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Monday Musings: 01.28.2013 Edition January 28, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in meal plan monday, Musings.


Every winter, it seems that there’s one Saturday at the Market that’s just brutal. Cold, wind, snow – a generally unpleasant experience for everyone.  This was that weekend.

However, we still needed a few things, and, honestly, the vendors were there, so it seemed only right to show our support.

The egg lady actually thanked me for coming out  – and that’s exactly why I prefer to shop at the public market.  I love that my couple of grocery dollars here and there are actually going into the pockets of the people who most deserve it – the people who produced the food.



Have I ever mentioned that one of our favorite categories of food is Crap in a Bowl with a Spoon?

Last weeks menu plan – which included a chili, a stew, and bean and rice, plus all of the above leftovers as lunches, certainly filled that bill!

In fact, we were almost in danger of running out of clean bowls by the end of the week!



Our faithful cleanup crew is always there and ready to spring into action!

Whether it’s pizza night and there’s the possibility of falling cheese, or we’re slicing bread and brushing crumbs onto the floor, or cutting up a slab of beef for dinner later in the week that might somehow leap off the counter, our Jarly is always happy to help if we need him.

Honestly, I think we could use a little less help sometimes!



After more years than I care to admit, I finally replaced my old pincushion – most of my straight pins were less than straight, and it was kind of big and stuffing was starting to leak out of it, so it was time.

You know why you should always unstuff a pincushion before throwing it away?  Because you might find TWENTY-THREE needles inside it!

Many of them were quilting needles, and, to be honest, I’m not even sure I can still see to thread them anymore, but still.  Wow.  23 needles!



That CAT has been in a MOOD the past few days!  I don’t know what her deal is, but she needs to just simmer down!

Yesterday, while the dog was enjoying a small Saturday bone outside, she un-hid herself and pranced around like she does.  It was a bright, sunny day, so she eventually settled in front of the patio door.  Fine.  Well, the dog got done with his bone and decided it was time to come in, so he, very nicely, came up onto the deck, barked once, then sat and waited for me to let him in.  All very civilized.

Well. . . the cat, after just sitting there glaring at him for a minute, THEN started snarling at him!  HE was just sitting there on the other side of the door – not even caring about her!  She then took off, the dog came in, and she proceeded to hiss and growl at him until he noticed her!

Same thing at treat time – everyone’s sitting there, enjoying chicken and kitty treats, when suddenly, out of nowhere – HISS!!! – and the dog wasn’t even looking at her!

Maybe the cold is starting to get to her. . .



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  For some reason, we’re just not feeling all that inspired lately – hopefully that’ll pass as we start seeing some longer days and (hopefully) warmer weather!

Monday – A while back, we were flipping channels and landed on Food Network.  While I am, what’s the opposite of a fan?  That – of that Guy Fieri person, we caught some guy in some diner making what was, basically a cheesesteak made with Korean barbecue. Peeps was determined to recreate it, and, honestly, who am I to argue?  We’ve got some marinade in the freezer, so we’ll do some experimenting, I guess!

Tuesday – You know what we haven’t had in a while?  Chicken Diane – I have this old old old typed-up copy of a recipe from I-don’t-know-where, and it’s really not bad.  Basically a chicken breast in a shallot, white wine/brandy and dijon mustard pan sauce.  I also bought Brussels sprouts at the market – while he’s not a fan of them, Peeps is happy to humor me once in a while!

Wednesday – We’re going to enjoy this curried lentil soup – it’s very good.  However, it seems that we’re out of GREEN lentils, so we swapped them for BLACK lentils. Who knew I’d have so many different colored lentils in my world?

Thursday – Since he’s being such a sport about the Brussels sprouts, Peeps wanted to do Breakfast for Dinner this week.  Specifically, my pancakes.  I never seem to cook breakfast for breakfast anymore, so it only makes sense!

Friday – If I’m lucky (and if I hide some in the back of the fridge!) there may be a bit of salami left for pizza night – SO much better than boring old pepperoni!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Anne - January 28, 2013

Kitty sounds just like a little sister. Big dumb brother is busy ignoring her. She wants attention so she picks a fight. Only she’s so little and cute, who would thing she would start anything? ‘I din’ do anything, honest Mama.’

Can you tell I was the little sister? 😀

Toy Lady - January 29, 2013

“You can’t squirt me – I’m CUTE!”

2. Lablasco - January 29, 2013

Big fan of Crap in a Bowl with a Spoon! Happens to us every week too, we definitely need to get some more bowls *sigh*

Toy Lady - January 29, 2013

We have a pottery shop that has ONE sale a year – that’s the only time I can afford to even walk in there! And yeah, I think I’m due for more bowls this year, too. 😉

3. judy norton - January 29, 2013

Loved Crap in a Bowl too! Delightful use of words together. Of course I love the updates on the “kids” and must admit I have a crabby cat too only he picks on his cat brother for absolutely no reason that I can figure out. Thanks for their pictures. They both look great. Yes, weather has been so extreme this year. Today we have a three degree spread from morning to night….brrrr. Soup time for sure.

Toy Lady - January 29, 2013

I’m working on getting the hang of canning soup – that way I ALWAYS have that option for lunches, even when I don’t have any leftover.

So far I’ve done one, and it’s good, though the beans are a little overcooked. But still, it’s a start!

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