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Monday Musings: 05.13.2013 Edition May 13, 2013

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Since I’m actually writing this on Sunday, I want say “happy Mothers Day”  – at least to anyone to whom it applies!

Remember how we bought that little live Christmas tree last year?  Well, the weather finally got nice enough that Peeps put it in the ground last week – it’s been close to a week, and it seems to be adjusting nicely! I’ll probably prune it next year, once it’s had a chance to get used to its new home.


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Have I mentioned that that silly cat comes scooting out to the living room almost the minute the dog goes out on his afternoon walks?

It’s almost like she’s staking out her territory – either that, or checking to make sure he hasn’t hurt anything.

The other day, I actually caught her on the bookshelf!

  photo IMG_7489_zpsdb1d09e1.jpg

I wasn’t sure if she was planning to start poking around in my sock yarn, but then, when I caught her trying to drink out of my water glass, I knew what she was up to.

Just so you know, it’s not like she doesn’t have her own fresh water – apparently she prefers people water.  Iced people water.


 photo IMG_7491_zps6cb062ea.jpg

So we went to the pubic market this weekend – it’s the first week of Flower City Sundays.  Rather than produce and other foodibles, the vendors during this time have plants and flowers.

Although I wanted some nice perennials and some pretty annuals for the window boxes, I didn’t really see anything that struck my fancy.  Except hostas – I found a great deal on some hostas, so I grabbed them. I’ll get flowers next week.

 photo IMG_7492_zpsb83778b5.jpg

However, flowers aside, the REAL main reason I was at the market this weekend was to finish getting plants for the garden.

I got plenty of tomatoes – my Beloved JetStars, a few heirlooms, some cherry tomatoes, and a few Romas, as well as basil, parsley and marjoram.

Now I just need it to stop raining and get warm again so I can get them all in the ground!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.

Well, I guess, here in upstate New York, when it comes to nice weather, it’s easy come easy go, huh?  The past couple of weeks have been warm and sunny – and now we’ve got some chilly, rainy weather to look forward to, at least for the first part of the week, and, as always, we plan our menu with one eye on the forecast.

Monday – Chilly and rainy – plus the last of our leek sausage, some fresh leeks, and a new pressure cooker cookbook.  We’re going to try risotto in the pressure cooker. . . .wish us luck!

Tuesday – I’m hoping it’s going to clear up enough to fire up the grill – the newest Cook’s Country came last week, and we thought the grilled meatloaf burgers sounded good.  Don’t they?  And as long as the grill is going, we can grill some potatoes and either toss a salad steam some broccoli.

Wednesday –  We also just got the newest Cooking Light magazine – and we have leftover roasted chicken to use.  The Peanut Chicken Soup sounded quite nice – light and flavorful AND different and exiting.

Thursday – While digging around in the archives looking for something meatless (we DO try to do meatless once a week!), I found the Chef Mom’s falafel.  If I remember, I may make some kind of yogurt-tahini sauce or something for it.  And what, salad?

Friday – Ah, the end of the week, and it’s Kong and pizza night.  Not sure, yet, what we’ll do.  Can you tell I’m starting to get a little anxious for my garden?  Boy, once those tomatoes come in, it’s all tomatoes all the time!  For now, though, I guess I’ll go with maybe cheese and whatever fresh herbs I can scrounge out of the garden at this point.  It’ll work.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. sjbraun - May 13, 2013

Your chicken peanut soup does look yummy! AWWWW to kitty on the bookshelf … I hope to buy some veggie plants today as well. Last frost warning of the season — hopefully — was last night. And I love that your little Christmas tree is making it so far!

Toy Lady - May 13, 2013

My plants are going in tomorrow – today is too COLD! We’re fortunate, too, that our “last frost date” is a little earlier than I’m used to. Used to be Memorial Day weekend, but because we’re so close to the lake, we enjoy ever-so-slightly milder weather. And a bit more snow. 😕

2. Judy Norton - May 14, 2013

I have had visions of you out there planting your little heart out today! Hope that got done. I’m happy to report the two cherry tomato plants that are for me and the DD at the DD’s house really look good, new growth and blooms already. We have had such freaky weather but now it is really lovely. I am enjoying her yard muchly.

Now about the CAT. She has a lot of balls for being a girl! She is letting Jar know as often as she can that she does rule the roost and she is marking it well. Makes me smile. Thanks for the picture! Now get that grill going and enjoy spring.

Toy Lady - May 15, 2013

Judy, I got everything in the ground yesterday – it wasn’t too bad. 🙂 It was a little cool, but that’s probably for the best when it comes to transplanting . . . just so long as we don’t get another surprise frost!

And that kitty really is a piece of work, isn’t she? 🙄

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