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Monday Musings: 10.08.2012 Edition October 8, 2012

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We had such a gorgeous week last week – or at least that’s what people told me – I spent most of it holed up in my office making up for the time I missed while I was out sick!

So this was a market weekend for me – and boy am I glad I went!  I found so much nice produce – even fresh spinach!  And, of course, my pound of garlic from the Garlic Guys – I feel like a garlic hoarder!

I also picked up a couple of nice pork bellies for bacon.  The butcher there is so nice – I’d only planned to get two bellies, and, for an additional $3 he added a third – what a deal!



Once I got home from the market Saturday, it was time to turn my attention toward another batch of chicken stock – I grabbed the BIG stockpot and headed for the basement to bring up a few packages of chicken junk from the freezer.

And, of course, some people had to be sure to remind me to bring a bone up from the freezer, as well.  After all, it WAS bone day!



Speaking of my klepto-puppy.

Every so often, he’ll find something on our morning walk that just intrigues him.  One year, he had a thing for hats – he brought home probably half a dozen hats during the course of a winter.  He’ll just see something, pick it up in his big, slobbery mouth, and carry it home.

Lately, it’s been balls.  Every now and then, he finds a tennis ball, or maybe a little rubber ball, or something like that, and he’s determined to bring it home, add it to the collection on the front porch, and then he forgets all about it.

Except this one.  Last week, he found an honest-to-goodness baseball, just lying there in the street, and he claimed it for his own.

Every time he sees that baseball on the porch, he wants to take it out back and play fetch with it.  He loves his new ball.


So Peeps and I were coming home from the supermarket Sunday and planned to stop by his mom’s house and check her mail for her.

We were driving along – near the speed limit, mind you – when Peeps mentioned that there was some guy behind him following a little closely.  I looked back, and sure enough, this guy should be the official definition of “tailgater.”

Then he started blowing his horn – obviously, we weren’t moving fast enough for him.

Now mind you, it was about 9:30 on a Sunday morning, and this is a residential area with no sidewalk on one side of the street, and as I said, we were traveling pretty close to the 30-mph speed limit.

And this guys is BLOWING his HORN?

Peeps flashed the brake lights, which seemed to just hack the guy off – he got even closer (I didn’t think that was even possible!) and BLEW his HORN AGAIN!

Then he ended up passing us (illegally, I might add) with an exceedingly impolite gesture as he drove by.

Had it been up to me, I’d have been tempted to STOP the car and OPEN the door, right there in the middle of the street, and find out just what the HECK this guy’s problem was.  Fortunately, I wasn’t driving, and Peeps just carried on.

But MAN that guy was rude.



Now that it’s October (can you BELIEVE IT?), I’ve brought the plants in from the deck – we’re sure to have a frost any day, I’m sure.

I’m just not sure, though, if the kitty is feeling a little crowded in “her” window – or if she likes playing Queen of the Jungle.

Either way, I guess I’m going to have to find a new home for the mortar and pestle and the mezzaluna, huh?  We can’t have the kitty walking all over them, probably knocking them down and stuff.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s just amazing, isn’t it, the way fall just shows up?  It’s not like spring, where you gradually realize that the days are a little longer and warmer – no, fall is like you wake up one morning, the leaves are falling off the trees, and you wonder what you did with the quilt last spring because, darn it, it’s chilly!  And, of course, you go looking for something nice and braised or baked  for dinner!

Monday – Back when Peeps and I had our meal-prep business, one of the dishes we offered was a parmesan- baked tilapia.  Well, Alaskan whitefish was on sale this week, so first we’ll see if it works as well as it did with tilapia, then we’ll see if the recipe is really as good as we remember it to be.  Peeps always likes a baked potato with fish, so we’ll do that and probably saute some greens.

Tuesday – Last week, our local supermarket had chuck roasts on sale – it was a better price than I’ve seen chuck in several months, so, Saturday, I skipped in there and picked some up, and this week, we’re doing an old favorite – David Rosengarten’s Beouf Bourgignon.  It’s a bit of extra effort, but it’s so good!  It also makes a good-sized pot full, so, cool mom that I am, I’ll send (or take) some over for the Boy to enjoy in his new apartment, too.

Wednesday – I realized that I’ve got some poblanos languishing away in the fridge, so when I went to the market I picked up some fresh spinach – we’re doing Rick Bayless’s green enchiladas this week!  I’ve never heard anything but good about any of Bayless’s recipes (including the couple we’ve tried ourselves), and it certainly looks much simpler than, say, his mole recipe!  

Thursday -Since leeks are well in season now, too, I seem to have a bit of a surplus!  And after a week of beouf bourgignon and enchiladas, a nice bowl of leek soup with some fresh bread will be just the thing!

Friday – And again with pizza night – I’m hoping to get one more week of fresh tomatoes for pizza, but I’m not counting on it.  Well, I kind of am, but I’ll just figure out something else if I don’t, I guess.  I’ll have plenty of herbs, though, which is good.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Yolande - October 8, 2012

Did you look at the picture of kitty???? She is looking down her nose at you…definitely queen of sheba! Glad you are feeling better.

Toy Lady - October 8, 2012

Oh, definitely. She thinks she’s all that and more. 🙂

And thanks – yes, I’m feeling mostly human again. 😉

2. sjbraun - October 9, 2012

AWWWW to kitty, feeling all confused amid the plants 🙂 Have you read “Real Food” by Nina Planck? Your pork bellies are reminding me of it — I’m reading it now. I bet you’d enjoy it — all about eating “real” food.

Toy Lady - October 9, 2012

I’ve heard of that book, but I haven’t picked it up. I am so woefully behind on my reading! I do listen to audiobooks when I’m walking the dog – between catching up on podcasts, anyway. And in the evenings, just as I get settled with a book . . . I fall asleep. Sad, I know. 🙄

3. judy norton - October 9, 2012

Food as always sounds delicious and BONES for Jar . Kitty did look a little put out in that space but I always love her little face. Glad you are feeling more like yourself and YES, there are rude people out there, driving and breeding..

Do you now have a ball box on the back porch for Jar’s treasures? That is so cute! Have a great rest of the week and hopefully your weather will cooperate.

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