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Monday Musings: 12.17.2012 Edition December 17, 2012

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Yay for the public market!

This was a fairly light week for me – we really didn’t need much, and I found myself  a little strapped for cash – I make it a point at the market to use cash, and to mainly  use small bills – it makes it easier if the vendors don’t need to make change for me!

So I picked up some more eggs (we can always use eggs!), some onions  (I can’t believe how many onions we go through!), and then it occurred to me that we haven’t had Taco Night in a while!  So I got some tortillas and cabbage – I find that shredded cabbages adds more crunch than boring old lettuce.


We’ve been going through a lot of dog bones lately, what with the dog and all!

It also made everyone’s life  much easier, while we had the contractors here, for Peeps to keep him calm in the back yard with a bone – go figure, huh?

I also couldn’t not resist a basket of oddball fingerling potatoes – there was one that was practically a whole fingerling hand!  We’ll find a use for them – fear not!



So the contractors are done – or mostly so, anyway.

One guy is supposed to come back to put a shelf in the new closet, and I’m assuming someone will be by soon to get a final check.

While THEY are done, I’m certainly not!  Besides painting (lots of painting!) we’re going to need to do the basics like get a towel ring and a paper holder.  I’m going to want to redecorate the newly smaller foyer in some way – I just haven’t really figured out my “style” yet – or if I even have one.


The children are still enjoying their early-morning bonding time, or, as we call it, “puppy-kitty tolerance training.”

It’s amazing how not-scared the cat is, and how not-jerky the dog is, when there’s chicken to be had, isn’t it?

And I will admit – I actually set a piece of chicken ON the dog’s foot, and the cat ate it off of it!

She didn’t like it, but she took the chicken!



We had to make a trip to the other side of town this weekend, to one of the major shopping centers.

A major shopping center a week before Christmas.  On a Saturday evening.

It was bad.  Really bad.  Don’t try this at home.

However, back last summer (in July, actually) we’d ordered a case of wine – nice wine.  Remember our anniversary wine?  Yeah, like that – a case of so-so wine at a reasonable price that will, in a few years, age into something fantastic.

Yeah, it came in last week, so we had to go pick it up.  It’ll be worth it in five or 6 years, though.



The minute, and I mean The Minute the dog goes out for his afternoon walk, the kitty decides it’s “pay attention to me” time.

She’ll sit there and meow at me, or she’ll come over to me and roll over on her back and pretend she wants her belly rubbed (she doesn’t), or she’ll jump up on the counter where she’s not allowed and start knocking stuff over.

How did we end up with such needy pets, anyway?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve got a fairly easy week this week, with a couple of old favorites thrown in (taco night!) – hopefully it will leave me time to finish knitting some Christmas socks.  Sheesh, 13 is a HUGE sized shoe!

Monday – We realized that we have an awful lot of what we’ve termed “chicken scraps” in the freezer – basically, when I bone and trim chicken breasts, I trim them into reasonable-sized cutlets, and the trimmings get used whenever we need cut-up chicken.  Well, I’m going to use some of them in Chicken Goulash – we haven’t that in ages!  Some green beans will make a nice side for it, too.

Tuesday – When we decided to start experimenting with canning beans, we canned a few pints of cannelini beans, because they’re always convenient to have on hand.  They turned out a little over-cooked for our taste, so we needed to use them in something that would be pureed – like this White Bean Soup with Crispy Prosciutto.

Wednesday – Oh, Taco Night,  we’ve missed you!  If I ever wanted to start another business, I’d start a food truck and sell these tacos.  We’d be rich – RICH, I tell you!

Thursday – Since we’ll probably be cooking for Christmas – either brunch or dinner (or both) we want to have as much refrigerator space as we can, so we’ll be planning leftovers for Thursday – I know, leftover soup, chicken goulash and tacos are rough, but we all do what we have to do.

Friday – Holidays notwithstanding, pizza night goes on!  Plus our local supermarket had hard salami on sale (buy one pound, get one free!) so we’ll all have salami on our pies this week.  I do love salami!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. judy norton - December 17, 2012

I am trying to talk to you! Loved this today. New room looking good, loved the Kitty and Jar, the menu is spot on as always and you are looking particularly calm, cool and collected. 🙂 What are you going to prepare for the holiday meals and how many are you expecting? Going to post this before my computer messes it up again, Oh,again, do you have your Christmas Cactus? hang in there

Toy Lady - December 18, 2012

Thanks, Judy!

I’m not even going to think about painting until after the holidays – so right now, we’ve got naked (or mostly naked) walls. I can live with it. 🙂

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