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Monday Musings: 03.25.2013 Edition March 25, 2013

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I’m afraid Monday Musings is going to be short and sweet this week – just like the cheese, it’s been a “heluva” week!

Work has been crazy busy – I’ve been working late every single day for the past two or three weeks – it’s hard to keep track anymore.  I think it should start settling down now for a few weeks – which is a good thing, too, because I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!  I’m not as young as I used to be, you know.


Sad news this week, too – I received a call from my father, and my grandmother had passed away.  This was the grandmother who’d just celebrated her 90th birthday last June – she’d lived a long, full life.  She’d been failing for a while, I think, and for the past couple of weeks she was quite ill.

We are grateful, though, that she wasn’t in a lot of pain at the end, and that it was reasonably quick.  There is very little more difficult, I think, than watching a loved one suffer and linger.

She was the last of my grandparents left – and the last of The Boy’s great-grandparents.    We attended the memorial service together this weekend, and it was very moving.


I did get to the public market this weekend, but again, no photos.

I’m not entirely sure when I last used my camera, or, to be honest, where I left it.

But the market trip was, again, another quickie, mainly a “maintenance” trip – some carrots, potatoes, eggs – mainly staples, you know?  I rushed home, unloaded the car, packed the dog into the car, dashed to class, rushed home, unloaded the dog, changed my clothes, and headed back out for the service.

I feel as if I’ve spent the better part of the weekend in the car.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  You know, I have to ask myself what I was thinking when Peeps and I planned this menu.  I’ve been so tired I could barely think, yet I opted to spend the better part of the day in the kitchen, preparing, well, pretty much everything.  But that means minimal work during the week, so there’s that, I guess.

Monday – On our list of “must do before summer” is Cooking Light‘s Slow Cooked Tuscan Pork Roast – it’s really quite simple, and so tasty!  And the cool thing I’ve just discovered is that, even if I forget to soak beans (oops!), since I use “fresh” dried beans, I can just dump some hot water on them, and by the time I get home from the supermarket, the beans are fully hydrated and ready to cook!

Tuesday – We had a bunch of roasted butternut squash leftover, and, honestly, I forgot about it in the back of the fridge!  So when I noticed it, I decided to get sort of creative – I pureed the squash and used to make a ricotta filling for canneloni – which I made using Cook’s Illustrated‘s technique for manicotti – and also finishing up a box of no-bake lasagna that had been knocking around the cupboard.  I shoved the the pasta rolls in the freezer, and Tuesday,we’ll bake them, still frozen, and with a simple bechamel sauce.  And maybe some cheese.

Wednesday – Those jerks at Fine Cooking keep sending me recipes, and every now and then, I see one that we MUST make – like this Five-Spice-Glazed Salmon – not only does it look good, we’ve got everything, including wild Alaskan salmon, on hand.    I’ll serve it with the green beans I froze last summer and some basmati or jasmine rice.

Thursday -You’ll recall that we roasted a turkey last weekend.  Well, whenever we had roast turkey when I was growing up, the final meal from the bird was always a turkey and rice soup.  I used the rack, along with the wings and some other bits, to make a quick pressure cooker stock , and then we strained it into the pot with sauteed shallot, and some diced carrots and celery.  I’ve always found that rice will swell to absorb any and all liquid, so we’ll add a grain of some sort – possibly barley – when we get ready to serve the soup.

Friday – Although it’s Good Friday, it’s still pizza night!  I’ve finally finished the ricotta filling that was in the freezer, so this week, I’m thinking caramelized onions and good olive oil, along with the obligatory mozzarella.  Sound like a plan?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Anne - March 25, 2013

Take a breath, lady!! Pour a tall glass of your favorite libation, and say ommmmmmmmmm, ommmmmmmmmm, ommmmmmmmmm.

And then have some of that butternut squash manicotti. And some chocolate.

This too will pass.

Toy Lady - March 26, 2013

Yup – the manicotti is tonight – I’m looking forward to it! And you know, not only do I have chocolate in the house, I’ve got some chocolate ice cream! 😀

Meanwhile, I keep hoping I’ll get somewhat caught up at work. . .

2. Judy Norton - March 25, 2013

Took me all day to figure out what to say for today. All i could come up with was a hug. (((((())))). Everyone included in that group hug. judy

Toy Lady - March 26, 2013

Thanks, Judy. ((((hugs))))

3. Holly@ClubThrifty - March 26, 2013

Good job on the meal plan! I wish I took the time to plan things out for the week.

Toy Lady - March 26, 2013

Thanks, Holly. The meal plan can be a pain at the time, but boy, ’round about Thursday, I’m sure glad we took the time to prep stuff for the week!

4. sjbraun - March 27, 2013

I’m sorry about your grandma — how cool to still HAVE a grandparent around! I’m glad she had a nice long life almost until the very end. Sorry about so much work — I find that I do like quite a bit of “margin” in my life, and you must be missing that now. Hopefully it can return soon! Your menus look delish, as usual 🙂

Toy Lady - March 28, 2013

Thanks – and that’s exactly it – I need more “margin!” I hope things will start settling down soon – though it is good to busy. I guess. 😉

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