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Pork under pressure March 14, 2013

Posted by Peeps in Cook's Illustrated, Cooking, Food, random stuff.

Everyone who reads our blog knows all too well how much we use and love our pressure cooker. It’s a very rare week that goes by when we don’t use it for something.

 photo IMG_7304_zpsd8ab4e0f.jpg

Not too long ago, we found out that the good people at Cook’s Illustrated were coming out with yet another cookbook. But not one we could ignore, not this time. It’s their new book of pressure cooker recipes.

 photo IMG_7308_zps44bb22f7.jpg

Needless to say, we were pretty excited about the idea. They always have solid, reliable recipes that taste really good. The sad part was that it wasn’t going to be coming out until the middle of March. And we didn’t want to wait that long to try it out.

 photo IMG_7312_zps334b106f.jpg

Fortunately, my wife reads a great many food blogs. Apparently one of them, Macheesmo, was contacted by Cook’s Illustrated not long ago and given a free copy of the new book. Along with a brand new pressure cooker. He apparently has a lot more readers than we do.

 photo IMG_7319_zps45f466dc.jpg

After we got finished seething with jealousy, we realized that this was our chance to try the recipe that Macheesmo blogged about, Pork Vindaloo. We love Indian food. Particularly when it doesn’t involve going somewhere or taking a long time.

 photo IMG_7320_zpsba58e06b.jpg

We followed the recipe exactly. While Toys cut the meat into bite sized cubes, I measured and cut up everything else.

 photo IMG_7322_zpsf2cfa1b1.jpg

The browning of the pork took a while. And a few more batches than two. More like five. But hey, I’m not a professional. Once everything was ready to go, the lid when on and the pressure was on. Thirty minutes under pressure and a natural release, about another fifteen minutes.

 photo IMG_7350_zps7dbfe1ca.jpg

We served it over brown basmati rice and with a nice India Pale Ale. It was fantastic! Since it make so much, we had it for lunches for a couple days afterwards, and I think we even had enough left over for one more dinner.

If you own a pressure cooker, at the very least try this recipe. If you regularly use a pressure cooker, you may want to consider getting the book. They have never once let us down.

And thank you to Macheesmo for letting us try something out of a book that we’ll be getting soon.


1. Judy Norton - March 14, 2013

That picture made my mouth water Peeps. Yes, I think this would be a keeper for you. Enjoy the new cookbook and keep us up to date with new stuff.

Peeps - March 18, 2013

Happy to. We’re really looking forward to getting the new cookbook.

2. Laliv - March 16, 2013

Looks great! will have to give it a try

Peeps - March 18, 2013

If you like Indian food, give it a shot. It’s mighty tasty.

3. kayatthekeyboard - March 16, 2013

Just bookmarked a copy. Don’t have a pressure cooker, but there’s nothing to say that can’t be remedied. However, I’m OK braising it in the oven.

Peeps - March 18, 2013

Yup, low and slow in the oven would work just fine. But the pressure cooker is a pretty cool toy.

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