’m pretty sure he was convinced we had his ball, and his little heart just wasn’t in the stick-fetching thing.   So, after a good sniff around the place, we headed back home.

He’ll get a proper trip to the beach later on this week, though, fear not!



So the garden is right at that awkward stage – too many tomatoes to just eat them all fresh, but not quite enough to do anything significant with.  Know what I mean?  Not enough to can, or to make puree, or, really, much of anything, really.

One thing we have done, though, make a micro-batch of sauce.  I take all the Juliet tomatoes I have lying around – usually a good bowl full – quarter them, along with a couple of peeled bulbs of garlic (also from the garden!) and toss them with a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt on a sheet pan and into a low LOW oven (about 200) and leave them until Peeps gets home, usually about 5 hours later.  Then he pulls them out of the oven and purees them, adding a splash of white wine.  When we’re ready to use it, we just reheat it, check for seasoning, and toss some fresh basil and parsley in.

It’s quite nice – and super-simple!



So after the whole not-getting to swim thing on Saturday, of course I had to give the poor puppy his Saturday bone, didn’t I?

He’s such a good boy!   He sat for it, took it politely when I handed it to him, then he just went out to the back yard to a nice, shady spot near the garden to enjoy it in peace.

He must not have been in the mood to bake – once the shade moved away from him, he was ready to come in!



And, of course, Kitty enjoyed some “mama time”  while her nemesis was outside.

And by “mama time” I mean walk around under my feet and meow at me until I stopped to pet her, at which time she took a swipe at me.

She’s past due for her nails to be trimmed.  I hate doing that.  But I think she hates it more, which is one of the reasons I put it off.



We LOVE freshly grilled corn!  Every year, I buy corn every time I got to the market, and we eat some and freeze the rest.

It’s great!  We just cut the slightly-charred corn off the cobs, spread the kernals out on a sheet pan, cover with plastic wrap, and shove them in the freezer.  Once we remember it the corn is frozen, we just pour it into a gallon freezer bag, and bazinga! Corn for the winter!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Wow, I still can’t believe we’re at the tail end of August, can you?

The forecast is looking mighty sweet for the week, so, for the most part, we’re going to be doing all grilling all the time!  After all, there aren’t that many more grilling days left, really, are there?


Monday –  Well, except Monday.  I just got an email reminding me that I have a Groupon about to expire, so I’ve got to use that before the end of the week.  Therefore, we’ll be enjoying calzones for dinner.  And possibly for breakfast the next day too!

Tuesday – Okay, back to our scheduled grilling!  We’re going to grill some of our special burgers – a mix of half beef and half pork – seasoned, then ground – it’s the best, I’m telling you!  I’m making a batch of potato salad that should go nicely, along with some tossed salad.

Wednesday – Lime and chili-rubbed chicken breasts – the rub intrigues me with a bit of brown sugar. . . it should go well with, oh, some roasted green beans, say, and some brown rice.

Thursday – The last (I think) of our pork and leek sausage is going on the grill this week – gosh we love that stuff!  Not sure what we’ll do with it – probably potatoes in some form, and, of course, a vegetable.  I’d love some fried zucchini, but somehow, I don’t think that’ll fly. . .

Friday – And again it’s Kong and pizza night!   Last week, we had some leftover breakfast sausage (from an earlier breakfast pizza, I think), so that went on my pizza, along with (of course) some sliced tomatoes and  chopped herbs, including sage and garlic.  Boy was that good, too!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Judy Norton - August 28, 2012

Over my coffee this a.m. I read your blog again and enjoyed again. Al your purchases look so healthy and everything does seem to top out at the same time. I felt bad for Jar and hope he gets a swim this week. Maybe a bucket of balls in the car just in case next time. Enjoy your meal out. How are you new seeds doing? Enjoy the grilling Yum.

Toy Lady - August 28, 2012

The new seeds are going nuts! I can’t believe how fast they’re growing – and every time I think I can pull up a row of “old” beans, there are tons still there to be picked – I don’t know if I’m going to get a second sowing of kale in or not. . . maybe not, at this point. 😕

I actually do keep a spare ball for The Jar in the car – not that that does much good at the beach, huh? Maybe next time I’ll stick it in my pocket or something!

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