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Monday Musings: 06.24.2013 Edition June 24, 2013

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Well, the good news is that I’m pretty much at the tail end of the “busy season” at my job – that’s a good thing.  After a few weeks of staying an hour or two late every evening, a person just gets . . . tired.

The bad news, however, is that the end of “busy season” means the beginning of “do all the crap I put off while I was busy doing the other stuff” time.

While I  do recognize that I’m fortunate to not just have a job, but to have a job I enjoy (most of the time), a break is nice.

Like this weekend – an early morning walk on the beach is the perfect way to relax, isn’t it?


Well, clearly this has been a slow week – we haven’t done much of interest – I’ve been working, and Peeps has been chipping away at his Honey-Do list (which is even LESS interesting than work!).

 photo IMG_7609_zps8285dcf6.jpg

You know, there’s a relaxing walk along the shore . . . and there’s a fun-filled, super-exciting trip to the B-E-A-C-H!

I realized that  we’ve been doing an awful lot of work with our Jarly this past year – and it’s really starting to show!

I mean, yeah, he’s SUPER excited to be at the beach – who wouldn’t be?  But  he’s learned to get DOWN and to WAIT ( and STOP barking!) before I’ll even consider throwing the ball for him.

Of course, that’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of butt-wiggling —  but he did officially stay “down” before I released him to chase the ball into the water!

And the water was great!  It was cool, but no too cold, wavy but not TOO much (he’s still out of practice, you know!) and it was just deep enough that he had to plow through it then swim a few strokes before his feet were back on the ground again.

 photo IMG_7607_zpsf18a4953.jpg

Would you believe there’s a tennis ball inside that big old mouth of his?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  While the forecasted temperatures don’t look THAT ominous (okay, they’re bad enough) – it’s the humidity and possible storms every afternoon that’s going to make the week kind of, well, icky.  And that’s making menu planning tricky – to grill or not to grill?  Hot meals or salad?

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Monday – We’re going to start the week with some of Peeps’s porkstrami – I picked up a loaf of rye Monk’s bread the other day, as well as some Swiss cheese – nice sandwiches, with some tossed salad and maybe Peeps will get some mac salad made, too.

Tuesday – We picked up a package of ground lamb the other day – it’s been so long since we’ve made knock-off gyros!  We’ll also pan-roast some potatoes and saute some greens – it’ll be lovely!

Wednesday – You know, a few things occurred to us the other day.  We currently have no kids at home.  Our alarm clock no longer goes off at 3:45 in the morning.  And there’s no reason we can’t enjoy an (early) evening out – so we’re going to go downtown to the Food Truck Rodeo – live music, local beer, and plenty of new and exciting food  – including, perhaps, some poutine!

Thursday – We found another packet of Chinese barbecued pork in the bottom of the freezer – I thought the last one was the LAST one, but, well, there was another, I guess.  Anyway, that’s been hanging around long enough, so well do a quick fried rice for dinner Thursday – I do prefer low-effort meals toward the end of the week, don’t you?

Friday – Ah, pizza night!  Peeps has been experimenting with pizza sauce, since he doesn’t have access to his Ravioli Shop favorite anymore. . . I’ll probably support his efforts and try a traditional pie this week – just sauce and cheese – and, of course, plenty of fresh herbs!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Judy Norton - June 25, 2013

What a lug he is, isn’t he but he is a smart dog. The beach looked nice. What with your job and the dog patrol and the garden, you continue to be BUZZY. Keep it simple and enjoy those extra hours. You can do this. The menu looks great as always.

Toy Lady - June 26, 2013

Aw, Judy, he’s SUCH a good boy! We got another beach trip in, too, this morning. It’s amazingly quiet and nice at 6AM. 🙂

Life is starting to settle down a bit – for now. And sleeping a little later in the morning is nice too. 😉

2. Susan - June 25, 2013

Definitely don’t envy those high temperatures or humidity! Here in Washington State we have had rain, rain, and MORE rain. Temps in the 60’s. We start getting warmer after the 4th of July.
We have had enough afternoon sun so that my garden is doing great! I was a little worried about it. It took a while for my tomatoes to grow at all!! They are looking better.
Your menu does look good! I’ve been digging in my freezer looking for the goods that need to be used up, too. It does bring out the creativity in me 🙂

Toy Lady - June 26, 2013

Hi, Susan – the rain certainly does wonders for the garden, doesn’t it? A little sun, though, is certainly a good thing too!

My goal – again this year – is to get that stupid freezer defrosted. . . sheesh. You wouldn’t think it would be that big a deal, would you?

3. kerihouchin - June 27, 2013

Oh, I could use a day at the beach. I have to say though, I’d love it if our temps were as cool as yours! Here in Texas, most days are around 100. Hope you’re having a good week.

Toy Lady - June 30, 2013

YIkes – I don’t think I could take that much heat!

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