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Monday Musings: 02.11.2013 Edition February 11, 2013

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 photo IMG_7289_zpsad794d9c.jpg

Wow, did we get dumped on or what?

For the first time EVER, I skipped my trip to the public market this weekend – I got up Saturday and walked the dog in . . . this.

I did try, but once I got back in the house, got my wet clothes changed, and had breakfast, I just could NOT make myself go back out, clear off the car, and go back out, to where the streets may or may not be plowed.

 photo IMG_7291_zps077128e6.jpg

And then the sun came up and I got a better look  — boy was I glad I’d stayed in where it was warm and dry!

It never actually stopped snowing until late afternoon.  And I didn’t even move my car again until Sunday afternoon.


After all the frolicking Jar did Saturday, though (at least SOMEONE likes this weather!) boy was he sacked out that night!

He was sacked out in his dog bed SO HARD that when the kitty came out to the living room for a little prancing around with her Mama, she stopped short in surprise when she saw him.  And when his snoring didn’t even skip a beat, she knew this was her chance.

I’m convinced she tried to blow up his head with her mind. . .


 photo weather_zpsadcf5c5b.jpg

Okay, back to the snow!

My boss has been out of town for the past week – I ended up sending him an e-mail Friday to let him know that we were closing up early.  By 11:00, I’d already heard several reports of accidents and about a dozen early school closings.  I just hate doing that – deciding to leave early on a Friday because of bad weather – it’s just so, I don’t know, I mean, no one ever leave early on a Tuesday, you know?

However, it’s just as well that I did.  This was around 12:30 in the afternoon – NOT a fun drive!


 photo IMG_7301_zpscdd03de2.jpg

We decided to make some sweet potato soup this week – I wanted to use some HUGE sweet potatoes before it was too late.

We stuck them in the oven to roast, then went grocery shopping – and forgot all about them!

Fortunately, since they were SO huge, they were fine by the time we got home.



 photo a3478842-bc49-4f40-8ecf-74aa49f130de_zps3607acd4.jpg

I’m going to make a confession here.

I’ve been wanting a mini pie-baker ever since I saw the King Arthur blog post about them.

Now I know I don’t NEED one.  And, more than likely, I’d use it once or twice, then pack it away and forget about it.

But MAN I’ve wanted one!

Then, a while back, Woot had a little green pie baker, and I just couldn’t resist!

We made  mini chicken pot pies, and they were GREAT!


 photo IMG_7299_zps61dab5c4.jpg

Okay, one more snow thing.

Obviously, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone’s been in the yard, right?

Well, imagine our surprise when we got up Sunday morning and it appears that some strange, UNSUPERVISED dog had paid us a visit during the night! It seems to just have wandered around the yard, then left.

Poor little thing.  I hope he’s all right.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s cold and snowy, and it’s February.  Plus my boss is back this week, so we’re gonna want something fun.

Monday –  Have you heard Cook’s Illustrated is publishing a pressure cooker cookbook?  Yes!  It’s coming out March 1, I think.  Some bloggers have gotten their hands on copies, and as soon as we saw it, we KNEW we had to do Pork Vindaloo.

Tuesday – Chicken was on sale this week, so we’re going to do a version of Chef Dan Eaton’s Dijon chicken – this time, I’ll brown the skin-side of the breasts, flip them and finish in the oven with the sauce.  We’ll likely roast some fingerlings to go with it, and maybe some green beans.

Wednesday – I mentioned above that we wanted to use some sweet potatoes before it was too late, so we’re doing sweet potato soup.

Thursday – Since we had the pressure cooker out and we’d bought a pork shoulder for the vindaloo and all, we decided to try an experiment – I did Chinese barbecued pork – in the pressure cooker!  If it works like I think it will, I’ll tell you all about it.  And if not, well, we’ll never speak of it again.

Friday – I think, after the world culinary tour this week, pizza night will probably be pretty basic – after all, too much excitement in one week can’t be good for us!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. sineamarie - February 11, 2013

Your snow covered deck looks like MY snow covered deck…pretty, isn’t it! Found you on Menu Plan Monday! Would love it if you’d stop by Ducks ‘n a Row on Wednesdays to be a part of our blog hop, too!
Many blessings, Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

Toy Lady - February 11, 2013

Sinea, thanks for visiting!

2. Anne - February 11, 2013

Wow, those snow pictures take me back to childhood in Akron, OH. Of course then, it was an adventure. Kids are never inconvenienced by a little snowfall. Makes me not miss it .. much.

Toy Lady - February 12, 2013

Yeah, kids are kinda dumb like that, aren’t they? 😉

On the bright side (sort of) it’s all supposed to melt this week, so. . .yay mud. 🙄

3. Judy norton - February 12, 2013

This got buried under all that snow! 🙂 You certainly got a reminder that it is still winter. Was the Farmers Market even open. Yes, you will have mud and Jar will be a very dirty dog. At least the snow is clean. Ever figure out what was enjoying your back yard. Good read as always.

Toy Lady - February 13, 2013

Sure, Judy, the market is open every week – they don’t care about the weather! Every now and then, Jar gets a bit of spring fever, I think – he wants to go out and frolic like the puppy he isn’t anymore! It’s funny, too, when he comes in and his whole undercarriage is wet and muddy from road spray. 😉

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