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Wait, where was I? March 21, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

So. . . how’s your spring going?

Peeps’s Boss has a terrible case of, as Peeps likes to call it, “the Creeping Awfuls” – he’s been breathing his germy germs all over his employees, specifically MY husband.

We’ve been referring to him, among ourselves, as Typhoid Bill.  (Boss, not Peeps.)

And yes, I know it’s probably not “among ourselves” – but it sounds more amusing to me than “between ourselves.”  Besides, I’m pretty sure that, if he could talk, Jarly would also make use of Boss’s new nickname anyway.  Jar’s good like that – he really is a good dog, you know.  He works so hard to be a model dog, most of the time, anyhow.  Even around the cat!

So, anyway, after a few days of Boss’s germ warfare, Peeps found himself feeling pretty darned lousy.  Go figure.

The poor guy – he’s been drinking enough tea to host his own tea party – we’re now a TWO-teapot household, after all!

Hey, did I mention that I’d picked up a new, bigger teapot at the pottery shop sale this year?   I need to stay out of that pottery shop during sales with a credit card.

Plus, have I mentioned that the pottery shop is right upstairs from a new yarn shop?  Yeah, like I’m going to go to one place without going to the other. . .

Oh, and speaking of yarn.  I’m kind of an idiot.  I decided that a nice “cool aunt” sort of thing might be to knit socks for my nieces and nephews for Christmas this year.  Sounds like a plan, right?

Yeah, well, first off, there are SEVEN of them.  And that’s in addition to my own SIZE THIRTEEN son, and Peeps.

PLUS kids grow, and I’m assuming their feet will, at least the smaller ones.  And of course, in order to get their (current) shoe sizes, I had to disclose my plan to the mothers of these kids, so now I’m kind of  committed.

I am going to be a SOCK KNITTING FOOL for the next nine months!

And I’ve been so busy at work lately – I don’t even have time to screw around and knit there anymore!

So where was I?   I don’t know, I seem to be having a little trouble focusing lately. Huh.  Probably coming down with Boss’s Creeping Uglies.

Oh, yeah, happy spring.


1. Holly@Clubthrifty - March 21, 2013

I’m ready for spring =) Now if it could only get warm outside =/

Toy Lady - March 22, 2013

Amen, sistah! 🙂

2. Anne - March 21, 2013

Doesn’t Peeps work in a food service business? Sounds like Typhoid Bill maybe should be staying home. Sorry for Peeps and Creeping Uglies.

Peeps and the Creeping Uglies. Has he considered a garage band? 😀

Toy Lady - March 22, 2013

You’d think, wouldn’t you? Though I guess he has other, non-food reasons to inflict himself on the joint. 🙄

And I’ll definitely make sure he puts that into the hat of Garage Band Names. 😆

3. Judy Norton - March 22, 2013

Oh my… not sounding good for your squeeze. Now socks are yet another matter. Which part of your family needs another member so I can be a niece and get socks too? Yes, happy spring. A freeze is predicted (when are they ever right tho?) for this weekend and lots and lots and LOTS of wind. Happy spring.

Toy Lady - March 23, 2013

Yeah, it’s still snowing here, too. I’m thinking of shifting from socks to mittens. 😕

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