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Monday Musings: 11.26.2012 Edition – Plus a Thing! November 26, 2012

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We have survived the Thanksgiving weekend – thank goodness!

You know, the older I get, the more I realize that I’m my own worst enemy.  I mean, I didn’t have to cook the holiday dinner (with the exception of sweet potato casserole and dinner rolls), we only traveled a little over an hour away, and we were home by bedtime.

Yet I am BEAT!

I just seem to be incapable of taking a 4-day weekend OFF .  I always feel the need to cram 4 or 5 days’ worth of projects into that 4 days off.  Even when I know it’s what I’m doing, I do it anyway.



Of course, one of those projects happens to be one of my Things – number 24, to be specific.

I’d started cleaning out the desk a while back, and I even got a couple of drawers somewhat organized, but. . . now it’s empty.

I bought that desk when I moved into my first apartment – to hold  my very first computer.  I paid $25 for it from the Vietnam Vets thrift store, and I remember the nice men there helped me strap it onto the top of my Pontiac Sunbird.

But the time has come – it’s got to go.



We woke up Saturday morning to what can only be described as SNOW!  Not a lot, granted (it wasn’t even really measurable), but it was definitely cold.  And white.  And windy.  Brr.   Saturday morning’s walk was less than pleasant – I’ve been spoiled this fall!

However, it really was just what I’ve been waiting for – it was the perfect day to put together a big pot of chili!

And since we were there and all, we also put on a batch of chicken stock – gotta keep up with that stuff in the freezer, you know!



I think I’ve mentioned that we’re going to be having some work done at the house, so, rather than have Jar lose what’s of his furry mind trying to defend the castle, I’ve been getting him used to the idea of coming into the office with me.

That seems to be working out okay – and really, how many office refrigerators have a big old Kong nestled between the baby carrots, the cauliflower bits and an apple?

Yeah, we try to run a healthy ship.



Oh, oh, Shopping With Peeps!

We were in the baking aisle – flour, sugar and salt on one side, and Every Mix in the World on the other – when a shelf tag caught my eye.

Muffin mix – specifically cereal muffin mix.

Cocoa Puffs (and Reese’s Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) Muffin MIX?

The first question I have is “Who BUYS this stuff?”

Then I realized that the shelf tag was a “discontinued item” sale tag, and I had my answer.

Nobody does.



This photo is to demonstrate that my mother has finally gone over the edge.  She’s officially a crazy lady.

She sent a couple of butternut squashes from her garden home for us.  The TWO of us.  I set them next to my quart jars of stock – for scale.

Now what the HECK am I going to do with all that squash?  Not that I mind too much  We do both like squash.

Plus, I’ve got a couple of kale bushes in my garden I’ll be happy to share with when next I see her.




And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.   We’re still working at emptying the freezers – will it NEVER end? I’ve also got to sort through some of that ridiculous pile of recipes I’ve accumulated over the years – so our menus or the next few weeks will likely reflect that.  Still.

Monday – Over three years ago (7/27/09), I printed a recipe for Breakfast Tacos – we’ve got plenty of tortillas, and, of course, eggs and bacon.  AND we’ve got home-canned beans that are only moments away from becoming refried beans.

Tuesday -I guess we were in a bacony sort of mood when we made the menu for this week – I’ve got Saveur‘s  recipe for Spaghetti all’Amatricana that I printed just last summer.

Wednesday – Since we didn’t cook Thanksgiving dinner, we don’t have the  turkey leftovers that the rest of the world has.  So we roasted a chicken over the weekend and have chicken leftovers instead.   Enough to make the chicken pot pie that Peeps has been wanting to try since it was published in Cook’s Illustrated two years ago, appropriately adapted to use already-cooked chicken and homemade chicken stock.  And no mushrooms.

Thursday –  I’m always on the lookout for a  good soup, so even though this Lentil Soup with Kale and Sausage calls for all sorts of fake ingredients (Soy choizo?  Parmesan-style soy cheese?  Really?), we’ve got real chorizo and cheese,  plus plenty of fresh kale, and this just sounds good.  I hope it is.

Friday – And here comes pizza night around again.  I doubt we’ll have leftovers to pile on pizza this week, but the herb garden is hanging in there, and there’s always plenty of cheese and sauce.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Pary Moppins - November 26, 2012

I’m with ya sistah on the never-ending freezer stash! Where in the world did you even find a recipe with so many psuedo ingredients? Who the heck buys soy chorizo?! What is the world coming to?…that’s an insult to chorizo everywhere…

Toy Lady - November 26, 2012

I know it, right?

You know, I’m on FAR too many email lists – then I get something that looks good, so I click on it, look at the recipe, and, depending on how close to lunchtime it is, I may just think to myself “hm, with some tweeks that wouldn’t be bad,” then I go and print it. At that point, I pretty much feel committed to trying it. 🙄

And soy chorizo – what about soy Parmesan? And should it even be capitalized if it’s soy?

Also, I think there’s stuff in that freezer that’s multiplying. I mean . . . we eat Every Single Day – yet it never seems to go down. (That’s not true – I just emptied a shelf making stock – which I immediately re-filled to make more room on the other shelves. SIGH)

2. sjbraun - November 26, 2012

I’m so impressed that you did a big desk clean-up in sync with Thanksgiving! Go you! I had to laugh at your mom sending the squash. That is totally like something my mom would do. I’ve seen the cereal muffin mixes too — thought they were pretty new; I’m surprised they’re discontinued so quickly. Honestly, this looks like the kind of thing I’d be asked to review on my blog, but I’m glad I wasn’t 🙂 Maybe the fact that they weren’t popular does a teeny bit to restore my confidence in humanity.

Toy Lady - November 26, 2012

In the spirit of full disclosure – I was expecting the contractors this week, so I had to FINALLY get the desk out of their way – they didn’t call to push it back until after the desk was done! 😆

And the squash . . . I’m TRYING to get stuff out of the freezer, and it looks like I’m going to have to cook at and freeze it after all. Yikes.

(Oh, and I think it was only one flavor of the muffin mix that was market – you still have a chance at the Reese’s Puffs flavor! :rofl: )

3. Anne - November 26, 2012

Wow, those are some jumbo squash! (squashes? squish?) I feel your pain, one half that size goes a long way in my house, and butternut is one of the few winter squashes that I like.

OK, I’ won’t sleep until I look up the plural of squash.

(insert Jeopardy music here…)

Apparently, both squash and squashes are the plural. And neither really sounds right. But you do have a boatload! 😀

Toy Lady - November 27, 2012

Well, I replied to you, but my reply disappeared. 😦

Obviously even the internet thought I didn’t have anything worth saying. 🙄

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