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Monday Musings: 06.02.2013 Edition June 3, 2013

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Well, I guess we’re starting to get into a new “normal” swing of things – this week was Peeps’s first trip to the Public Market since, well, last Thanksgiving, I think.

This not working thing will certainly have some advantages for him, I’m thinking. Especially when it comes to our market trips!

I may have gone a tad overboard, though – the beet greens looked so gorgeous, and the asparagus has such a short season – and how could I pass up wild garlic?  And the pork bellies looked so nice – can one really have too much BACON in the house?

Photobucket photo IMG_7519_zps2f60e490.jpg

I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but this year, I put some fingerling potatoes in the garden.  I’ve never grown potatoes before, so I’m kind of excited about it!

And how even more exciting when the little bits of potato started to sprout!    Way better here in the garden than, say, in the bottom of the potato basket in the basement. . . don’t you hate it when you reach into that bag of potatoes and find one that looks like some kind of freaky alien?


 photo 419151_443777765718436_833317285_n_zps85015d64.jpg

We started tracking class with Jar this weekend – and what a gorgeous morning it was!

The idea here is for him to actually use his nose and sniff and sniff and actually follow the trail of the person who left it, with, of course, lovely tasty treats planted along the way to let him know that he’s on the right track.  (Ha!  Get it?  TRACK?  I slay me!)

However, this was all new for him, and, as it turns out, focused sniffing is tough work for a dog!

 photo 10598_443777099051836_1007910542_n_zpsb8131140.jpg

After about an hour, old Mr. Sniffy Face was all sniffed out.  But still – a good time was had by all – and we’ll be working on it this week and ready to learn even more bright and early next Saturday morning!


 photo IMG_7518_zpsa42d2374.jpg

The herb garden has certainly been happy with the warm weather and occasional rain, that’s for sure!

The oregano and tarragon are  already nearly out of control, the sage and thyme both have blossoms, as do the chives, and the lavender is starting to bud.

And the mint – well, the mint seems to be trying to make a run for it.  I don’t know what that’s all about.


 photo IMG_7520_zps53d8e87d.jpg

Oh, and speaking of herbs – and gardens – (see how I did that?) – the garlic scapes are coming in.

Last fall, we planted several cloves of a hardneck variety of garlic, and this kind of garlic puts out these shoots – I think it’s the plants way of creating seeds (but I’m just guessing there).

Anyway, we diligently watch the garlic plants, and the MINUTE we see the scapes, off they go – we want our plants putting their energy into making big, juicy bulbs of garlic, not flowers, right?

Maybe breakfast one day this week will be scrambled eggs with sauteed garlic scapes. . . after all, nothing says “please go out and play golf and just let me do my work” like garlic for breakfast, does it?


 photo IMG_7516_zps960df0f6.jpg

I don’t know, but it almost seems like the kitty misses the dog when he’s outside, doesn’t it?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  While she’s recovering, we’re making sure Peeps’s mom is eating properly at least once a day – she’s got stuff in her fridge that she nibbles during the day, but we want to make sure she has a warm, nutritious dinner.

Monday –  I realized that I still have a Groupon that expires this week – so instead of the  pork chops we’d planned on, I’ll take one for the team and  stop for cheesesteaks on my way home from work.  (About what I said about a nutritious dinner for Peeps’s mom – cheesesteak has protein, and that’s nutritious, right?)

Tuesday -Since we were right there in the Bon Appetit magazine and all, we thought the Spiced Salmon Kebobs looked fantastic.  We’ll grill the asparagus with it and cook some farro – can it get much healthier than that?  Plus, I told you, the fresh oregano is just crazy – this’ll use up, oh, at least a couple of sprigs, anyway!

Wednesday – Last week, I added a chuck roast to my mental “get this out of the freezer soon” list – and, since we’re enjoying such seasonably nice weather, we’re going to grind it up and make burgers.  Peeps wants to add some of the wild garlic to the meat as he’s grinding it, and we’ve got tossed salad and will stick some small potatoes in foil packets with some olive oil and garlic scapes – did I mention that it’s all garlic all the time around here this week?

Thursday –  This month’s Bon Appetit featured a recipe for Spaghetti with Parsley Pesto – but instead of four cups (!) of parsley, we used the greens from the wild garlic for the pesto.  It’ll be great.  Since we already made the pesto, it’ll be a quick matter of cooking the pasta and tossing it together  -just the thing on a Thursday evening when  I’ll most likely be working late.

Friday – This week on pizza night, I’m planning to use the handful of wild garlic that I saved from the pesto, which I think will go famously with some of the caramelized onions I’ve got stashed in the freezer.  Gosh it’s nice to have this stuff on hand, isn’t it?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. LibrarianLizy - June 3, 2013

Mint is more like a weed than anything else. If you don’t control it and keep it cut back, it will take over your garden! Ask me how I know…

Toy Lady - June 3, 2013

Yeah . . . I have the same problem with oregano! 😉 Do you know, I pulled a ROCK out of the herb garden and put it alongside my vegetable garden, and there’s oregano THERE now? 😯

2. Anne - June 3, 2013

My, Mr. Sniffy Face, what a long tongue you have!!

I’m jealous of your garden. Living in the woods does have its disadvantages.

Toy Lady - June 4, 2013

Yeah, he’s also Mr. Slobbery Face, too. 😉

My yard doesn’t get quite enough sun to keep the tomatoes happy – but we make do.

3. Judy Norton - June 5, 2013

Loving the gardening stuff! I remember when I first did potatoes and what fun it was to harvest them and they were SO good to eat. Talk about fresh. Kitty was enjoying her sun time too. Mine are up in the window sills a lot these days. Got to a farmers market here myself last weekend and got a lot for very little. Always fun. As soon as you get into a routine with Peeps home he will find a perfect job and it will start over with a new one. 🙂 Food sounds great and you all enjoy. Hello to Mr. Peeps mom.

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