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Monday Musings: 04.08.2013 Edition April 8, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

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This week was a fairly quick trip to the Public Market – just a few necessities – coffee, eggs, garlic . . . some broccoli and spinach.

And I saw the bread guy, too, and I picked up some tortillas and English muffins.   There’s nothing like a quick ham-egg-and-cheese sandwich to start the day, right?  And as for the tortillas, well. . . I think I see a batch of burritos in my future.


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Oh, and did I mention that I picked up a bag of bones at the market?

Yeah, Jar followed me into the house and across the dining room just like that, too – nose planted firmly to the bag I was carrying.

I wonder if I could bring that big old bag of dog bones to obedience class to use during heeling training?  Huh.

 photo IMG_7435_zps56d08cb0.jpg

Oh, but fear not – the kitty was not left out!

I had to stop at the supermarket, too, and while I was there, I thought it was the perfect time to stock up on kitty treats – she loves the soft treats, and the crunchy filled ones, too.

Then I saw the LAST box of the “catnip-flavored” “liver treats.”   She’s going to be SUCH a happy kitty when I break those out!

Photobucket photo IMG_7437_zpsb06fee1d.jpg

Boy,  I’ve really got nothing this week, do I?

It’s been such a gorgeous weekend – Wendy the Weather Wizard has even shed her winter coat and scarf and is, presumably, down to her shirt sleeves!  You know, if it gets much warmer, she’ll be in her underwear. . .

I did get the rest of my seeds ordered from the seed library – I don’t need too many, but I do like to buy my seeds from this place – they’re reasonably priced, great to deal with, and I love what they do.

Photobucket photo IMG_7439_zps6842711f.jpg

So the kitty let herself  be persuaded to come out and join the land of the living – while the dog was outside baking on the deck.

I lured her out into the dining room, and it was happy times for all – while the dog was outside on the deck, snoozing in the sun.

And then – she saw him.

She stopped, gave a HISSSSS, and turned around and left.

This is exactly what she took issue with:
 photo IMG_7440_zpse5bc8b76.jpg

All that drama from her, and he had no idea. . .



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  The weather forecast calls for fairly warm (yay!) but kind of rainy all week.  But it should be remembered what they say about April showers, right?

So while things at work seem to be settling down for the time being, for now, I’m playing catch-up – closing files and getting stuff off to storage – it’s great fun!  And in the meantime, we’re using this opportunity to – you guessed it – clear some stuff out of the freezer.

Will it never end?

Monday – Found a quart of green enchilada sauce in the freezer, which, along with a quart of smoked pork and the rest of the corn tortillas, will make a respectable Monday night dinner.

Tuesday – Lest it get lost in the freezer, we used the bone from last weekend’s ham, along with some diced ham, for a nice pea soup.   I do like a nice pea soup!

Wednesday –  The one evening this week that it’s supposed to be warm AND not raining – we’re grilling some chicken breasts.  Nothing fancy – just a bit of chicken, on the grill.  Probably with some broccoli.  Or salad.  Something green, anyway.

Thursday – We made a small-ish batch of sauce (“Sunday Gravy” for our Italian friends) and froze a quart – which is coming out for pasta this week.   That will definitely need salad to go with it, huh?

Friday – Which brings us back to pizza night – do you know that those rats at the supermarket have hard salami on sale again?  And do you know how much I LOVE salami and provolone on my pizza?  Yeah, I love it a lot.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. sjbraun - April 8, 2013

How weird is that — I have pea soup on the menu too, and I NEVER make that! I’ll check out your recipe; thanks!
I want to be a pet at your house. They are so well cared for 🙂
Finally warming up here too, and we expect a rainy week as well. That’s okay; we need the moisture. Your seed-ordering spot looks interesting too. Have a great week!

Toy Lady - April 9, 2013

Do you have a ham bone left from Easter too? 🙂

The pets are seriously just like a couple of toddlers – they get their treats and rewards for good behavior, but they both need the occasional scolding, too. 🙄

2. pmoppins - April 8, 2013

As always, your menu sounds fab!

Toy Lady - April 9, 2013


3. Judy Norton - April 8, 2013

Bones and YUMMIES and dogs and cats! Love it. The menu always sounds so good and one of these days that freezer will stand empty so you can start all over again. Nice read. Hope work stays calmed down for a little while. Breath, it is good for you.

Toy Lady - April 9, 2013

Judy, I’ll be so happy to get the darn freezers defrosted! 🙂 We’ve placed a moratorium on buying meat – mostly.

4. kayatthekeyboard - April 10, 2013

I could SO eat with you all week. Just sayin’.

Toy Lady - April 11, 2013

And you’d totally be welcome, too. 🙂

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