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A new take on cheesesteak February 28, 2013

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A few weeks ago, my wife and I had “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” on the television.  Now, neither of us likes the host in the slightest, but the show is pretty cool.

This episode featured a place owned by a Korean guy who did a thing he called a Korean cheesesteak egg roll. He marinated the shaved ribeye in various Asian seasonings overnight, grilled it, wrapped it in an egg roll wrapper, fried it, cut it in half and poured melted cheese on it. It looked mighty good, actually.

The thing is, the marinade looked pretty familiar. It looked very similar to what we use to make kalbi with. So, we looked at each other, and said “Why not? Let’s make a sandwich.”

We also had another reason we decided to try this. So we could try out the latest kitchen toy we acquired.

 photo IMG_7215_zps04d298a0.jpg

That’s right, a meat slicer. The in-laws seemed to think that since I’m forever making bacon and pastrami and such that we needed a slicer. Well, we probably could have lived without one. But since it was a gift and all, hey, let’s play with it!

First, we needed some ribeye. Fortunately, we just got a great deal on a whole one that we had cut into steaks. We pulled one steak out of the freezer and didn’t let it thaw much. We figured that it would be easier to slice really thin if it was still mostly frozen.

 photo IMG_7218_zpscd4f9de7.jpg

As a quick aside, the slicer is a pretty cool toy. It’s not as good as a commercial one, but at the same time, it doesn’t take up as much space, either. Nor is it as heavy. But I will admit that cleaning it isn’t a lot of fun.

 photo IMG_7221_zpsd960dd47.jpg

The sliced steak went into a bowl. On top of that went about half a batch of our kalbi marinade. Yes, that was in the freezer, too. Short ribs and Asian pears aren’t around much at the same time, and almost never on sale. So, we plan ahead.

 photo IMG_7224_zps9885574f.jpg

That went into the fridge until the next day. Good flavor takes time, you know.

The next evening, we drained the seasoned meat in a colander for a while, then pulled out our griddle and got to work.

 photo IMG_7226_zps54677d0a.jpg

We knew shortly after the meat started to sizzle that we might have a winner on our hands. How, you may ask?

 photo IMG_7222_zps2021080c.jpg

Yeah, a giant dog right at my feet while I’m trying to cook. Oh well.

 photo IMG_7228_zps23d24cf6.jpg

Now, we didn’t completely think this through. Places that make cheesesteaks grill the meat on a flat-top. Lots of room, nice even heat, durable. I would love to have one. Particularly when I want to use a spatula to chop the meat I’m cooking while I’m actually cooking it. Our griddle, nice as it is, won’t tolerate that. So, I had to make do.

Back on the griddle to finish cooking. And to melt cheese. Toys decided that she didn’t want any, she wanted to try the flavors out unadulterated. I will put cheese on just about anything. And often have.

 photo IMG_7231_zpsf5666f24.jpg

The meat goes onto rolls and we served them with fries. Because, what else would you serve with it? The verdict? All in all, a very tasty sandwich. The rolls we served them weren’t quite right, so these were very messy to eat. But the flavor was very good. Cleaning up afterwards wasn’t a lot of fun, either. But if we do it again, we might be able to fix some of that. If you have the time and equipment, I would say it’s worth trying.

 photo IMG_7232_zps7ad88395.jpg


1. Judy norton - February 28, 2013

This sandwich looks DELICIOUS and your new toy made it easier? Great pictures too. Nice to have you “on the air” again. YUM

Peeps - February 28, 2013

It was a very tasty sandwich. The new toy is not bad, but I’m waiting until bacon smoking season to make a final judgement.

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