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Back in the Swing of Things January 3, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, random stuff.

Trying, anyway.

The holidays are over, which means a couple of things.

On the one hand, yay, the holidays are over!

On the other hand, it’s Back To Work time, which is never fun, especially after a couple of long weekends.

And on the third hand, I’ve got a new bathroom that needs painting – a bathroom that’s connected to an entry way, that’s connected to a living room. . . I’m sure you can see where this is leading!

I don’t know, I guess The New Year is something of a time for reflection.  And for planning, too, especially in the “self-improvement” category.  I’ve already quit smoking (7 years ago last week!), and we’ve got the dog in obedience training.  Sure, I’ve still got to lose weight (I certainly haven’t done very well in that regard!), and I really am going to try harder.

Then there’s the house.  We’ve been chipping away at it for years now – replacement widows and doors a few years ago, the deck, appliances, a new roof, the fence, getting rid of the gosh-awful carpeting – and now, of course, the new bathroom.

Wow, this house sure is needy!

So I’ve painted the bathroom walls walls a lovely shade of, well, the name of the color is “arrowroot” and I have no idea why.

The paint card looked kind of blue-ish.  And when Peeps looked at it, he thought it was sort of gray-ish (but in a good way) (I think). And I put it on the walls, and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t look more green-ish than anything else.

I know, weird, huh?

I had plans to start painting the baseboards and the window trim this evening, or maybe tomorrow (“bone folder” and “hemp,” respectively), but, alas , it seems that there’s a tiny little leak under the sink.


The contractor came out this evening to look at it, figure out what the deal was, and it needs a new thingamabob, and he’ll be back tomorrow to fix it.

There goes my plan for painting.  I guess it’ll have to wait for the weekend.

In the meantime, I think I’ll start thinking about what color to paint the front entryway, because that’s next.


1. mazco34 - January 3, 2013

I guess I’ll never know the pain of color when my entire house is painted in “Bleached Almond” (think Antique White, then go a shade lighter)

Toy Lady - January 3, 2013

Hey, I was living with MANILLA for years. . . get some color, man! 😀

I’m going to have some personality for a change – I’m sick of the “safe” color choices.

2. murals2goRebecca Webb - January 3, 2013

Could it be that the bathroom lighting is making the color look green?

Toy Lady - January 3, 2013

That’s a possiblity, I guess, but I’ve actually tried with both CFL and incandescent lighting. I checked again at the paint store, though, and the “arrowroot” is, in fact, in the same column as several actual greens, so . . . either way, it seems to work. 🙂

3. Anne - January 3, 2013

You’re going to have an entirely new house soon. Just jack up the windshield wipers and replace everything under them. 😀

I have my vaulted ceiling scraped and primed. It will need two coats of paint, then DH thinks he wants to start the hardwoods on Sunday. Wall paint will have to wait. Which is good, because I haven’t acquired the paint yet. Oops, minor details.

Toy Lady - January 4, 2013

Anne, you put me to shame!

I don’t suppose DH would like to come “show me how” to refinish my hardwoods? 😀 Just think – a few days enjoying a couple of feet of snow. . . what a vacation for you guys! 😉

mazco34 - January 4, 2013

I could show you how to refinish your floors. It’s called “Get a Guy.” And my guy wasn’t too bad, did all my floors for less than a grand. If you ask Peeps, he’ll tell you that we have a lot of floor.

Toy Lady - January 4, 2013

Does your guy travel?

4. judy norton - January 4, 2013

Everyone is so into the fix it up and paint it mode it is fun to read about. NEW projects for the NEW year. Enjoy all the new!

Toy Lady - January 4, 2013

Well, Judy, I don’t know about Anne, but for me, this has been brewing for a while – I am SO TIRED of living in a hovel! It’s going to be FUN. Yeah, that’s what it’s going to be.

Though maybe more fun to read about than to actually live. . . 😆

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