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Monday Musings: 04.29.2013 Edition April 29, 2013

Posted by Toy Lady in Eating Down the Fridge, Food, meal plan monday, Musings.

Let me just start out the week by saying – where the heck did April go? I mean, the last thing I remember, we were looking at rainy forecasts, chilly mornings, and braised stews.  And now just LOOK out there – it’s SPRING!

I’ve had a slightly-more-social-than-usual week this past week.  Besides the regular work stuff (I have GOT to schedule a vacation!) there was that wine-tasting thing  with the Women’s Forum, hosted by (the women of) a local law firm.  It was, of course, quite nice, if rather crowded.

Then Saturday evening, Peeps and I attended a meet-up with a group of people from one of the discussion forums I frequent- including the three husbands, there were 15 people, some who had traveled from various parts of upstate New York, Canada, and even North Carolina.  What a fun group!


Speaking of stew, last week’s Belgian Beef, Onion & Beer stew was fantastic with the polenta.  However, we set aside half of the stew to enjoy another night, but there’s really not a good stew night coming up any time soon, so . . . into the freezer it went.  We’ll make it a point, though, to finish it sooner, rather than later, fear not!


 photo IMG_7453_zps12d3563c.jpg

We’ve been trying, between our oh-so-many social engagements, to keep up with stuff around the house and yard.

Gosh, spring is a busy time, isn’t it?  The garden is mostly tilled, I’ve gotten lettuce and kale in, and we finally replaced those old chair cushions on the deck furniture!

Although the old cushions were awfully worn, a couple of them still had some life left in them, so . . . guess who’s got himself a nice, weather-resistant deck bed to enjoy when he’s being solar puppy?


So, I don’t know if it’s the camera, or the software, or just me (most likely), but when I transferred the photos from the camera to the computer this afternoon, all but one looked mighty familiar – it turns out that for some reason, when I uploaded photos last week, they didn’t get deleted from the camera, so they uploaded again.

I have no idea.

Have I mentioned that I should really schedule a vacation?  Yeah, now you see what I mean, don’t you?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s looking like we’re looking forward to all nice, all the time!    We may have a couple of drops of rain Monday (morning), then it’s all 70 and sunny for the rest of the week.

Does it get much better than that?

Monday – In the spirit of getting stuff out of the freezer, we’re finishing the rest of the turkey we roasted a couple of weeks ago – along with the gravy.  And if you’ve been here any amount of time, you’d have guessed by now that leftover turkey + gravy = hot turkey sandwiches around here!

Tuesday – Okay, so enough with that winter food!  We’re firing up the grill and, again in the spirit of pulling stuff OUT of the freezer, we’ll enjoy some lovely Korean beef – we used short ribs from the freezer (though the bones went right back, either for future stock, or for quick dog-distractions), the marinade was also in the freezer, AND we’ll have some green beans, also from the freezer.  Go team freezer!

Wednesday – We decided to do some very simple, very basic grilled chicken tenders, which we’ll finish with some sauce we had left from last week’s salmon.  The sauce was an old recipe from The Archives, with something of an Asian flavor, and I think it’ll go nicely with some sort of roasted sweet potatoes (the clock is ticking there!) and some Brussels sprouts that I picked up on quick sale at the supermarket.

Thursday – Although it’s neither grilled nor coming out of the freezer, Peeps and I stopped at Sam’s Club and picked up a pork shoulder for no other reason than we want to do taco night, darnit.  However, we will be working on a stash of flour tortillas that I’d like to use up before they get stale, so there’s that!

Friday – As always, Peeps’s mom is coming over for pizza and Kong night.  (We have the pizza, and Jar has the Kong.)  I scored a bunch of only-slightly the-worse-for-wear  artichoke hearts the other day, so I cleaned and roasted the little buggers, and I’ll be enjoying THOSE on my pie – I don’t know about anyone else (though I would probably share)!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. sjbraun - April 29, 2013

You’ve had a busy week! How fun that you got to meet some online friends. I’ve met such nice people online as well — one being you! I’m with ya on wondering where April went. I think it’s just the lousy continuing-winter weather we’ve had. Just this a.m., our pear trees and other flowering things finally “popped!” It’s late, but it’s pretty. And yeah, 70s this week too. LOVE IT! That’s so funny that we discovered the same chicken recipe. I posted that in 2009, and I don’t even remember making it now. You’ve have to report your thoughts 🙂

Toy Lady - May 6, 2013

I do that – I’ll find a recipe in my file of “good” recipes, and have absolutely no recollection of having made it, let along whether I liked it!

2. Judy Norton - May 1, 2013

april flew that is for sure. now May is here and I hope “time” slows down some. so enjoying sitting on the porch and enjoying the fresh air. from the pictures that were posted it looked like you and Eric enjoyed your get together!

Your vacations seem to just = more work, just at home. Get a pet sitter and get away for an overnight at least for heavens sake.

Jar is just sitting pretty on the worn cushions. He doesn’t care because they still have soft to them. Looking forward to some garden pics as things will be popping up SOON. HAVE A GOOD ONE.

Toy Lady - May 5, 2013

Thanks Jude – been awfully busy this week doing . . . not much, now that I think of it! 😉

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