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The last couple weeks have been rough May 31, 2013

Posted by Peeps in Home, random stuff.

My wife has already mentioned that my mother had a stay in the hospital lately.  That’s been all kinds of fun.

Apparently, her doctor told her a year or so ago that having her heart valve replaced would help her with her breathing issues.  But it was nothing urgent, two or three years to worry about it.  No sweat.

Last month, the same doctor told her that she needs to have the procedure done in the next two weeks. Needless to say, this caused a great deal of concern on my mother’s part.  A great deal.

A second opinion was sought.  Everyone thought this was a good idea.  Until the second doctor said that if she didn’t have the procedure done, she would die in great pain.  Wow.  Impressive.  Except to mom.  She was not thrilled.

Finally, the big day came.  I stopped at the hospital after I got out of work to see her.  She had just gotten out of surgery, and was still out, but they let me see her anyway.

I honestly don’t think they wire Shuttle astronauts up to that much equipment.  It was amazing.  I was tempted to take a picture, but even I’m not cruel enough to do that to someone.  Well, not my mother, anyway.  She looked as though several people with baseball bats had worked her over.  For a while.

Thus began my twice a day trips to the hospital.  We even got a one week parking pass, just to save on the six dollars a day fee.  One visit as soon as I got out of work, a second with my wife once she got home.  It wasn’t a lot of fun, although there were a couple bright moments here and there.

The day after the surgery, I warned the nurses that mom might be a tad willful and refuse to stay in bed.  Was that mean?  Not really.  I didn’t want her to hurt herself.  But the look on mom’s face when she found out the both the bed and the chair in her room were alarmed to make sure she didn’t get up without help was pretty awesome.

After several days of telling mom that she needs to do what she’s told so that she can get out of there, she was finally discharged.  We went to get her and we hadn’t even left the parking lot before she announced that she wasn’t going to take all the pills they prescribed so that she could recover more quickly.  That’s okay, I expected that.  And had no intention of letting it stand.

Now, it’s daily visits to her house.  It’s closer and I don’t have to pay for parking.  And I can just duck outside to smoke.  I’ve gotten to talk with two nurses who come to her house to tell her what she needs to do to feel better.  Again.

And somewhere in the middle of all this fun, my boss decided that he was closing both of his stores and that I was out of a job.  It’s got to get better at some point, I hope.  Maybe it’s just karma, I don’t know.  But I have to tell you, it’s getting to me.


1. Michelle - May 31, 2013

I’m sorry. Doesn’t sound like a good couple of weeks. You can always email me if you need someone to talk to!

Peeps - June 5, 2013

It’s starting to get better. Slowly. Thanks, I appreciate it.

2. tdmmom - May 31, 2013

Praying for your mom’s healing. I’m also praying for you. My stepbrother dealt with losing his job. He is now working another job & going back to school. My ex BIL also was without a job for about 8 months, and now he begins work on Monday. My nephew had to deal with a job loss, too. He is now working.

Peeps - June 5, 2013

I hope I find something soon. I could get used to not going anywhere every day.

3. Judy Norton - June 3, 2013

Hoping you have a great week just by not going to work in the middle of the night! Be creative as you sell yourself Peeps. Keep us in the loop.

Peeps - June 5, 2013

The pets are still getting me up early. Just not quite as early.

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